Really cool 80's 8-bit inspired Flash games


As you may already know, we here at Abduzeedo are big fans of everything 80's. Of course one big part of that are video games. Those old 8-bit games might not have the amazing graphics modern games have but our nostalgia for them keeps them alive in many ways. Pixel Art has become a growing phenomena on the net and Flash has allowed people to continue making new games in that 8-bit Nintendo/Sega style. Here are some examples of some amazing Flash-based 8-bit style video games.

The following 2 games are by designer/illustrator Manning Krull, check out his tutorial on how to do a simple 8-bit pixel art character walking animation.

Toxic Sonic Zombie Massacre (click on link to play, for some reason it doesn't load when embedded)

Curses! (only a 1 level demo but still fun to play)

The following game was made to promote the movie The Watchmen. It's based on the Minutemen group of characters from the comic. It was a really clever promotional tool since the movie takes place in the 80's.

You can play the game here:

Really cool 80's 8-bit inspired Flash games

This game is super fast but a lot of fun. You run around as Jesus performing as many miracles as you can in 10 seconds.

Run Jesus Run!

Finally, we can't forget one aspect that makes these video games great, their music. 8-bit music, or Chiptunes, have also become a huge phenomenon on the internet. For you game developer & pixel artists, Boing Boing is hosting a contest where you can develop a simple game utilizing some free chiptune songs they made available. Just thought I'd quickly mention it just in case anyone was interested: link

UPDATE:: Thanks to "Tze" in the comments for informing me about 2 other 8-bit games that definitely need to be included in this post. One-Button-Bob is my favorite so far. You just click the mouse button to make the character do a different activity in each section. Small Worlds One Button Bob And also here's a great Chiptunes song by Tettix that I just can't stop listening to:

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