Rebranding and Rebuilding Identities

Well, as time goes by and no one want to stand behind or even look like an old brand that's is not up to the new trends, that's why rebranding comes in place, to make a brand look new and fresh up the new goals of a company, some companies have been though a lot of generationa of rebranding and some has just started, take a look.

Most of this information was taken from a great if not the best blog in this area, it's called Brand New ,make sure you check it out.
When it comes to rebranding and redesigning a logo you have to be very carefully, because you are planing on doing something for the good of your company but if it goes wrong it can be a nightmare, changing the logo it's not rebranding your company if that's what you think, it may be a good sign that the company is rebranding. Rebrand can happen in very different ways depending on a company's needs, what happen is for some reason the company needs to make changes to adapt to a new market or for any other reason, the rebrand starts from inside out fixing everything that needs to be fixed and most of the time it gets to the company's identity. Now changing things inside and adapting your company to a new goal may be hard but changing the company identity can be very tricky. Why? Because that's what people see, and if you already have stablished something with that identity you don't want to put all you have on the line so you need to make sure the changes are not to drastic and they are for good. Here is a couple samples of good identity changes and if you read the descriptions you will understand why.

MindShare The network’s branding retains the signature colour purple, which was established at its inception, but includes a complete refresh of the agency’s brandmark and visual identity. Even the name itself has seen a shift in the reduction of the letter "S." The redesign was developed in partnership with Moving Brands; who explain that "The symbol has been created to reflect the structure and form of Mindshare's business. It shows two forms coming together to create a new, strong form reflecting Mindshare's partnerships with clients, suppliers and other agencies." Read more

Best Buy Best Buy is a company that has been through a lot of rebranding and always seems to come out better, it started off as "Sound of System" in 1966 and renamed to "Best Buy" in 1983, and now comes with a new modern logo that makes me remember that saying "think outside the box" because they took the best buy out of the tag ,but placed very nicely outside and still kept the tag on the side which brings back the old elements of the old logo but in different way.

AFC Champions League The Asian Football Confederation made a huge change on it's logo, coming from an old style logo that had a vision of a trophy to a new futuristic 3d looking logo, very colorful that brings a vision of a ball being kicked by someone. What they wanted to bring into this new look is that a lot of things changed on it's identity, because they want to show that Asian Football has also changed a lot, and it's a progressive change for better. Read More

Sysco Sysco is one of the largest distributor of food-service related items in the U.S. and had quite an old identity that had been used for 38 years, the new logo is very simple and a lot friendly than the old one, it comes with a saying "good things come from Sysco" and the usage of the colors are very well done bringing a good look to confirm the quality of the company through it's identity.

Jack in the Box Jack in box is a food company that had an old simple fast food type of logo, consisted in a simple box with the type into it, and as the changes needed to be done, they came up with a new modern logo in form of 3d together with some typography, what they did is very simple, they kept only jack in the box, and that says it all, and they also improved the box very well, great job done.

Citroën Citroën is a very famous French car manufacturer company, to celebrate the company 90th birthday they came up with a very shine and futuristic logo that is also implemented on the cars as well, the company took the old logo and pretty much made it look shine and futuristic, I guess that's what we should expect from their new cars.


Understanding that a change of brand and a change of identity it self is very important and it's based on a lot of factors that deal with your company, it's not only for the look of a new logo but what the company is bringing new into the table. If you find this topic interesting and would like to hear more about this stuff, make sure you make a comment so we can take it from here and write more of this for you. Thank you

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