Sites of the week #30


For this week we have selected some great sites such as What a Lovely Name and Michael Paul Young's portfolio. Also we have an interesting flash site called Hello Design and much, much more! As usual we would love to hear from you, keep sending your suggestions to us and we will be more than happy to feature your site. Thanks and enjoy guys!


What a Lovely Name -

What A Lovely Name is our website for helping you find the perfect name for your baby. You can browse by tradition, or personality trait, or even check out what celebrities are naming their children (these can be names to choose or to avoid as you see fit).

What a Lovely Name

Oxite -

Oxite is an open source, standards compliant, and highly extensible content management sample that can run anything from blogs to big web sites. We know this because it runs MIX Online.



boxedup -

Organise your internet shopping and make it more fun with boxedup...Discover and share things with your friends and community.


Grapevine -

The Grapevine vision is to be the universal choice for online collaboration and voice communications with groups of people - and to allow people to participate when convenient for them individually, not on the groups schedule.



Kindling -

Kindling is a web-based application that cultivates and manages the ideas of everyone in your organization.


Freckle -

freckle time tracking helps you do more of what you love, and less of what you don't.



GoGear Philips ->

Take a look at the new GoGear.

GoGear Philips

Hello Design -

Hello is an interactive design agency. We create intelligent, living systems for people to experience. We believe in building systems that are useful, usable, and desirable.

hello design


Michael Paul Young -

Originally born and raised in Tennessee, Michael Paul Young currently calls Bangkok, Thailand home. Michael started his career as one of the directors at the progressive firm Vir2l which was world renowned for rethinking web design from 1998-2000. In 2000, he left Vir2l to start the prestigious design firm WeWorkForThem that has worked with companies such as MTV, VH1, Ford, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, HP, Apple and Microsoft. Since then, Michael has also founded, managed and directs daily the world renowned online design shop, YouWorkForThem.

Michael Paul Young

Thuiven -

Yes we do. We first dress them up and then we teach them a lesson. Thuiven is an Israeli company specializing in giving web design and development services all over the world. By using the latest technologies, we build websites that are attractive, standard compliant and easily managed.


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