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Super Cool 80's T-Shirt Designs

Abduzeedo is moved by 80's inspiration. We've seen many cool designs lately... also, there's the music, there are the movies (Tron!! Awesome), and we couldn't just forget tees featuring 80's themes. These are really fun, and just remind us of the coolest decade ever. All these were found at a cool tee store called 80's Tees, which has got tons of sweet stuff for all kinds of geeks. Seriously, this store is like the 80's geek heaven. We totally recommend you to pay them a visit! I hope you enjoy our selection! ;)

Monday Giveaway "Goddess of Abduction" T-Shirt

This Monday we are going to giveaway one of our limited edition abduzeedo t-shirt "Goddess of Abduction" if you haven't bought your, this is your change to get if for free. The shirt is only $19.99 you can get it at we only have a couple more left so get yours now. Ok, we are going to giveaway one shirt to the member that can tell us: Where would you go with the "Goddess of Abduction" T-Shirt ? Thank you guys, good luck!

Super Cool T-shirt Illustrations by Tobias Fonseca

Tobias Fonseca is an illustrator from Brazil with a very impressive portfolio. He has created more than 20 t-shirt designs for local clients and international clients as well. Tobias has some beautiful illustrations in water color style as well vector illustration, some of them very funny by the way. For more information visit Tobias' website at: Abduzeedo t-shirt We still have a few t-shirts available so get yours right now ;)

Totally Awesome T-Shirt Illustrations by Rubens Scarelli

I have to say I was very impressed when I first saw the illustrations of the Brazilian Illustrator Rubens Scarelli, he really does some awesome illustrations that are perfect for t-shirts. I guess that's the reason why he has been winning a lot of t-shirt competitions, check it out! For more visit Joselito's Heaven Earth Attacks Adios Invierno Long Way Vulcanicks Vox Populi Stereotypes Did you like this post? How about the Abduzeedo's new Limited Edition Tee "Goddess of Abduction"

Very Cool Blue Tees

Blue is a very cool color to wear, specially when it comes along with a really cool design, in this selection you will get to see and get inspired by very cool blue tees with great designs, enjoy! Did you like this post? How about the Abduzeedo's new Limited Edition Tee "Goddess of Abduction"

Unbelievable Illustrations for T-Shirt Designs

Now that Abductees is on I will be posting the best of t-shirt designs on the daily bases and to start thing up here is a selection of some sick illustrations that turned into unbelievable t-shirt designs, you will find a bit of every style of pure art. Did you like this post? How about the Abduzeedo's new Limited Edition Tee "Goddess of Abduction"

New Abduzeedo Limited Edition Tee "Goddess of Abduction"

We are starting a Limited Edition line of Abduzeedo T-Shirts, in this post you will see our first tee called "Goddess of Abduction" that you can actually pre-order now with a great discounted price. A great design by the master of t-shirt illustrations Draco, check it out. Abdutees Abdutees is the name for our Limited Edition line of T-Shirts, it's also the name of our new blog for t-shirt design inspirations that you can visit now! The Idea Every month we are going to bring you new t-shirt designs by the best artists out there, each design will be limited so you know you getting something very unique that can also be a collective as we come with more pieces for the series. The main idea is not only to make something pretty to sell, it's actually to put a piece of art on the t-shirt canvas that will also inspire you every time you wear or look at it. The Design The first design for our series was created by Draco, a very well know artist who brought up an awesome design for our first tee. The T-Shirt In order for us to get this project started we wanted to have quality tees, that will fit and feel good on your body and last for a long time, that's why we decided to go with American Appeal to give you the best quality on our product. We also look for the best quality on the prints, in order to get bright colors and a smooth feel of the silkscreen print we have the tee is being printed by graphic22 that is now our partner on this project. All the tees will be on color black. Here you can check the size chart: Pre Order You can pre-order your tee now by clicking on the image bellow, all the pre-order will be mailed by may 20th. By ordering a pre-order you will get the special deal and pay only $19.99 for your tee. The Price Our limited edition tee will be on sale for $24.99 however you can pre-order for only $19.99 The Store To get your tee just visit out store

The Best of Quicksilver Design Contest

Last month Quiksilver held a t-shirt design contest together with Design by Humans. The contest was called "Design a Difference Tee" in which a percentage of the sales is given to a charity foundation. The contest attracted a lot of great artists and here is some of the best designs out there. To view more entries of the contest visit Design a Difference Tee

Abductees Logo Poll

We're planning to launch an online store to sell some t-shirts... we even got a really nice tee design from a quite popular designer... which it's still a suprise. The name we thought for the store is Abductees, because of the clear link with Abduzeedo, abduction and t-shirts. I was working on the logo and the idea was to make something really simple using just the font. Playing with the characters, I've noticed that I could create a clear visual reference to a coat hanger with the "E" and "S". References Abduzeedo Logo Coat Hanger Versions After a few tweaks with the letters, I got two versions for the logo. Both have the reference to the coat hanger, however the first one is more visible, while the second one it's not that clear, but the "S" looks better, therefore it's more readable. I'd love to hear your opinion about the logo and which version you like the most. Also if you have suggestions for the shape or even the colors, please let us know. Just leave a comment with you opinion, I'll appreciate it.

Cool T-Shirt Designs by Chris Rushing

While browsing through emptees today I found this really awesome t-shirt designer with some really cool tees that I would definitely wear. Chris Rushing is an independent designer from Tennessee that runs his own design company and he puts a lot of style into his work, check it out! For more visit

Super Cool Black T-Shirt Designs

Black is one of my favorite colors, and one thing I really like is to rock a black t-shirt with some cool design. I went around some big t-shirt sites and found some really cool designs, I would definitely wear them all. So which one do you like the most?

Awesome Typo T-shirt Designs

This is an awesome selection of typography that you can wear, sounds weird but it's true, very cool typo t-shirt designs that makes you want to get them, it's good to see how creative and interacting these designs are, enjoy!

Interview with Awesome Illustrator Draco + Free T-shirt Templates

Get to know more about Draco, a fantastic illustrator and one of the best t-shirt design artists out there with designs being printed by the most famous online t-shirt websites Draco brings a Brazilian flavor into people's closet. Besides all that he has a great project that releases free t-shirt templates for you to put your designs on. For more work from Draco visit Who hides behind the name Draco? Well, My name is Edno Pereira Jr, I'm from Nova IguaƧu - RJ - Brazil, I'm self taught, and I always Ilustrated since a little kid, but being an illustrator or designer weren't exactly my dream as a child, but, I couldn't run from my destiny and today I work on Hiperativa, a web agency that has big clients Brazil such as americanas, shoptime, ig and more. When and how did you first start getting into design and illustrations? Drawing was always a good way to pass the time, and the transition between fun and work happened naturally. I don't know exactly when I started my interest, but since a little kid I liked to see drawing cartoons and paintings. I think it was one of the first things that messed with my curiosity. How was this transition from drawing cartoons to start illustrating on a computer? It was when I first bought a PC, about 10 years ago, since I was already drawing, I started to produce some digital material, started with photoshop, not knowing anything. By then I didn't have internet so no tutorials at all. It took a while but I learned my way around the program, and after some time I started doing vectors, which is what I like the most, today 80% of the work I do are vectors illustrations. How was the transition of being an illustrator to becoming a t-shirt designer? It kinda started for no reason, one day I was surfing the web when I found (It's kinda like threadless from Brazil) I was very interested and started to post my illustrations in form of t-shirt designs, I started to like doing that when my designs began to get approved and was getting a good money out of it so I looked for other sites that had the same system of work and never stopped. How long did it take to start getting noticed and actually selling your artwork to big companies? If I'm not wrong, it took about 6 month. At first the biggest challenge was to try to understand what kind of designs they liked the most, but after some time I realized that I had to do what I liked and not work on what other people would like, from tha point my work started getting bigger and better and my designs started getting acepted in a lot of places. Tell us about other projects you have. As a right now I work in a design agency and that's taking most of my time, and we all know that whoever works on an agency never has time for any personal projects, but slowly I'm getting back to an old project I always had that is to create a studio to work on drawing cartoons like the ones we see on the newspaper. It's a complicated project but very soon you guys will hear about it. Besides that another project that I have going right now is which is a site where I put up free t-shirt templates to help the people who send works to any t-shirt contest website. This project was born by the difficulty I had on finding photos of people wearing t-shirts where I could place my work in before it actually got printed, I believe everybody on this area needs those templates and I decided to create a place where we all can find what we need and help everyone. For more free templates visit What would you like to say to the young artists who are just starting to work on this area? For everyone that is just beginning their journey I have to say: The first step is to keep an eye on good designers on the area, look up for designs to learn what is good and what is not, and bet on your on design feelings. It's important to understand the criticism that is always going to be there, and learn to separate things. I don't agree with that because before it's called a design I think it's an art and there is no such thing as something wrong when it comes to art, it depends on the taste of who is looking at it, you either like it or not but nothing is wrong, but always listen to suggestions, and the ones that hate on your work you can always ignore :)

Inspiration: 20 awesome t-shirt illustrations by Glennz

I was gone for a week but now Im back with lots of cool new stuff. Here's a compilation of 20 new shirt designs by Glennz. He has tons of awesome tshirt design, you will definitely love. check out his website with a lot more illustrations. check out his website with a lot more illustrations.