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Ferocious Inspiration

“Crack this spine with a smile and a whistle.” Indeed, these nine capitalized and emboldened letters on the bindings of issues one and two epitomize the work of Ferocious Quarterly. The name itself brings to mind the thought of a quarterly, but Ferocious is far from a quarterly. It is more of a “Here-and-There” publication, as deemed on their attractive website, but it is not about the website. Ferocious is about the aesthetically-pleasing issues, that contain illustrations by various artists, short fiction stories, and other miscellany. Based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, issue one and issue two are available for purchase online and in a few bookstores nationwide listed on the Ferocious website. When I first received the two issues comprised of three books in the mail, I noticed how nicely they were bound and quickly flipped through the pages. Not only are the illustrations stunning, but some of the fiction is intriguing and draws the reader in, as any story should. Inspiration from my point of view is when artwork tells a story, whether that artwork is an illustration, a photograph, or a vector. I recommend Ferocious Quarterly to anyone looking for inspiration, it is truly a marvel and a revolutionary startup that I feel will continue to prosper. All 204 pages of issues one and two are printed neatly and professionally, worth the buy, and worth the continued support. Lastly, Ferocious Quarterly has a third issue entitled "Made Handsome" coming out, and they are looking for any donations and pledging through Kickstarter. If you’re interested in pledging, there are numerous rewards for any money donated towards a great third issue. I know I’ll be joining that bandwagon; I cannot wait until the third issue! I hope to interview Ferocious Quarterly in the coming weeks, to hear what goes on behind the scenes and all the work dedicated to Ferocious’ continued success. And remember, “Crack this spine with a smile and a whistle.”

Inspiration: Andrew Greig

Andrew Greig is a designer specialized in web design, but he has also some very nice print-works. He is also the developer of Andrew Greigs Website