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Abduzeedo New Design: Simple and Responsive

Abduzeedo was created as a personal project. The main goal was to backup work while trying different things not only in the realm of graphic design but also experimenting with new trends in coding and stuff like that. Every year we try to refresh the site with a new design, however this time it took us a bit longer, but alas here it is. It took us a little longer this time because last year we felt it wasn't exactly the right time nor necessary. The site was still performing well but with all the talk about responsive web design we saw an opportunity and a need to get on board with that. As you can see there are quite a few changes not only in terms of visual design, but under the hood as well. We would like to point out 5 major changes: Color palette: After years of a colorful rainbow palette we decided to change. The idea was to create a super simple color palette while maintaining the dark background. So, to have a nice contrast we went with yellow, because there's no better contrast than black and yellow. Typography: We know that typography is the language in it's solid state. Web fonts are expanding with different options from Typekit, Google and many others. We decided to use Google Web fonts because it's super fast and reliable. Our font of choice was Armata. Responsive Design: Using HTML 5 Boilerplate and some Javascript files we made the site responsive for mobile, tablets and desktop. We are working on another version for larger resolutions. So stay tuned. A big thanks to WebdesignerWall for the amazing tutorials and tips. Family of Web sites: We used to keep everything in our Drupal CMS. Now we've launched 2 different sites : "UNEWZ" for user news and "RAWZ" for the daily inspiration submissions. Our goal is make the site even more open to users. Now everybody can submit images and write posts for the Abduzeedo community. We will use these Web sites to source quality content to be featured on the blog. Simple and big: you will notice that the home-page has less text. We hid the description text and made them visible only when you roll over the posts. We are also using bigger thumbs and bigger images in the articles. Abduzeedo is all about inspiration, and nothing like some big images to inspire us. We still have so much to do, designing a web site is, I dare say, an endless project. But that is why it's so much fun. We learn so much and we of course make and will continue to make tons of mistakes. So bear with us. We will be improving this new design on a daily basis. We hope you enjoy it and feel free to share your thoughts with us

Appreciation Streams and Creative Portfolio Analytics. on Behance

We are huge fans of Behance and the amazing work that Scott Belsky and his team have done in creating a design driven community with simply the best designers and digital artists out there with profiles showcasing their work. Behance is a great source of inspiration for us here at Abduzeedo and we are really promote some of the new Behance features like Statistics and Appreciation Stream. Launch Of "Appreciation Streams" - The Creative Community Can Now Curate Itself Creatives can now track who "appreciates" their work, as well as browse the "Appreciation Streams" of other members of the network. By leveraging the data and curation of millions of people, this new feature helps Behance members and visitors discover the latest (and trending) published projects by creatives around the world. Announcing "Creative Portfolio Analytics" - Tracking Your Portfolio Stats Across Many Sites, In One Central Place With our new Analytics Dashboard, users can track how their portfolios are performing on and across the web on sites like LinkedIn,, their own personal portfolio sites powered by, as well as 20+ other creative networks powered by Behance. For more information visit and start using these new features right now.

DesignChat Guest: Bud Rodecker and John Pobojewski of 3ST

Bud Rodecker and John Pobojewski of the Chicago design group 3st will join us tonight, Wednesday Nov 10th, at 8pmCST to give us the inside scoop on what’s going on inside their candy-coated walls. Click HERE to go to the chat. Senior designer John Pobojewski creates meaningful visual and aural communication by creating connections, focusing on elegance, and aiming to express the human touch. At Thirst, he has served clients including Lyric Opera of Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology, Herman Miller, Wright Auctions, and Janet Echelman among others. Bud Rodecker studied Graphic Design at the University of Minnesota Duluth where he learned the true meaning of cold. It was there he took on the role of president of the Student Design Organization (SDO) from 2005 to 2007. Following graduation in May 2007, Bud came to Chicago for an internship at Thirst. At the end of the summer, he was invited to stay on as a full-time designer. Here are some of their very tasty visual treats: Bleepin’ Golden Tee IIT Fall 2009 Lecture Series Poster Riverse RicharDaily Gather Give Grow The Enemy is Apathy Dust Thirst’s Top Five Love Songs – Marvin Gaye Thirst’s Top Five Love Songs – Prince 2010/11 LOEB Fellowship Recipients

DesignChat Guest: Armin Vit

Wednesday, September 8th at 9pm CST — This week’s conversation is supplemented by the thoughts and opinions of our guest, Armin Vit — one half of the dynamic-duo known to most as UnderConsideration (Armin Vit + wife and co-conspirator, Bryony Gomez-Palacio). We have him about a week before his talk at AIGA Chicago’s Design Thinking II, and we hope to search his head a bit, figuring out what makes him such an effective proponent for good design. Armin Vit’s career has brought him from his original home in Mexico City, to Chicago, and then to New York (working with Michael Bierut at Pentagram). Today he runs projects through UnderConsideration’s Department of Design in Austin, Texas, and does his best to enjoy time spent with his young family. Vit has written articles for many of the industry’s leading publications like HOW, STEP, and Eye. He’s also created content for Emigre and the UK-based design publication, Creative Review. As if that wasn’t enough, he continues to oversee the creation of several microblogs and design critique sites while touring the world as a welcomed speaker, talking about what else… our favorite topics… design, branding and typography. There’s a lot more to Vit then we’ve got here, so check out the links at the end of this post and…Join us, and Armin Vit, this Wednesday September 8th at 9pm CST, here at for a live video and text chat. It will be great to talk with him and we hope to see you there too. SPECIAL NOTICE: The live show is at 9PM CST. That’s one hour later than usual! Don’t miss it. Learn more about our guest, Armin Vit, at the following links. Link Round-Up: DesignChat Live Wednesday Sept 8th, 9PM CST Armin Vit and UnderConsideration on Twitter Armin Vit Profile on UnderConsideration Veer Interview with Armin Vit Unmatched Style Interview with Vit Print Magazine Interviews Armin Vit & Wife Bryony Gomez-Palaci Gets Vit to Show Us his iPhone talks Flaunt Flaunt: Brand New FPO For Print Only Quipsologies Speak Up Archive Word It Archive Archive of The Design Encyclopedia AIGA Chicago “Design Thinking II” with Armin Vit September 16th.

DesignChat Guest - Quite Strong

This week DesignChat welcomes the design collective Quite Strong to the conversation. They’re made up of 5 strong-minded women in Chicago who have combined forces to rule the design world. I’m not sure how this conversation is going to go between myself and five freaking guests, but its sure to be a little nuts. There was some talk about doing this game-show style, but who knows. The ladies assured me they have ‘visuals’ to present on Wednesday night, so if you’re alive and have an internet connection, you pretty much don’t have any excuse to miss this. Here is how they describe themselves on their site: Quite Strong is a collaborative made up of five female Chicago-based creatives. Professionally we are designers, art directors, web developers and illustrators. Personally, we are dreamers, crafters, lovers, bikers, nerds and wanna-be foodies. We love Chicago, we relish creativity, and we want to share what we’re into with you. 222 is the Quite Strong studio located in Logan Square. It serves as a collaborative space for us and for those that want to join us in creative endeavors. THE QUITE STRONG GIRLS: THE WORK OF QUITE STRONG: So if you’d like to meet all the women responsible for all of this fantastic work, you can! On Wednesday, September 1st, go to the CHAT page and log in! You can ask text questions or live video questions. See you there!

DesignChat Guest - Kate Bingaman-Burt

This Wednesday, July 28th, DesignChat welcomes Illustrator & Graphic Design Professional Kate Bingaman-Burt — Author of “Obsessive Consumption” and Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Portland State University. Bingaman-Burt’s career continues to light-up the DIY, twee-style, & craftism movements with sometimes colorful, but always beautifully-simple, illustrations — illustrations that really capture the feelings behind each image, whether that be guilt, envy, greed or sometimes lust. Think school notebooks full of lovingly-drawn spontaneous sketches. It’s a movement captured by her pen and embodied by current cultural touchstones like ““, “Renegade Craft fair” and “ReadyMade” magazine; a magazine for whom she’s created several headers and titles in her recognizable style. Her other works include illustrating the book “Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY, Art, Craft and Design” as well as promotional materials for the documentary of the same title. She continues to teach Graphic Design as an Assistant Professor at Portland State University as she shows her work with artist representation. Her illustration and much of her Obsessive Consumption works are available through 20× an endeavor that’s “making art available for everyone” — worth a look for affordable contemporary artwork you CAN afford. Most importantly, Kate Bingaman-Burt seems to be living and documenting her life as a statement about consumerism. Not really preaching about it, but instead just observing her own consumerism and taking us along for the ride. Screen printing, education efforts, illustrations, zine workshops, and soon-to-be museum exhibits, all seem to hold a mirror up to society. Bingaman-Burt truly embodies the quote “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Join us, and Kate Bingaman-Burt, this Wednesday at 7pm CST here at, for a live video and text chat. We’re already “obsessing” over what to talk about first. Other places to learn about Kate Bingaman-Burt: http://www.20× Limited editions of “Obsessive Consumption” that include an original drawing are available via PayPal from her website for $35 here. Join DesignChat every Wednesday night.

Outlaw Design Blog Giveaway - Winners Announcement

Last week I posted a exclusive sneak peak at the new design of Outlaw Design Blog, today their new design is going on air and we have the winners of the giveaways that were offered here on the last post. Check out the winners and claim your prizes. I wanted to thank Outlaw Design Blog for the giveaways, we sure got a lot of people interested on the prizes and congratulate Danny Outlaw for the new design of his blog, if you haven't seen the real deal yet just check it out and the winners are: 1 Full year of Hosting from WP Web Host - blacker design 1 Free Subscription to Jumpchart - designshard 1 Corporate License to Active Collab - seville 1 Copy of the Espionage App - corey 1x Complete Vector Set of choice (1-14) or any on the site of equal value $34.99 from Go Media - irving 1x Distressed T-Shirt Templates from Go Media - dante 5x FAIL Stickers from Go Media - underdog 1 free license of Firetask (via Apple Store coupon codes -- please not that AFAIK they only work in the US store) - thirteen82 Thank you to everyone that participated, the winners will be contacted soon, via email.

Announcement: Design Update and Abduct Posts

I know we had just recently released a new design a few months ago, but the blog has since grown much more than we had expected. Now we have more contributors (which is fantastic!), more posts each day, and much more content in the whole site. And that’s why we had to update the site. The new design, however, is not much different from the previous one. We just changed some areas we thought had problems like the footer. There is more content shown in that area now. We also removed the stars and reduced the headers height. There are also some new features. One of them is the “abduct this post” allowing registered users to bookmark pages they like. Through this new feature we have now made it easier for you to find a tutorial or interview you saw and liked a long time ago. Besides that, everybody can now register to the site. By doing this you will have a profile page where you can edit and use html code to even create a mini portfolio. You’ll also have your own “abducted” page where it’ll show all the pages you have abducted. We are still working on these new features, and others. Our idea is to allow users to contribute more to the site, and even write articles. Because of that, now every contributor will have an area of 640x90 pixels in their posts. They will be able to sell that area, place banners, or even Google AdSense. Let us know if you want to be a contributor so we will provide you an account for that. I hope you like the new design and feel free to send us suggestions and critics. All feedback is very welcome, we’d love to hear from you.