Calmaria - the Road to iOS Week 2

Another weekend trying to learn SwiftUI. Not the entire weekend to be honest. It was in between playing with my little son, enjoying my family, playing video-games (therefore, bickering with my disapproving wife) and doing nothing. I would say it was probably 4 hours during 2 days. Oh, I cannot forget the 30 minutes before going to sleep Saturday that I was tossing and turning thinking how I could animate things in SwiftUI in sequence.

Design Tool: Hawkeye Brings Eye Tracking Tests to All via iOS app

I have been designing interface for software for the past 20 years. When I started, back in 1998 in Brazil, one of the biggest challenges and constraints was the difficult access to resources and design tools to test the work being done. When you are designing for huge audiences we need to be able to optimize for the best way to organize the information. Fast forwarding to today, I am always amazed by the fast pace that things are evolving but at the same time getting easily accessible to us.

Discover iOS Apps: Dreams, Sunset Micro Journal and more

We have been testing out some new features on Instagram including what they called: Questions. We asked you guys about: What do you wanna see more on ABDZ, many of you wrote about a comeback of Weekly Apps. Well here it is, we heard you! We will be sharing a collection of apps on iOS and Android that we have discovered or simply would like you guys to discover. For this week's, we have an app for tuning TV right on your smartphone.

Unsplash for iOS: Creation starts here

Our friends from Unsplash are making some noise with the launch of Unsplash for iOS. The idea is quite simple, bringing awesome images into your iOS applications faster and quite easily. Starting the launch on the iPad and iPhone (Hopefully Android will come soon!), the app is quite playful and quite enjoyable.

Introducing Swatches: An App That Makes Collecting Paint Colors Fun

We're happy to share the news of a colorful new app launch today on Abduzeedo called Swatches, a color picker for the real world. Have you ever tried to start a painting project and gotten stuck at that critical moment where you actually have to commit to a paint color? Picking paint colors is hard. Sure it's easy to spot a great color out in the world but super difficult to remember a color that you’ve seen, let alone figure out which paint color is the closest match. Swatches is a free iPhone app that solves this problem. 

New Tools and Apps to boost your Productivity

As we all witnessing the end of Summer (Northern Hemisphere), didn’t anybody felt like it was the quickest summer? We hope that you guys had some time to rest and chasing some light before fall will slowly manifest itself. Through the BBQs, camping trips, road trips; some of us didn’t have that chance and worked hard at making and launching their products to the consumer group.

Coolcal - UI/UX

Coolcal is a simple and easy-to-use weather calendar application that will make your day better. That's the description from one of the guys behind it and they have a different approach on how to present the calendar information. It's a simpler an minimal attempt to change how we use calendars. I have to say, from the mocks they share on Behance it looks gorgeous, I can say much about the UI/UX before using it but from what I see it makes me want to definitely give it a try.

Native Android Prototypes with Android Studio - Introduction

I have been working designing interfaces for the web for over 15 years and for the past couple of years I have seen the switch to native apps being a big shift in the industry. I am a huge fan of the web but it's important to keep up with the industry. The design process also has been evolving and getting close to the Industrial Design process I was taught in school, where prototyping is a crucial part of the process. So in order for me to test my designs I have been relying on different tools and techniques to prototype.

UI Motion Design: Wyldfire

Motion design has become one of the hottest areas in terms of UI design. Attention to detail has gone further than just graphics but also how UI elements behave when touched or new content is loaded. Ion, an animation and motion design studio from Barcelona, shared some beautiful work executed for the app Wyldfire illustrating motion design at its best. For more information check out the app at

UI Design: The Gorgeous Weather Dashboard

There are some apps that really are a treat to the eyes. A well design app has the power to catch your attention and you'll instantly want to download and use it. It's the case of the Weather Dashboard / Global Outlook. It's a project by English designer Jonathan Quintin. Unfortunately, as long as I know, this is not available for download (I've looked for it). That's sad... I would love to put my hands and eyes on this gorgeous app. For more of Jonathan's work, please visit his portfolio at Behance.

UI Design: Airwala App

Time for more cool UI Design here at Abduzeedo! This time, let's check the design of Airwala, a flight search app for the iPhone done by Indian designer Barjinder Singh. Check it out. Here you can see some screens from the app. Looks pretty slick and well done. What do you guys think about it? It's really awesome when you guys give your opinions here, and we'd like you to do that more. These are only some screens, but for more of this app, check out Barjinder's portfolio at Behance.

UI Design: Mixtape Music App

Time for another great looking app! This time, let's check the Mixtape, an app for iOS to remind us of how great the tape era was. It had a certain charm... to record your own mixtapes and share them with the ones you love. I remember recording many of these, and just by looking at this app I go on trip by memory lane. For all the 90's children and teenagers out there, check this app out. Great idea and execution by designer Marco Nenzi, from Italy.

UI Design: Noteworthy app concept

Time to get back to our non-official series of UI Design! I thought it was a good time to get back since I found this amazing app concept. It's the Noteworthy app for the iPhone.

Weekly Apps #3

For this Weekly Apps we have selected 2 Android and 2 iOS apps. You'll find here Cheddar and Fontain for iOS, with their lovely UI's! Also, we recommend you take a look at Rdio and Google+ for Android, all of them are totally free.

Weekly Apps #2

For this Weekly Apps we have selected 2 Android and 2 iOS apps. You'll find here Flipboard and Square for Android, with their amazing UI's and totally free! For iOS we recommend you take a look on Gipis and Analytiks, I'm sure you'll love to know those apps.

Weekly Apps #1

Hi guys, today we will start a new series of posts. Yep, and I'm sure you will absolutely love this one! In these posts we're going to show you some amazing apps. Some have great UIs, others are really useful and will improve your productivity, but all of them will inspire you. We hope you enjoy it!

In The Mod Palette Generator - 2 licenses giveaway

When designing we have to think about the goals of our project, the audience and what we want them to feel when seeing our design. Among all areas of a design project, color selection is one of the most important. They can make our design look cold, warm, retro, futuristc, vintage, etc. Because of that a good color scheme can make your work look much more professional. In the Mod is a very nice AIR application. It allows us to drag images and create color palettes from them. Also, you will be able to save these colors directly to Illustrator and Photoshop.

Splashup the Photoshop online?

There are some very good online photo editors available, tools like Picinik,, Snipshot; and everybody knows that Adobe is about to release an online version of Photoshop. However there’s a new contender in this battle and it’s called Splashup. Splashup, formerly Fauxto, is a powerful editing tool and photo manager.

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