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The 17th Exhibit: Illuminate IV by The Luminarium

The online art group named the Luminarium just released their 17th exhibit entitled Illuminate IV. From science fiction to stunning landscape photography, this exhibit will surely offer something for everyone. Hope you will enjoy them and get inspired! For more information about the Luminarium and their artists, you can visit , or simply follow them on Twitter @theLuminarium. Magnetic fields by Maxime des TOUCHES What is that? by Alessio Takeover by Kuldar The cascade departure by O21 Peace by Undiscovered Artist Approaching The Cuillins by Smiling Demon By The Thames River by Shue13 From Here I Can Almost See The Stars by Tigaer Monument To A Forgotten Era by System Snow Tempest in the Alien Sahara by Shue13 Unsustainable by Kaioshen Scale of Life by blueDragoon Rising from the Ashes by Smiling Demon & Thor Take Me Somewhere Nice by System Our Sun is dying by Kuldar Giants graveyard by Kuldar The Way Home by Kuldar Mine by Kuldar Party Animals by blueDragoon Era by shn Back To The Modern Hive by Shue13 Nessie by O21 Loki's Hammer by tsarye Forgotten Glory by jcbarquet Loki's Hammer by tsarye Homeland by Zhachrod Spark of War by tsarye Tranquility by Undiscovered Artist

Chapter XLIII: Time by Depthcore

The Depthcore Collective is just released it's 43rd themed chapter exhibition, "TIME". As we near their 10th anniversary, this seems to be an appropriate subject for us as a collective to reflect upon. Ten years have passed by, and the students and teenagers who once populated the group are gone, replaced by full time freelance artists, independent small-business owners and focused creative professionals. Our featured artist for this Chapter is Vesna Pesic, a very recent addition to the collective. Her work, with it's unique aesthetic and collage based approach, adds a wonderful new depth to our collective aesthetic and provided a couple of the key sparks in our creative process. This Chapter also sees us welcome several new members, including artists Pavel Sabelnikov, Benjamin Mounsey,Pat Perry, Abo and Ooli from Orka Collective and musician Falinox. We're very excited by what these unique talents bring to the table—browse "TIME" to pick out their debut pieces! For more information about Depthcore and their artists, you can visit , be a fan of Depthcore on Facebook or simply follow them on Twitter @Depthcore . VESSEL by Waldez Snegotskiy WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN LOST by Jonathan Wong TOMORROW NEVER HAPPENED by Maciej Hajnrich TO THE BIRTH by Finnian MacManus + Lucas de Alcantara WAYFARING by James Merill TIMECOP by Kervin Brisseaux TIME IS A GREA HEALER by Mike Harrison THE TRAVELER by Niklas Lundberg THE TIME MACHINE by David Mascha SINK by Mike Harrison + Rik Oostenbroek SINGULARITY by Benjamin Mounsey SICCERO by Niklas Lundberg + Justin Maller MOMENT IN TIME I by David Mascha MOIRAE by Waldez Snegotskiy MEMENTOS by Joao Oliveira LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW by Ronald Ashburn KARMA by Rik Oostenbroek IN MOTION by Justin Maller IT WAS OVER BEFORE IT BEGAN by Jonathan Wong IN FLOW by Justin Maller GODMOTHER by Finnian MacManus + Erik Schumacher FAIRY TALE by Benjamin Mounsey FAITH, LOVE, HOPE by Heiko Klug EXTINCT by Erik Schumacher EVOLUTION by Phillip Zurmohle + Rubens LP CLOCK WISE. by Matt W. Moore CRATER 23 by Waldez Snegotskiy CMYK GIRL by Pavel Sabelnikov CYCLES by Justim Maller + Ari Wenkle CHRONOS by Jeff Huang BLUE MOON by Zach Bush AINSI-VENU by Emeric Trahand

Experiment 10 by IN ArtGroup

IN Intrinsic Nature is an online art group consisting of a select community of creative minds from around the world. They call their releases Experiments and on this post you are going to see some amazing artworks from their latest Experiment 10. Enjoy! Check out the entire Experiment 10 420 by aleszev Oz by Berthjan Moriae Encomium by cigarro Diez by dejavu Geometric Love by dejavu The queen of shaba by doeasembilanpro Melachodia by Dyst Anecdotal Universe by Dyst Sway by .esk Something’s Fishy by huMAC Fama by huMAC Peace by jess Solidarityby John Mark Faraway Love by Karim Genesis by Karim Trees are leaving by shapesfactory Knowledge by shapesfactory LA RECHERCHE by skema Civilization by Syst-eeem Let’s Exchange Some Body Heat and What Not by Yago

The Luminarium Chapter 11: Illuminate 2

The Luminarium, a modern international art group, just released their newest exhibition. It is the 11th and - recording to them - their biggest yet. Get an inside view of my favorite designs of this chapter. “Illuminate II is our 3rd freestyle exhibit where we let our artist roam free and stimulate them to put their wildest ideas out there. Something we really enjoy since anything goes! Illuminate II shows the diversity The Luminarium artists are capable of presenting. Never has there been so much music to enjoy in our exhibits and never has the style of art been so experimental and refreshing. We as administrators here at The Luminarium can proudly say that this exhibit is one of our biggest and best yet. Get inspired, stimulated and enjoy!” Illuminate 2 Visit their website for other exhibitions

Introducing Intrinsic Nature Art Group

Intrinsic Nature is an online art group consisting of a selected community of creative minds from around the world. They recently published their latest "Experiment", a collection of artworks & songs done by creatives from the art group. I put a couple of my favorites from this exhibition together for you. Enjoy their newest Chapter on

The Brand New Pack from Intrinsic Nature Art Group

The Intrinsic Nature is an online art group consisting of a select community of creative minds from around the world. Every few months Intrinsic Nature releases a public showcase of exclusive art which they call their "Experiments." We will show here to you their Experiment 6, that was just released! Intrinsic Nature 6 (IN6) represents the hard work and passionate effort of 27 international artists to bring you a remarkable showcase of sight and sound. Each of the 49 pieces of art contained in this exhibition are experimental at heart--that's how we like to do things! We hope you enjoy IN6 with the same degree of pleasure that we experienced in creating it! This post was suggested by one of our readers, Wrong-Code, who has some pieces at the pack! We will shoe here some pieces of Intrinsic Nature's Experiment 6 pack, but we recommend you to visit their website to check out all the artworks from this and the other packs. Hope you like the images! Enjoy... :) by Wrong-Code

Epoch competition

Epoch has been up and running for the past few weeks now, and while there was a lot of activity in that time, it has started to wane of late. With this in mind, I have decided to start a competition, to hopefully drum up some publicity. The name/theme of the competition is "Introducing...", and will act as a pre-artpack. It'll be open from now till the 9th of October, so you'll have a month. To enter, all you have to do is join the forums, at, and submit your design in the Competitions forum. The best 10 designs will be added to the pre-artpack, and the designers will be awarded places in the art group itself. This will be a great opportunity, not only to show off your talent for art, but to improve your skills and become part of something special. Rules If you are already a Epoch member, you will notice a "Competitions" thread in the forums. Inside that thread, will be a "Competition Submissions" thread. In there, you will submit your entry designs. Any work submitted by Epoch Designers will be automatically selected to go into pre-artpack. ONLY 1 submission per person is allowed. In order to make this a fair competition, there will be a minimum of 20 entrants for the competition to go forward. The Creative Directors' decision is final. Good Luck, Luke Davis, aka Starchild, Head of Epoch.

Epoch update

Just a quick update on the new art group, Epoch, Since Epoch was founded, just 3 days ago, a massive 46 members have joined, with a lot of potential amongst them. With this growth in mind, I have updated the forums software. So far, we have two applications, but unfortunately I cannot judge them on my own, so that means I'll be needing some help. I've promoted 3 members to admin status, but I still require one more. This place will only be filled through invite only, so if you think you have what it takes, email me at with evidence of your work, and I'll get back to you. In order to get in, you will need to assure me that you will be a regular member, who posts and uses the forums a lot. Also, just as a reminder to people who have joined but haven't come back, applications are now officially open, so get them in! This site can't move forward with new designers. For those who haven't heard of Epoch, please feel free to join.