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Black Friday Madness for Designers & Makers

It's that time of the year again. It's that much needed time off with your family and friends. Coming with that free time well come also the deals from Black Friday. I guess we all know the concept of what Black Friday is. My email has been hammered and social feeds with outstanding deals that just can't go overlooked. By the meantime, I also took the liberty to add friends who are doing amazing work that needs attention in this roundup, independent artists who are making products to enhance our workflow, inspire us and have all the right reasons to be autonomous.

Early Black Friday Love with ProtoPie

It's starting to look-alike like? A cheerful time of the year and our friends from ProtoPie is sharing an 'early Black Friday' deal that you shouldn't resist. First of all, what is ProtoPie? It's one of the most underrated prototyping tool on the market at the moment, within the application. You can create simple prototypes all the way to advanced and customized micro-interactions. I love this tool and more designers should be implementing this tool into their workflow. Aside from being a prototyping tool, you can also 'test anywhere' and collaborate.

List of Black Friday Deals for Designers (2017)

It's Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it and it's a great moment to get some time off to relax. Meanwhile you can also look out for these yearly Black Friday deals but for us designers! We made a roundup of deals for you guys! A collection of what we think could be beneficial for your design needs including Framer, LS Graphics, UI8, Semplice and more. Please enjoy this time of the year!

Black Friday Fresh Free Fonts - Monterey, Echinos Park Script, ...

Friday fresh free fonts is a series of free fonts posted every Friday, yes I know it's awesome. I will look forward to bring a lot of great fonts that will sure help you improve your typography work. Check out what I selected for you on this FFFF post and make sure to comeback for more next week. Click here to view all Friday Fresh Free Fonts Monterey by Claude Pelletier

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