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Illustration Inspiration by 23Alan

Yesterday I came across this beautiful illustration tweeted by a friend of mine and great designer, Everaldo Coelho, and the illustratio was from another Brazilian. I decided to find out more about him and ended up visiting his Flickr page. The guy I'm talking about is Alan Rodrigo Lourenço also known as 23Alan. Alan is a graphic designer based in Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil and his work is beautiful, especially the sketches and illustrations in my opinion, but he also has some great toy arts. So in this post I will share with you some of 23Alan's illustrations. For more information about him check out his Web site at or his Flickr page at

Stylish Drawings by Ana Carolina Orlandin

Ana Carolina Orlandin is a very young visual design student from Xaxim, Brazil. She's been drawing since she was a little girl and her passion for art, design and all this world of imagination and creativity has growing along with her too as she starts to discover more and more things through her illustrations, which by the away, are awesome. I always try to express my wishes and they sort of get blended together with this imaginary world in my mind, which is a little bit crazy... some drawings are inspired by music, the psicodelic ones such as the ones from The Beatles psicodelic phase - Ana Carolina Orlandin For more information about Ana's work check out her Flickr page at there are more super call artoworks in there. Some Artworks Drift Conduction Stain Vice-versa History of the bogeyman and the ice cream monster Harvest Teddy Blue Deep Sleep Part of you Misc

Drawings and Illustrations by Eduardo Cardenas

Eduardo Cardenas is an comic artist and illustrator from Aracaju, Brazil. His work is pretty much about traditional illustrations with paper, pencil, eraser and ink, or as he prefers to say, his tools of the trade. We really liked his style and that's why we are sharing some of Eduardo's artworks here with you. For more information about Eduardo Cardenas' work visit his DeviantArt profile at Opium Postcard From Brazil witch Wereworlf succubus creature-of frankenstein Goblin Thief Mermaid and Triton Poster EIRPG Orc 666 Demon King Kong Elf Druid Pocket Machine Girl Princess Valkaria Free Robot Jansoft

Architect Day: Isay Weinfeld

Brazilian architect, working with an architecture needs, from a touching sensibility. Isay Weinfeld works on all levels of architecture, starting with the exceptional residences, passing through beautiful and smart shops, consistent buildings and going beyond, producing film and stage design. The result is an uncompromising quality. Isay Weinfeld was born in 1952 in Sao Paulo. Graduated from Mackenzie University, he taught at the same chair, "Architectural Theory" and also "Expression Kinetic" from the Faculty of Communication at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. His professional activity goes beyond the architecture, which has the numerous masterpieces. He has works of cinema and stage design, further increasing its list of awards received. Mocotó Bar e Restaurante, Londres, Inglaterra. photo © Mocotó Bar e Restaurante, Londres, Inglaterra. photo © His portfolio, with residential, commercial, institutional or furniture, no mater the type, is a masterpiece of architecture, and always a source of inspiration. Isay Weinfeld brings above all, pride and hope for a better future of Brazilian architecture. Today after several awards, the international recognition is already present in his life, with the merits of an architecture with a lot of quality. Livraria da Vila, São Paulo, Brasil photo © photo © Havaianas, São Paulo, Brasil photo © photo © photo © photo © Fasano Las Piedras, Punta del Este, Uruguai photo © photo © photo © photo © Edifício Racional, São Paulo, Brasil photo © photo © Edifício Panorama, São Paulo, Brasil photo © photo © Clube Chocolate, São Paulo, Brasil photo © photo © photo © Casa Yucatan, São Paulo, Brasil photo © Leonardo Finotti photo © Leonardo Finotti Vila Fasano, Fazenda Boa Vista, Porto Feliz, Brasil photo © Leonardo Finotti photo © Leonardo Finotti photo © Leonardo Finotti photo © Leonardo Finotti photo © Leonardo Finotti Casa Sumaré, São Paulo, Brasil photo © photo © photo © photo © photo © Casa Piracicaba, Piracicaba, Brasil photo © Nelson Kon e Luiza Sigulem photo © Nelson Kon e Luiza Sigulem photo © Nelson Kon e Luiza Sigulem photo © Nelson Kon e Luiza Sigulem photo © Nelson Kon e Luiza Sigulem Casa Iporanga, Guarujá, Brasil photo © Nelson Kon photo © Nelson Kon photo © Nelson Kon photo © Nelson Kon Casa Grécia, São Paulo, Brasil photo © Leonardo Finotti e Luiza Sigulem photo © Leonardo Finotti e Luiza Sigulem photo © Leonardo Finotti e Luiza Sigulem photo © Leonardo Finotti e Luiza Sigulem Casa Vertical, São Paulo, Brasil photo © Leonardo Finotti photo © Leonardo Finotti photo © Leonardo Finotti Casa Pau Ferro, São Paulo, Brasil photo © Cristiano Mascaro photo © Cristiano Mascaro Casa Marrom, São Paulo, Brasil photo © Leonardo Finotti photo © Leonardo Finotti photo © Leonardo Finotti photo © Leonardo Finotti Casa d’Agua, São Paulo, Brasil photo © Álvaro Povoa photo © Álvaro Povoa Casa Brasília, São Paulo, Brasil photo © Leonardo Finotti photo © Leonardo Finotti photo © Leonardo Finotti

Beautiful Illustrations by Simon Fernandes

Simon Fernandes is an art director, designer and illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil with a really cool style, his portfolio has illustrations with different styles, from the very clean vectors of the Agua Viva artwork to the sort of retro style of the Copo poster. We were really impressed with his work and now we are sharing that with you ;) For more information about Simon Fernandes visit his Web site at Planetario MTV Planetário from ODA on Vimeo. Pedaço de coral Plus Ultra Menina Flutívago Agua Viva Copo Paisagem Colorido Buda Doido

Stylish New Artworks by oit8doi2

A couple of weeks ago we featured a design by Bruno Borges, AKA Oit8doi2, as wallpaper of the week. That image was called La Pipe and it was part of his new portfolio, which includes some other great pieces and that's what we are doing now, sharing with you some of his other works. For more information visit Bruno Borges visit MTV Notebook Agora Vingt et deux Cosmia Altar Mensageiro do Vento SE La Pipe Mentos Aqua Kiss About Bruno Bruno Borges AKA Oit8doi2. Bruno was born in Rio de Janeiro but it's currently based in São Paulo. His work is very colorful with a little bit of te 80s influence like this wallpaper.

Abduzeedo Photoshop Battle Highlights

This past July Abduzeedo put on our first offline event. Despite the fact that I was pretty nervous about how it would turn out, it actually went really well. A lot of people showed up and now we're planning to organize another battle in another city, or maybe even another country. The Photoshop Battle consisted of eight designers battling it out to take home the title of Abduzeedo Photoshop Battle World Champion. We'd draw a subject in which the contestants would have to design a wallpaper in 30 minutes. Even though that's a pretty short time to create something cool, the final results were stunning. After almost seven hours of dispute, we had our first Abduzeedo Photoshop Battle World Champion: Cássio Braga. Below you can check out a video by John Arlington with the highlights of the event, (in which John was kind enough to include English subtitles for all you non-Portuguese speakers out there.) Youtube Vimeo Abduzeedo - Battle of Photoshop from Alexandre Guterres on Vimeo. For more information about the event visit

Beautiful Vector Illustration in Illustrator and Photoshop by Carol Rivello

Hey guys! For this tutorial/making of I created a fun illustration for my sister Stella's blog. In her blog she writes about funny daily situations and I thought that it would be nice to develop an illustration that expressed that somehow. I hope that this step by step help the new designers and illustrators. So, prepare yourself, and continue reading because even though it is a quite long post I hope it might be useful for your illustration projects. Also, feel free to share your thoughts with comments. Step 1 - Brainstorming ftw When I’m creating an illustration for someone, I like to make a brainstorm and write down stuff that person likes, to create a moodboard and capture her personality in the drawing. In my sisters case, for example, Italy, Trips and Pasta were mandatory in the illustration. In this step I also make preliminary roughs, testing new shapes and interesting compositions. Step 2 - Roughs, Sketches & Drawings After I pick the elements that will be part of the final illustration, and develop an initial graphic style, I start the rough that will be used as a direct reference for the vector. In this step I like to use a lot of details to simulate strokes and vector gradients. Lots of people ditch this part and go straight to the computer, but I personally prefer to create first in the paper. No only I feel more creative, it’s also a pretty good excuse to leave the computer for a change. Step 3 - Vector madness After I finish the rough, it’s time to scan it. (0r take a picture of it, if the paper it’s too big for your scanner). Then, I place the jpg file into a vectorial illustration software. My favorite software is illustrator, but feel free to use the one you like the most. Right now I only care about making the strokes and outlines, leaving the colors and filling for later. I recommend using a color that contrast with your sketch, to help you visualize it. In this case i chose a red stroke. Step 4 I like Illustrator because it offers you a ton of cool resources to help your vectorizing process. A solution that I often use is called Pattern Brush. Instead of drawing a whole flower, for example, you can make just one petal, turn that petal into a patten brush, create a shape with that outline, and achieve fun results! This tip is specially useful to illustrators that prefers abstract compositions, like me. Step 5 - Cleaning up the house After I finally finish the whole vector madness, I spend a little while organizing the file, putting the objects into the right order. All this to help the next step, that I consider to be the hardest part… Step 6 - Choosing Colors The moment to chose the colors and paint the illustration is the hardest and longest part to me. In this project I was inspired by the italy flag colors, mixed with the vibrant colors of the brazilian flag, all this with a vintage look and feel. In this step I also develop some gradients and chose the textures that I’ll use later. My tip is to take a look at the patterns from illustrator, hidden inside Swatches » Patterns » Basic Graphics. Step 7 - Color Groups & Inspiration A great site to search for color inspiration is There you can search between endless palettes developed by their creative users. After I chose my color palette, I find really usefull to create a new color group with the chosen tones. Step 8 - Almost there Sneak peek of the coloring process. Step 9 - Typography Choosing a font to use in the illustration is really fun! I love to test lots of combinations and to “hunt” for new fonts. The problem is that I get *too* excited in this step, and sometimes I download 30 fonts, and later I simply can’t decide which one to use. For this illustration I imagined a strong, bold and modern font, making a visual contrast with a script font. Step 10 When you are going to use the same shape over and over again, a good tip is to use the symbol tool. You make a motion clip, and spread the object in your comp, according to your preset. With the tool’s options you can increase or decrease the symbol, change it’s opacity, position, etc. This way you don’t have to duplicate and reposition the object manually. Step 11 - Blending Modes After I fill al my shapes with my chosen colors, I like to refine the composition with gradients and textures. Some illustrations look better with solid colors, but in this case I decided to use gradients to create more volume. One secret to a visually rich comp is to test different textures and blending modes. My fav ones are: multiply, overlay and softlight. I also like to play with different opacities. Step 12 - Photoshop After I finish the vector process, I export my work for a final polishing in Photoshop. At photoshop I mix the vector with bitmap images, to achieve a more organic feel. I also use the adjustment layers e test some colors adjustments, levels, curves, etc. And use brushes. Step 13 - Don’t be messy It’s common to make a lot of layers in Photoshop, and It’s really easy to lose yourself in the mess. Try to avoid that, and keep a file with the layers named in an appropriate manner and use organized layer groups. Step 14 - Brushes and Scribbles With the idea to create an organic look in mind, I blended the original vector illustrations with hand drawn scribbles, to create a hybrid composition. I also added brushes, colorful gradients, all in separated layers, preserving the original illustration. Conclusion And that’s it. Now It’s time to create the rest of the layout… But thats for another making of. Thanks for reading the whole post! If you want to read more nonsense from me, or for more cool tips and random links, feel free to follow me on twitter: About the Author I’m Carol Rivello, a graphic designer who loves to work with web design, art direction and illustration. Now I live in Florianópolis, a pretty island located in the south of Brazil, and just started to work as a freelancer. I love pigs, I have more than 300 of them. I also love: Internet, Music, Traveling, Movies, TV Shows, Illustration, Sketch Books, Motion Design, Home Decor, T-shirts, Pigs, Chocolate, Ice cream , Birds, Clouds, Sun, Sea and almost everything from the 80’s. For more information visit my site at

Motion Graphics Inspiration by Vellas & Laga

In 2008, a young animator, and a not so young art director, joined forces and started to work as partners, from that idea Vellas & Laga was created and since then they have created, directed, animated, and fought in a lot of films, for TV, Internet and any other interesting form of media. For more information about Vellas & Laga we highly recommend that you visit their website at But we have selected some pieces from their portfolio to feature here on Abduzeedo. Reel 2010 Vellas, 2010 Reel from Vellas & Laga on Vimeo. MTV - TOP 10 Graphic package created for MTV Brazil, for the classic show "TOP 10". We created the open titles, rank numbers, bumpers... Check it out. MTV TOP 10 Graphic Pack from Vellas & Laga on Vimeo. MTV Colírios Capricho Capricho is a teen magazine mainly for girls. They made a partnership with MTV Brasil and produced a reality show where the public will choose the new "boy next door". MTV Colirios Capricho Montage from Felipe Vellasco on Vimeo. Metro Newspaper Metro Newspaper from Felipe Vellasco on Vimeo. MTV - "Anti AIDS 2009" MTV Brazil invited 4 artists to create a 15 seconds spot, for their new campaign against AIDS. Thanks to Beto Shibata. MTV - "Anti AIDS 2009" from Vellas & Laga on Vimeo. WORK PROCESS: Boomerang Queda Livre Opening Credits created for "Queda Livre", an upcoming program from Turner Channel. Queda Livre from Vellas & Laga on Vimeo. Bats This is a small video that is shown on cinema, before every film created by Ioiô Films Bats from Vellas & Laga on Vimeo.

Graffiti Art brings Patriotism to the Poor

The graffiti artist "Mundano" painted a big Brazilian flag on this building that for more than a decade, the old Santos Dumond Hotel, in downtown Sao Paulo, was empty. Today, it shelters more than 120 families that have illegally occupied the building. Check out the action video and some photos of the work and process. The artist was inspired by the kids that live there "I've always painted the Brazilian Flag but now it's the perfect time, because of the World Cup" — Mundano In Sao Paulo there are more empty buildings than homeless families. The Artwork The Building The View

A Brazilian Architecture Office - M² Arquitetura

I have been writing some articles showing you really nice offices around the world. And for my surprise there is one of this great offices in a brazilian city really close to me. I'm talking about an office called M² Arquitetura. As soon as I looked at it I was impressed and decided to show it to you... and I'm sure you will love it. M² Arquietura is located in Joinville, SC, Brazil. They are an architecture company that develops projects in many fields: residential, comercial, industrial, corporative, decoration and interiors. The current M² Arquitetura headquarter is a revitalization of an old storage place in the center of the city. The place has several industrial elements, such as apparent wooden structures, and systems of lightening and ventilation in sheds. A really beautiful place. And as I said to them, it makes me want to go back being an architect to work in a place like this! The main idea that inspired the project was preserving the original elements of the building and make the space bigger, transparent and as much integrated as possible. So to accomplish that they made an office with no walls and the doors are made of glass. All the departments of the company and the steps of the process are open so every team member and even the clients can see it. In the reception there is a store window. This space is turned to the side walk and is a multi-use area used for exhibitions of artists and stores, besides also showing some of their own designs. The window is a space of transition between the public and the private.

Wonderful Office from Sidney Quintela Architects

Some people like to say that can't work at the beach, that they loose focus around great beaches. Here in Brazil there is an office located in Salvador, Bahia that is a great example about how the beach can actually be a great inspiration for your everyday work routine. Besides the really nice architecture, the views are simply astonishing. Sidney Quintela is an architecture office that works with several kinds of projects, from houses to stores, to restaurants and big buildings. The workday for an architect can be pretty heavy, but I'm sure that a place like this inspire great ideias and quality of initiatives - which probably leads the architects to complete their drawings faster. They have big spaces, the white color takes most of the spaces and everything is bright and clear, besides the huge windows with really nice beach views. The architecture of Sidney Quintela starts by the observation of new metropolitan society habits, where the need of a reinvention of spaces appears - at the same time that they don't want to loose the influence of the local culture, nature and its surroundings. Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Thanks for the tip Office Snapshots!

10 Outstanding Ad Campaigns from Brazil

I decided to look up some ads from Brazil and found such great campaigns that I had to make a list. Seems like the Brazilians really know what they doing when it comes to advertising, these campaigns have all the ingredients needed to create a great ad campaign, Enjoy! Found all these campaigns at Morumbi Shopping Fashion Mall: Fall-Winter Collections2009 Now at MorumbiShooping Mall, soon on the streets Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Brazil Art Director: Renato Butori Copywriter: M‡rio Cintra Photographer: Miro Brastemp: Free your clothes from odors Advertising Agency: DDB Brazil Creative Directors: Rodrigo Almeida, Renata Florio, Júlio Andery, Rodolfo Sampaio, Sérgio Valente Art Director: Cicero Souza Copywriter: Cristiano Cera Photography: Rodrigo Ribeiro Illustration: Seagulls Fly Derma Master: We know what a pimple can do to you. Advertising Agency: DDB Brazil Creative Directors: Sergio Valente, Rodrigo Almeida, Renata Florio, Julio Andery, Rodolfo Sampaio Copywriter: Renata Florio Art Directors: Alexandre Magre, Daniel Lemos Photographer: Manolo Moran Illustrator: 24/7 Art Buyer: Carolina Galastri Account Supervisor: Maristela P. Correa Advertiser's Supervisor: Meire Gonzaga Producer: Nereu Marinho Poly Juice: Most people think that what counts is to compete. It’s a good thing that you are entitled to your own opinion. Advertising Agency: Estúdio TZ, São Paulo, Brazil Creative Director / Art Director: Tiago Zanatta Copywriter: Luis Godinho Illustrators: Marcus Silva, Tiago Zanatta Retouch: Ronaldo Córnea ESPN: Soccer is our music Eldorado ESPN Radio. The best of soccer is on 107,3 FM. Advertising Agency: Neogama/BBH, São Paulo, Brazil Copywriter: Laura Esteves Art Director: Pepê Creative Directors: Marcio Ribas, Wilson Mateos Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Gama Photographer: Jair Lanes Digital Retouch: Daniel Leão, Alexandre Calvin MTV: now by satellite, stay tuned. Advertising Agency: Loducca, São Paulo, Brazil Creative Director: Guga Ketzer Art Directors: Daniel Poletto, Kika Botto, Carlos Thunm Copywriters: Rodrigo Senra, Andre Godoi Photographer: Raul Krebs Rios Illustration Studio: We put anything on paper. Advertising Agency: Artplan, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Creative Director: Roberto Vilhena Art Directors: Bernardo Romero, Maite Albuquerque Copywriter: Ricardo Dolla Illustrator: Otavio Rios Other additional credits: Marcello Pereira, Aderi, Pepe, Barbie IMIP: Decide One of these two will get your organs, you decide. Advertising Agency: Ampla, Recife, Brazil Creative Director: Manuel Cavalcanti Art Director: Humberto Montenegro Copywriter: Juliana Lisboa Illustrator: Queiroz Photographer: Thomas Baccaro Image: Erick Levay Govesa Gas Station: You must trust who gets into your car. Govesa Gas Station. Guaranteed quality. Advertising Agency: Jordão Publicidade, Goiânia, Brazil Creative Director: Alessandro Jordão Art Director: Vinicius Serpa Copywriter: Paulo Zarat Photographer: Shutter Stock Coca-Cola: Recycle Use your imagination and recycle. Our future depends on it. Advertising School: Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil Art Director: Caio Tezoto Copywriter: André Gomes