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Under the Bridge Photography

Under the Bridge Photography

There are some pretty amazing bridges all over the world. Some of these structures are so beautiful and enormous that they might get to be touristic points. But there's one point of view that might get a little bit under appreciated: under the bridge! Here are some examples of how great under the bridge photography might be. These were taken by some really talented photographers... for more of their pictures, please check out their portfolios simply by clicking each image! I hope you enjoy my selection. Cheers! ;) Pont de Normandie by Sus Bogaerts D' Color's Of D' Night Under D' Bridge IV by anthony mejia D' Color's Of D' Night Under D' Bridge by anthony mejia Under the bridge by David Tavan Down Under by Denz Bocasan Under the bridge by Skylark Pictures Under the bridge by Kees Smans under the bridge by ovos photography Under the Patriarch's bridge by Alexander Golev Under the Bridge by Jimmy - Under the Bridge by Lucas Montalvo Cycling Under the Bridge -Putrajaya by Zulkifli Yusof Under bridge in Singapore by Max Nemudry Under The Bridge by Scott Baldock Under the Bridge by Jari Hudd Swans by Rob Lee Under the Bridge by Bert Beckers under fog by Rui Casanova under the bridge by Julien Auger Under the Bridge by Stefan Bruett Underneath by Photo Bones

Amazing Bridge Photography

Bridges are most definitely one of the greatest subjects in photography. The way people use it, by foot or by vehicles... the way the sun touches it and shadows are formed. Great subject indeed! These amazing pictures were taken by some great artists that really know they craft. I recommend you to visit each artist's portfolio for even more of these great photographs! They'll definitely appreciate it. Also, if you got your own pictures like these, don't forget to show us! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;) Mike Thue _AB_ Kees Smans Isik Mater Daniela Urbano Kamil Porembi?ski Yury Prokopenko Nick Weinrauch Mike Goldberg Eric Lafforgue seaview99 Louie Imaging David Yu Andrew Mace peststudio

Bridges, a must-see when Traveling

Ok, before I begin you might say that bridges are not architect buildings, that bridges are engineer stuff, and so on. But I should say that this kind of building without the architect's touch would be just another bridge and nothing else. The architect brings a memorable experience to this path and creates wonderful landscapes with these contructions, some of them representing cities such as San Francisco, where the Golden Gate Bridge has become one of the city's most beautiful and photographed attraction. Each build has its own features: the length, size, materials, colors and of course, the place where its constructed. I choose 12 bridges with different designs from around the world, to show you how the imagination of the architect can transform what would be a simple passing on an unforgettable moment on your travel! Vasco da Gama Bridge, Lisbon Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California Brooklyn Bridge, New York Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, California Alamillo Bridge in Seville, Spain Bridge-Tunnel Combination: Oresund Bridge, Sweden - Denmark JK Bridge in Brasilia, Brazil Kurilpa Bridge, Queensland Skye Bridge, Scotlhand Hangzhou Bay Bridge, China Millau Viaduct, France Puente de la Mujer, Buenos Aires