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Comic Book Artist: Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes is a outstanding comic book artist having already worked on DC, Marvel and Vertigo comics. What impress me most on his work is the fact he know so much about women anatomy to the point that almost all the comics that he draw are about female characters as Wonder Woman, Cat Woman and others. You can see more stunning owrks from this master at this Website.

Comic Book Artist: Rafael Grampa

I'm proud to present on this post one of the top comic artist from Brasil, Rafael was born and lived a great part of his life on the Abduzeedo's hometown, Porto Alegre. I had the great opportunity to saw his speech at the Pixel Show RS 2010 and I must say I never forgot this quote he said: "Less than a half of you will get there, only the ones who truly pursue what they love" You can see more artworks and original drawing by Grampa at his Flickr Gallery.

Comic Book Artist: Mike Mignola

I might be one of this guys who just happened to notice the work of Mike Mignola after the first Hellboy movie. Anyway, since them I consider him to be one of the most unique and interesting comic book artist. Not only he's a good writer, but also he's drawing got such style that's impossible not to recognize. You can get more informartion and images from this legend at this Website.

Comic Book Artist: Frank Frazetta

Although Frank was more about a Illustrator than a penciler or a colorist, it's quite undeniable that he influenced whole generations of comic book artists. He just defined the main image of heroes as Conan, Tarzan, Vampirella and also created a whole fantasy universe, in a really unique and unbelievable way. Unfortunately, Frank died on 2010 of a stroke, but his legacy will go on with full strength as all his paintings. You can get more informartion and images from this legend at this Website. Self Portrait

Comic Book Artist: Jim Lee

I think Jim Lee is one these artists that really doesn't need any presentations. If you already read some of the DC, Marvel or Wildstorm comics from the 80's to nowadays, you probably stumbled with some of his covers and pages. In my point of view, he's the best penciller that ever worked for these major companies, a truly master of his tools, always pushing further on style and concept. You can see some more artworks form Jim Lee at his Comic Art Community Profile or at his DevianArt.

Comic Book Artist: Greg Capullo

Regardless the fact that Todd Macfarlane is the creator of Spawn and most of the characters of the series, the credits of great part of the series success should definetely goes to Greg Capullo. Greg has being the main penciler for the series for quite sometime, creating a really remarkable detailed and sick style. It's really a pleasure to feature him here, since he was one of my favorite artists back on the 90's when I started drawing. You can check more of his recent artworks at his Devianart profile.