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Codemyconcept Winners & Tomorrow's Pixelmator Giveaway!

Wow, what a response! I'm not sure I've ever seen an image explode with tags on Facebook like that! And I'm sure everyone who is still frantically tagging and commenting, trying to figure everything is wondering who the winners are… So here we go, these are the winners: Winners of $500 codemyconcept gift cards and t-shirts 1. Paul McDonough 2. Hugo Oliveira 3. Abrar Ahmad 4. Ben Albers 5. Alex Gurghis 6. Kyle W Martin 7. Aarikamarino (**need your email**) 8. Kelly Baker 9. Jonathan Dolan 10. John Wilson Winners of $500 codemyconcept gift cards 1. Andy Shin 2. Gieljan Vantyghem 3. Frankie Frank 4. Ahmed Ziab 5. Jessica Emberson 6. Victor Samaue 7. Fabe Rnhrt 8. Angelo Ferreira 9. Jonathan Mitchum 10. Rory Geraghty Winners of Wordpress packages from codemyconcept's new project, 1. Brennan Matthews Griffith 2. Tuxu Arts **Note: Winners will receive a message today on facebook telling them how to collect on their winnings** And a prize for everyone…. 50% off any five page project in 2011! Is it free? No, but we gave away as much as possible. With this deal, you can get a half off on any five page project you might have in the coming year, and support your favorite source of inspiration in the process :) So what's happening with tomorrow's giveaway? At 1pm EST tomorrow (Wednesday), I will be posting the below image to the Abduzeedo facebook page. The rules are simple, the first 5 to tag the image with their name will get a free copy of the pixelmator software. This will go even fast than today's contest so I'll be extra careful to be precise on the time. 1pm EST - on the dot! UPDATE: WE WILL NOT BE USING TAGGING TOMORROW. YOU MUST COMMENT! FIRST 5 COMMENTS OF "ABDUZEEDO" WILL WIN.

$10,000 Christmas Giveaway from

Earlier today, our giveaway was over so fast, I'm not sure everyone who might have wanted to participate had the chance. So in the hopes of making things a little more fair this time around I thought I'd announce all the details tonight and then post the giveaway tomorrow morning. If you're not already familiar with them, CodeMyConcept is the self proclaimed "best PSD to HTML service on the planet". They don't just specialize in providing superb PSD to HTML and CMS implementations, but they also put a high priority in building good relationships with every freelancer and designer that works with them. And after my dealings with them over the last few weeks to set up this giveaway, I can honestly say that I feel like that's spot on. They have been awesome, constantly asking to provide more and more value to you guys, FOR FREE!  So how can you get in on the giveaway? At 10am EST tomorrow morning (Tuesday), I will be posting the below image to the Abduzeedo facebook page. The rules are simple, the first 10 to tag the image with their name will get a $500 gift card for use on and a t-shirt. The next 10 will also get a $500 gift card, and the next two will receive one free wordpress package each from CMC's new project, Winners will be announced via a blog post shortly after as well as a special gift for all who participated.