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Cute and Adorable Artworks by Erin Hunting

Cute and Adorable Artworks by Erin Hunting

Today I would like to introduce you guys to this really interesting illustrator, Erin Hunting. Having a specialization in character design, Erin can range from the cute creatures from her imagination to incredible versions of famous characters. You can see more from Erin at her Official Blog or at herDevianArt profile. Erin also got a great store on Etsy, you guys should check..

50 Incredibly Cute Baby Animal Pictures around the World

The word "animal" comes from the Latin word animalis, meaning "having breath". We all love animals so much, especially cats and dogs. However, there are many cute animals out there we love to see as well. The enjoyment that we get from pictures of animals and nature is immeasurable. Below we have featured 50 incredibly cute baby animal pictures around the world. All of them are so tiny that you would love to give them a warm hug. I am sure they will give you a good mood today. Take Me Home With You Micro Mini Teacup Pigs Baby Polar Bear Awwwww. Aren’t They Just Sweeties My Bichon Havanaise Newborn Puppies Small Kitten Sooooooo Cute! A Pig With Two Bodyguards Show Some Love for Baby Otters I’m Getting One of These Soon Hai~ Because Two Endangered Tiger Cubs are Better Than One Boxer Newborn Cuteness Overload.. First Day With Our Eyes All Open Baby Steps AP Red Pandas An I Get A Boost Bananas for Bananas! MIIIIILK! I Otter Cuddle You He is Just Aww Hai~!! All My Ducks in a Row Cute Baby Pig Enjoying His Drinkw Rench Bulldog Puppy Furry Family Drowsy Dwarf Hamster No Words I Really Was a Dog Care for a Cup of Sloth New Born Piggies! Play Time! Teenie Meerkats Mini Moo! Lets Go Shopping Fennec Fox Albino Hedgehogs One of My Friend’s Kittens Just a Baby Elephant Getting Cleaned Up Look at Me Tiniest Kitten Baby Owl Fuzzy! Cute Kitten Do I Look Fat with These Feathers The Cat’s Meow Wild Cubs Playful Baby Gray Squirrel Lil’ Kitty! You can check out more cute animal pictures on Cutest Paw. Get ready for Cuteness Overload!

Super Cute illustrations by Skinny Andy

What can I say about Skinny Andy Illustrations? Well, they're probably one of the most sugar candy cute illustrations ever. Never saw someone with this ability of turning pretty much anything on extreme cuteness, just take a look You can see more of this cuteness at his Flickr gallery

Super Funny and Cute Illustrations by Randy Otter

I've found the work of Randy Otter thru Flickr while looking for some random stuff, since then I got really amused by his childlike and funny illustrations. Once someone said to me that in terms of illustration doing less details and having more meaning it's way better than doing a realistic artwork with nonsense, so I could say Randy really got it this tip on his body of work. You can see more funny and cute pics at his Flickr Gallery.

The Surreal and Beautiful World of Felipe Bedoya

Some may like and some may dislike the universe created by Felipe Bedoya, as it's apparently looks all cute and beautiful, but beneath each illustration there's a lot of dark secrets hidden. This Colombian mate is one of the top notch artist from the lowbrow movement in latin america, check some of his extraordinary works: If you want to know more about Felipe, you should access his Website.

Super Cute Illustrations by Ariel Fajtlowicz

There are some illustration style that are pretty handy, like this one. I really find this style really adorable and useful, since one could use it all over the place. It would fit in webdesign, as a nice header, or background... and it definetely works just perfectly in graphic design. The artist behind these is Ariel F., an awesome Brazilian designer. You should really check out his portfolio for more of his great work! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers. ;)