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Design Books: Suggestions for the New Year

This week is the second or first, in my case, week of work in 2017. With every new year there's a lot of resolutions made, areas that we want to improve or things we want to change. I feel that for me I want just to focus on less and the practice of minimalism. For that reason I am also trying to focus more on design books rather than just online. I am trying to savor the information a bit more instead of gobbling up everything I might think will be inspiring or useful.

Design Book: HYPE by Bram Vanhaeren

Our friend Bram Vanhaeren has just released a book showing the commercial and experimental work he has done over the last 20 months, the book is called HYPE and looks really cool. Especially because as he says, it's an incentive to other artists to practice more and of course inspire us all. HYPE is a collection of commercial and experimental artworks of Bram Vanhaeren. A collection of work created over the last 20 months and some unique insights in the techniques he uses.

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