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Adobe XD: New updates Responsive Resize, Timed Transitions, and more

Adobe has recently announced huge news with the introduction to their Open Platform. With the month of September, Adobe XD has released new tools to help you design multiple screen sizes, timed transition elements. With responsive design of being now an industry standard, I am more interested in the new timed transitions. It will allow us to simulate the effects of loading states, looping animations and more.

Adobe XD CC: Introducing Open Platform for Experience Design

Adobe has announced big news with Adobe XD where they are opening its platform to enable users to customize their tools through an ecosystem of community and partner-built plugins. Leveraging their APIs, developers can now build on top of XD, adding new features, automating workflows and connecting XD to the tools and services designers use every day.

Getting the First Look at the #InVisionStudio Platform

Our friends from InVision took us by a storm today with the announcement of #InVisionStudio Platform. What is it? Well, it's simply to create the best screen design tool on a daily basis to achieve greatness. Cheesy?They believe that together we can build a unified work design environment for everyone. It's really nice seeing InVision engaging different companies too who really have the same goals at the end of the day.

Introducing the new InVision - Sneak Peek

We are very close to the end of the year and the mighty team from InVision are still sharing a preview of what is coming for 2018. The new year could be easily one of their biggest years to date, we are quite excited for them. We can't wait to get our hands on their latest so we can share our feedback with you guys. Today we are introducing a sneak peek the new InVision, please take some time to watch the video. It comes with new features like up to 8x faster, new design, introducing spaces, powerful sharing and more. Give it a look!

Introducing InVision Design Manager + Brand.AI Acquisition

Let me start by saying that the awesome folks from InVision are literally on fire lately. In a very good way, they are bringing their tool with more features and changing our way of working in this beautiful industry. Last week, we've featured their latest InVision Studio and now they are back and introducing InVision Design Manager. What is it?

Introducing InVision Studio: the World’s most powerful screen design tool

On a very quiet Wednesday, the awesome folks from InVision took the whole design community by the storm by announcing their latest game-changing screen design tool. Introducing Studio, a desktop app where you will be able to design responsive apps, sites from the start to finish. I am talking from screen design, prototyping, advanced animation and a lot more. Imagine having everything in one place where you can also collaborate, handoff and create a design system.

Introducing Figma 2.0 with New Features with Prototyping and Developer Handoff

We would like to share exciting news from our friends over Figma where they are introducing their newly 2.0 packed with features including Prototyping and Developer Handoff. This is pretty huge! I can't wait to give it a try myself and maybe share my thoughts on ABDZ. Meanwhile, let's take a look at what they offer with real-time collaboration, the end of versioning and more.

UXPin is introducing Design Systems for Designers

UXPin is introducing Design Systems, a tool to fix our design inconsistencies. We all have experienced within a project, the back-and-forth between us designers and developers for inconsistencies with the font, colours and etc. Well, UXPin has made a tool to remedy just that integrates with Sketch. You'll be able to create libraries and change to "master" elements that updates everywhere. It also includes a Sync for your documentation and enhance your collaboration with a standardized design where both can approve on principles, patterns and etc.

Framer Design: The UI/UX Design Ultimate Tool

It’s a great time to be a designer especially in terms of access to information, resources and tools to get our job done effectively. Today, to make things even more exciting, the lovely people from Framer launched Framer Design. In my opinion, this is the new standard for UI/UX design tools. The reason I am so adamant about my statement is because it brings design and code closer together than ever before.

Figma UI Tool with Real-Time Collaboration for Designers

It's amazing to see that today there are plenty of interface design tools for designers. In the past we were limited to Adobe, my favorite tool used to be Fireworks. Thanks to them, when they killed it a lot of people saw the opportunity to build not only a tool to replace it but a much better tool. Figma is a great example. The idea is to be the Google Docs for designers. It's a vector tool that runs in the browser and allows for incredible collaboration. I've been playing with it at home and I am quite impressed about how powerful it is.

Sketch 3: 5 Licenses Giveaway - Winners

I have been an Adobe user since I can remember, adopting the new tools always coming and going. Macromedia back in the day tried to challenge Adobe's supremacy and ended up being acquired by them. Now there's a new tool in the market that I have fallen in love with and that app is called Sketch. I have been using Sketch for over a year, at work at Google and for personal projects and I simply love it. Sketch is a vector tool that does an impeccable job of combining the best of all worlds when it comes to designing mobile apps and web sites.

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