The Work of Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is a filmmaker based in New York City, USA, he has been producing game-changing videos on YouTube since 2010. Since the end of March 2015, Casey decided to challenge himself by creating vlogs, it's a creative insight of his everyday life and his love for New York City. As for me, Casey Neistat inspires me to be creative everyday. Using the tools that are provided to you, working with your hands and just create.

Graphic Designer and Filmmaker: Isaac Rentz

When i was younger i was really into shortmovies. Playing with bluescreen and special effects was my pleasure. But i also loved Photoshop. Which job should i take? Why not both! Heres an example. Isaac Rentz is graphic designer / filmmaker from LA, California. He makes very funny shortmovies and creative ads for MTV or FEDEX which i love. Im watching his site for years now and I never get bored. But please watch for yourself.

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