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Amazing Grand Theft Auto Videogame Fan Art by Patrick Brown

Since the announcement of GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5), gamers around the world are more than anxious for the probably most anticipated game of 2013. We already featured Patrick Brown previously, but being a extremely talented illustrator that just did the best GTA fan art we've ever seen, I had to give him a new feature, hope you like it. You can see more from Patrick on the following links: Website Blog

Fantastic Illustrations by Christian Nauck

Christian Nauck is an illustrator, comic designer, and game designer from Berlin, Germany. We have stumbled upon some of his works through the Daily Inspiration and were completely dazzled by the quality. Therefore nothing better than a full feature post on Christian Nauck's work. For more information about Christian Nauck, visit the links below. Tip: be prepared to spend some time.

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