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Dolomites in Infrared by Andrea and Francesco Padovani

Nine days, more than 110 kilometers of trek and three rolls of Aerochrome film is the equation for this epic gallery of photographs by Andrea and Francesco Padovani, a graphic design duo from Italy. This past summer the pair embarked on a follow up of their photographic project called "Dolomites in Infrared" - an ongoing project they started in 2016 in which they aimed to capture some of the most suggestive landscapes of the Italian Dolomites on delicate infrared film. This kind of film is quite unforgiving, and small changes in the light and the weather can deliver very different results in terms of color and contrast. We're in awe of the beautiful shots captured and the effort to get each shot makes them that much more special to us. Take a look at the first part of the project here and if you're interested in limited edition fine art prints you can drop a line here. #DOLOMITESININFRARED  

20 Stunning Infrared Pictures

Everybody knows we're suckers for photography. From HDR to Polaroids, all these have been featured at some point, here at Abduzeedo. Recently, I've came across a technique that even though not being new, has become popular with digital photography. I'm talking about Infrared Photography. During a little visit to DeviantArt, I found many great examples of this technique, and picked out 20 pics to show you guys. Infrared photography has been around for a long time, but capturing these stunning pictures on film required true perseverance. Digital imaging has changed all of that. Shooting infrared photos has never been easier or more fun. When you shoot infrared, you're actually dealing with a spectrum of light that's outside our normal range of perception. - Andrew Logan So, here are these stunning pictures, which I know you all will like. And please, visit each author's page!! Enjoy! Cheers. ;) Picture by shin-ex Picture by DingoDave Picture by Knechtrootrecht Picture by La-Vita-a-Bella Picture by Andross01 Picture by DingoDave Picture by Miso Picture by Sergio Pachini Picture by Gordon McBryde Picture by DingoDave Picture by Andross01 Picture by EdwinMartinez Picture by From-theceiling Picture by Werol Picture by Extenderi Picture by Roland.r Picture by Patrick McGuire Stock picture by Stock II