Alfa Bank iOS App Design Concept

We are sharing the an iOS concept of the Alfa Bank on iOS designed by Mihail Grinchuk, a digital product designer based on Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. This is officially our first case study sharing mockups with the new iPhone 12 Pro (Yay!). Back to the case study, first of all, it's a nice redesign. Most of us will be familiar with some of the visual approach since it's somehow a standard now in financial technologies. You know what I mean if you think of 'dark mode, graphs, cards at the top of the layout and etc.

Apple introducing an entirely new OS for iPhone, iPad and its Watch - #WWDC19

Voilà! It's live! Apple has previewed their entirely new OS to the world at WWDC'19 yesterday. And yes, now we have Dark Mode for the upcoming OS. Yay or not, there a bunch of new features coming for your iPhone, iPad and Watch. Some of them are pretty cool and some are what we would call 'standard' for our demanding industry. One thing though, it took quite a while but we finally get to see Apple making good changes on their OS's (?!).

WWDC 2018: Our Highlights on Apple's Developer Conference

Here I am, just finished watching Apple's keynote at WWDC 2018 Conference. It was fun to see what Apple has been working for the past year, some really cool updates coming to the iPhone and iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. We have decided to share our highlights on Apple's Developer Conference, so you simply won't have to watch the keynote again hah! In all seriousness, I love the part where Apple spoke about privacy, about them working tirelessly to create a seamless experience.

Unsplash for iOS: Creation starts here

Our friends from Unsplash are making some noise with the launch of Unsplash for iOS. The idea is quite simple, bringing awesome images into your iOS applications faster and quite easily. Starting the launch on the iPad and iPhone (Hopefully Android will come soon!), the app is quite playful and quite enjoyable.

iOS 11 Review: Actually Useful Features

It is here! The most anticipated iOS that we've been waiting for a long time now. Is it worth the upgrade? Yes, definitely is. Overall, it's more or less the same but it's definitely an enhanced experience from its predecessor. I would say that is 2x the radical enhancement you will experience on the iPad, that's a nice move from Apple. For the review, we decided to change the formula of instead highlighting its new features. We'll be more focusing on useful features that you can use as a designer for your workflow. Let's dive into iOS 11!

British Museum - iOS App Concept

Museums always provide us the chance to go back in time, learn about our past, our history. The diversity of things that museums offer to help us understand their exhibits, audio video tours and in this day in age, mobile apps is pretty incredible however there is room for opportunity. I am amazed that museums haven't really stepped up and created incredible experiences. Imagining VR for museums of the world, Marcin Nogal and Amplituda took a pass on redesigning the British Museum app for iOS.

Incredible Photorealistic iPhone Icons

I know you might say that flat design is the new trend and that skeumorphism is past, however the talent behind the work is never over. It is important to understand the context to judge the design. For this post I would like to feature these two amazing icons created by CreativeDash Design Studio based in San Francisco, California.

UI Design: Swing for iPhone

It's been some time since our last UI Design post, but I was saving some great looking applications for you guys! There are some crazy good looking apps with fantastic design being made right now. One of these apps is the Swing, a free music app for the iPhone. The designer responsible for this is Enes Danış, from Turkey. He's got an awesome portfolio which you should check! I hope you enjoy these, and if you got your own UI Designs, drop a comment! Cheers. ;)

Weekly Apps: Avocado, Strava, 9292 and more

This week we selected apps for sport, connect people, travel and discovery! With Avocado you can connect only with one person, the most important in your life. You'll see here Strava, a new option for track your running. For those from Netherlands, you should check 9292. Also take a look on the new StumbleUpon Android app! Check that out and stay tuned for the next week!You can keep sending me your suggestions via Twitter include #abdz_apps in the message.

Easy iOS Style Wallpaper in Photoshop

I have received quite a few emails asking me how to create that sort of linen texture effect we see in the iOS on iPads and iPhones. I like that effect but had never stopped to think about how I could do that in Photoshop, so last week I decided to give it a try. For my surprise it was much easier than I thought. So in this tutorial I will show you how to create the linen texture effect in Photoshop and also the metal/glass effect we see in the Apple logo in the iOS.

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