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Interaction Design & iOS Design: Dribbble Redesign Concept

You know how we feel about redesigns on ABDZ right? It's always a good thing to take a look at them and see what was the general thinking behind each concept. What was improved from the actual product. That way, you can definitely have a better idea. It is for this redesign concept for Dribbble that involves interaction design and iOS design. Designed by Vietnam-based designer Tran Mau Tri Tam, we are introduced to a simpler UI. I think what was the most interesting feature highlighted by Tran was Custom Tabs where you can organize your own tabs.

Designing while Travelling, an Interview with Meng To

For this week's interview, we have Meng To. Meng is designer and the maker of Design+Code Book. He's currently travelling around the World from North America to all the way to Asia. Let's enjoy this beautiful interview from a genuine designer. Tell me about yourself? My name is Meng and I’ve been traveling and designing for the past year. I come from a pretty modest background; born in Cambodia and immigrant to Canada. I never went to College. I am completely self-taught. In school, my classmates thought I was the shy kid who could draw well.

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