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Case Study: Olympic Running Photo Illustration

The Italian graphic designer Fabrizio Calicchia dedicated a nice photo illustration the the olympics and on this post you will see the case study of it, as we break down step by step. All the work was done in photoshop using a few different photos. Check it out! For more work from Fabrizio Callicchia visit and Running Model: Ty Photographer: Rachel Case Study

The Richmond Olympic Oval by Cannon Design

In last than 1 month Vancouver will be releasing the 2010 Winter Olympic. The event is almost ready and the venues are counting the days to begin breathe sports everywhere. And one of the biggest hotspots will be the Richmond Olympic Oval, a project by Cannon Design and definitely worth of attention by its beauty and design. The Richmond Oval was built to be a venue and is intended to function as a future venue for community events, not only for the Olympic Games. The way its concept was created is pretty impressive, and already receive the LEED Silver Certification, that certifies its concern about sustainability seeking a design solution that optimizes energy use, environmental health, and aesthetic value. © nick lehoux photography Every visit to the Richmond Olympic Oval is awe-inspiring. Much was said about the visual impact of Beijing’s Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. While the exterior of these buildings was stunning, the interiors were rather pedestrian. The interior of the Oval is majestic. The use of wood and the vistas across the Fraser River to the mountains are utterly worldly. The unique integration of art and sustainable technologies in water collection and recycling is inspired. The Oval will remain a jewel of a legacy from the 2010 Games.” Chris Rudge, CEO & Secretary General, Canadian Olympic Committee You can check these amazing photos below, and if you want to see the Oval in action by yourself there's still time, the Olympic Games will begin in February 12! For more informations visit: © nick lehoux photography © derek lepper photography © bob matheson © © nick lehoux photography © hubert kang © hubert kang © hubert kang © Thanks for the tip.

Olympic Poster Design over the last 112 years

As the Summer Olympics draws near every aspect of popular culture tends to involve itself in it. The design world especially plays an important part in inspiring people to get excited about the games. Recently there was a book released called "A Century of Olympic Posters" (which was mentioned in Fabiano's Best of the Week #18 post back in June). I've actually never seen the book, but I found that I didn't actually need it to see all the posters. Wikipedia has them all easily accessible. Looking through these posters is great because it's like looking at a timeline of the changes and innovations in Graphic Design. Some of my favorites are: 1912 - I love the 1912 one because it has a sort of Art Nouveau look to it, which is pretty appropriate for the time. 1924 - This poster almost seems like a German or Soviet propaganda poster. 1956 - Here we see a departure from depicting the usual roman statuesque male form that was part of the posters since 1908. In fact in completely removes any natural form. 1968 - I'm totally digging this Mexico '68 poster. 1988 - this one is in almost classic 1980's style. It looks like they actually used early computer graphics to make this. 1896 1900 1904 1908 1912 1920 1924 1928 1932 1936 1948 1952 1956 1960 1964 1968 1972 1976 1980 1984 1988 1992 1996 2000 2004 2008 2012 source:

Freddy: Olympic Games

Olimpic Games are only a few months away now and there are already some great publicity around the world using Olimpic sports as theme. These are only the beggining of a whole new harvest that is coming this year! Be prepared, because we'll be bringing all of it for you! Source: Freddy: Olympic Games | ibelieveinadv