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Awesome Character Design and Graffitis by Volos

Stamatis Lasko is a visual artist from Volos Greece. We can seen in his portfolio some incredible paintings and street art graffitis. The portraits are very detailed and with a interesting movement and expressions. I really like his skills on character design, and I highly recommend that you check out his portfolio at Stamatis Laskos was born in Volos in 1985.He studied painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts 2002-2007 (3rd painting studio, , Papaspirou-Spilopoulos). Now works as a freelancer, paints from small drawings to canvases to huge walls. Some Works

The Abstract and Expressive Work of David Platt

We are always receiving suggestions pointing some great artists and their portfolios, and that is really nice because it gives us the chance to check out some really nice stuff to show here to you. Today we will show the abstract and expressive work of David Platt. David is an artist/designer based in New York who has been creating visual art since 1990. After receiving a BFA in Film & Television from NYU, David concentrated on the creation of digital art, design and animation, eventually forming his own design firm in 2001. When not focusing on his paintings David works as a designer under the name Martian Design. "In my paintings I attempt to reconcile opposites. I depict a psychological landscape where inner and outer space converge, where creation and destruction are indistinguishable and where micro organisms fuse to become macro organisms ad infinitum. Out of the abstract soup emerges corporeality in all its incarnations, whose forms and contours are undifferentiated, existing for a timeless instant before reintegration and death. I paint straight from my subconscious onto the canvas, in an attempt to tap into collective imagery and precognitive stimuli. In 2006, I hurt my arms and had to undergo surgery. During that time I developed the staccato line technique that would eventually become my signature style. At first, the use of line represented the injured nerve that ran the length of my arm, then the bandages that soon followed, then appendages, then individuated organisms, and finally, all things." David Platt Enjoy the images and check out David's portfolio for further pieces! :)