Product Design: DIY Paper Polygon Art by VIU

With the new year at the door, comes the time for resolutions and ideas for what's ahead. For example, we were planning some renovations in the apartment and my partner stumbled across this really beautiful set of DIY paper polygon art for a room concept. After a little research, I've found the brand behind this product. It’s great to know that it’s a team of creatives behind this product design, can’t wait to order mine.

Low Polygon Artworks

Low Polygon artworks have become a trend and for a simple reason, the breadth of character as compared to super photo-realist 3D images. There are different styles and ways to achieve the effect, we have even featured a really cool case study from Breno Bitencourt titled Low Poly Illustrations in Photoshop. So today we feature some inspiring low poly artworks for you.

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