Impero's Bold Identity Rebrand and Site

Recently Impero has unveiled a new and fresh rebrand of their visual identity and web experience. Released near the end of 2020, we are welcomed with a refresh that is bold in typography and seduced by a vibrant accent color. Beyond its principles, I think it's cool they included 'motion principles' which is something we rarely see in visual identity rebrand. Quite unique! Another detail that you would come to appreciate is the usage of the project facts and quotes you will stumble across during your browsing experience.

The Evolution of Eventbrite

We have witnessed many major rebrands lately, we can't help to think about Instagram or DC Comics for example. As designers, of course we'll share our thoughts on the matter of the rebrand, it's part of being a good critique and trying to understand what was their concept behind. But we do tend to forget that foremost, people don't ever like change. It's a common reflex but changes are part of an adaptation. Many big companies don't do rebrands just for the fun of it. No!

Instagram: Entirely New Look

We've been waiting for this to happen for a very long time and today Instagram is taking everyone by a storm with this gorgeous redesign. It's not only a rebrand of the logo but also the entire line of products including Boomerang, Layout and Hyperlapse. On top of that, they also did a redesign of their beloved app as well by adding a much simpler look/approach with a Black & White UI. Whatever you're a fan or not of this design, I just love how big brand like Instagram take such a big step at their rebrand and it's quite fun to observe.

Google Rebranding by Dana Kim

We simply love when designers start rebranding big companies and names just for fun. We've seen some super nice examples in the past, and today is no different. Dana Kim, a designer from Los Angeles has imagined a new image for Google. It's super fresh and clever, and Dana managed to capture the essence of Google and made it the core of this rebranding project. Of course, these are only some images from her project.

Tori Richard Rebranding by Scott Naauao

Born and raised in Hawaii, Scott Na’auao is a Designer, Art Director and Photographer working at Wall-to-Wall Studios located in Buffalo, NY. Scott worked for Tori Richard (a family-owned Honolulu, Hawaii-based company founded in 1956) by paying homage to its roots. Tori Richard needed a rebrand to modernize the look and the tone of the company for the new era. ...our involvement in the project was to provide a new logo & identity system, brand strategy and standards, conceptual merchandising, decor elements and more.

Experimental ID for American Airlines

A few months ago Anna Kovecses a designer from Cyprus presented this experimental Identity redesign for American Airlines, the experience was aiming to help American Airlines reinvent itself after filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection in 2011. For more from Anna Kovecses visit

Rebranding and Rebuilding Identities

Well, as time goes by and no one want to stand behind or even look like an old brand that's is not up to the new trends, that's why rebranding comes in place, to make a brand look new and fresh up the new goals of a company, some companies have been though a lot of generationa of rebranding and some has just started, take a look.

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