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The Best Ryu Illustrations

A few weeks ago we had a really awesome post fulfilled with illustrations of one of the greatest female characters from the games: Chun-Li. It was a big hit, and one of suggestions after that was to have more of those. Deal! The best character featured is haddoken freak, Ryu! This guy is one tough dude, and surely a favorite, between all the Street Fighter characters! I've went through DeviantART and found a bunch of illustrations, but selected only the best of them! I really hope you enjoy these! And who would like to be featured here next? Sagat? Blanka? Tell us! Cheers. ;) Art: Juan Manuel Art: Jose Johann Jaro Art: Mark Anthony Tadura Art: Kael Art: Joe Vriens Lines: Fooray, Colors: KFoster Art: satanasov Art: artauxeo Arnold Tsang gammon Steve Jo Chen Jo Chen Lines: Joe Ng, Colors: kandoken Art: MagnozZ Art: Mart Lines: Fooray, Colors: Joshua Ravello Art: AGNakamura