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Photoshop Quick Tips: Advanced Techniques for UI Design

As with all creative suites there are many ways to achieve your end result in Photoshop. The difference between these approaches lies in the speed they can be created and modified. After talking to fellow designers I discovered I used many techniques that they were unaware existed, doing things "the hard way" instead. So I made this video screencast to share those techniques with the community. Video Advanced Photoshop Techniques for UI from Edward Sanchez on Vimeo. Preset Styles Preset Patterns Keyboard Shortcuts Further Reading: Group blend effects Create a knockout About the Author Edward Sanchez is a UI designer working in Sillicon Valley. For more information about his work visit his personal Web site at htp:// or follow him on Twitter at @edwardsanchez.

A Perfect Lie in Photoshop #2

Last year our friend and contributor of Abduzeedo Cameron Rad did a video tutorial called A Perfect Lie in Photoshop in which he showed us a really cool skin retouching technique. Even though the that tutorial was already cool he wasn't satisfied and spent another year trying to come up with a killer way to do skin retouchin. In this Photoshop Tutorial Cameron will present us what he has found out over this last year of Photoshop experiments. Well my name is Cameron Rad and I am a freelance photographer and graphic designer from Los Angeles, California. Um that's really about it. Not much to rave about. :P Oh and yes my last name is Rad. And no it is not short for anything. I proudly stand by the fact that I have the raddest last name. For more information about Cameron visit his Web site at Final Result Tutorial Time Lapse

Photoshop Quick Tips: Light Leaks in Photography (Video)

A trend that is becoming more and more popular in Photography recently is a vintage/film/retro style. You can see examples in Urban Outfitters, Nylon Mag, Anthropologie, etc. One of the major elements in this style is the light leak. Some of you may remember the post a few months back about Light Leaks in Photography. Article on Abduzeedo about the subject: 30 Interesting Light Leak Shots Creating light leaks in Photoshop is really simple. In this video you'll see how to create vintage style light leaks in just a few steps. Video Tutorial Some Examples Cameron Alessandra Maggioni

CSS 3 Tips by Nick and Jim from Doctype

Doctype is the show for people who make websites. Every episode, Nick and Jim, break down the latest topics and trends in web design and web development, from CSS3 and iconography to jQuery and web security. Whether you're a designer that wants to learn some coding or a developer that thinks everything they make looks like crap, Doctype is the show for you! They have some very useful episodes with tips for those, like me, are trying to improve their CSS 3 skill, using rounded corners, text-shadows and columns. That's why we're sharing these episodes with the Abduzeedo community. For more information visit or follow them at Twitter ( or Facebook ( Episodes CSS3 Columns and jQuery Plugins CSS3 Borders and HTML5 Sections CSS3 Gradients & HTML5 Databases

Super Easy Neon Style in Photoshop - Screencast

Last year I wrote a tutorial showing how to create a neon effect, it was the Super Easy Neon Style in Photoshop and it was inspired by a neon sign I saw outside of a pub. So in this post we have a screencast of that tutorial provided by our friedn Ash Davies from Neons were invented by accident over 300 years ago when a scientist shook a test tube. At the time though, their discovery was useless because they had no understanding of electricity. It took another 200 years for the concept to be rediscovered, and they called their invention ‘The New Gas’, or, as it was known in Greek, ‘Neon’. Regardless of how many times I see this image, its realism still amazes me. Neon’s are a great way to feature a title, logo or any other text, and in this tutorial we learn how to transform a simple piece of text into an unbelievable glowing neon, complete with wall mounts and a brick wall to hold it up. Screencast For more information visit or if check out the original tutorial at

Digital Bokeh in Photoshop - Screencast by Photo Guides

One of the most popular tutorials I've ever written was the one for the image I use on my Twitter profile, that is a digital Bokeh effect created in Photoshop. I have already published a tutorial on how to create that in Photoshop and Pixelmator, but I still receive quite a few emails from people asking me how to do that. So Ash Davies from Photo Guides recorded a screencast showing how to create the effect. In photography, bokeh is one of the most incredible implementations of Aperture. The shallow depth of field causes any light in the background to blur into a floating orb. Bokeh is derived from the Japanese word ‘Boke’ which means blur or haze. In the late 1990s though, when ‘boke’ photography was becoming popular, the word was changed to ‘bokeh’ to help us english speaking people say it properly. Screencast Photoshopping Digital Bokeh from Ash Davies on Vimeo. "I'm Ash Davies and I'm the owner and editor of Photo Guides. Photography and Photoshop are two great passions of mine, and Photo Guides is my source to share my knowledge, as well as my excuse to learn cool new stuff." For more screencasts I highly recommend that you check out Also if you want to see the writter versions of this tutorial, visit: Awesome digital bokeh effect in Photoshop Colorful Bokeh Effect in Pixelmator

Water drops in photoshop in 5 minutes

A couple of days ago while I was reading a magazine I saw a pretty cool soda ad where they used a lot of water drops in its design. It was excellent and I thought that I could create the same effect in Photoshop using the layer styles.The basic idea of how to create water drops is that they are a bit complex, they have highlights, shadows, transparencies, inner shadows and inner highlights. The best thing is that we can create all of those effects using the Layer Styles in Photoshop. You have shadow, inner shadow, inner glow, glow, bevel and many more.Even though there are lots of Photoshop training tutorials on the net I decided to create my own, plus it gave me an opportunity to create my first screencast. Take a look it’s only 5 minutes. If you want to see it in full resolution go to The final result: Download the Photoshop File Click here to download the Photoshop file