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Beautiful Subway Stations Photography

Subway architecture is definitely something to follow and like. Tourists all over the world really enjoy riding the local subway, checking its stations and architecture. It's a great variety of shapes, textures and colors. These are some pretty amazing photographies of some of the most beautiful subway stations I've seen around the web. These were taken by some truly talented people, and you should really check each photographer's page simply by clicking each image. They'll really appreciate all your love. Also, I hope you enjoy my selection of pictures, and please, don't forget to share your own subway station photographies. Cheers! ;) Aaron Yeoman Alexander Dragunov Alexander Dragunov Alexander Dragunov Vulture Labs Chris Muir Stefan Neuweger Nick Frank Roland Shainidze Elia Locardi no zomi Michael Moore Jack Culbertson Cool McFlash Chris Zielecki Tobias Hahn Marcos Duarte Michael Woloszynowicz

Photographs of New York Subway in 1973

It's great to see old, yet quality photographs, getting the attention they deserve. Pictures showing the everyday of a great city like New York in 1973 simply show you how great is to live in 2012. Those were some creepy trains. It's well-known the NY subway system was pretty much of a ... trainwreck ... back then, and you can see that in these pictures. I wouldn't be surprised if we had seen the warriors in these pics. Anyways, these are part of a greater project by Erik Calonius, called DOCUMERICA. There are other great pictures for you to see in the The U.S. National Archives flickrstream. Go check it out. Cheers! ;)