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20 Super Cool T-shirt Designs

If you like to wear cool t-shirts that with positive attitude you will definitely like this selection. Alex Solis aka alexmdc is a great illustrator that has been noticed for his cool and laid back style of illustrations that fits perfectly on t-shirts and put smiles on people's faces. Check them out! For more from Alex visit

50 Awesome Camiseteria Shirts

Earlier this week Amanda posted an article showing 65 Awesome Threadless Shirts and I really liked it! As I also love to check out online t-shirt stores - because they always have great and unique designs - I decided to show here some shirts from Camiseteria. Camiseteria is a t-shirt store from Brazil that follows the same idea from Threadless, the users and general designers can send their work to feature at their shirts. Camiseteria is getting bigger and has several cool shirts design, so I really recommend you to check them out! Hope you like the images we will show here... Enjoy! :)

Monday Giveaway "Goddess of Abduction" T-Shirt

This Monday we are going to giveaway one of our limited edition abduzeedo t-shirt "Goddess of Abduction" if you haven't bought your, this is your change to get if for free. The shirt is only $19.99 you can get it at we only have a couple more left so get yours now. Ok, we are going to giveaway one shirt to the member that can tell us: Where would you go with the "Goddess of Abduction" T-Shirt ? Thank you guys, good luck!

Super Cool T-shirt Illustrations by Tobias Fonseca

Tobias Fonseca is an illustrator from Brazil with a very impressive portfolio. He has created more than 20 t-shirt designs for local clients and international clients as well. Tobias has some beautiful illustrations in water color style as well vector illustration, some of them very funny by the way. For more information visit Tobias' website at: Abduzeedo t-shirt We still have a few t-shirts available so get yours right now ;)

Totally Awesome T-Shirt Illustrations by Rubens Scarelli

I have to say I was very impressed when I first saw the illustrations of the Brazilian Illustrator Rubens Scarelli, he really does some awesome illustrations that are perfect for t-shirts. I guess that's the reason why he has been winning a lot of t-shirt competitions, check it out! For more visit Joselito's Heaven Earth Attacks Adios Invierno Long Way Vulcanicks Vox Populi Stereotypes Did you like this post? How about the Abduzeedo's new Limited Edition Tee "Goddess of Abduction"

New Abduzeedo Limited Edition Tee "Goddess of Abduction"

We are starting a Limited Edition line of Abduzeedo T-Shirts, in this post you will see our first tee called "Goddess of Abduction" that you can actually pre-order now with a great discounted price. A great design by the master of t-shirt illustrations Draco, check it out. Abdutees Abdutees is the name for our Limited Edition line of T-Shirts, it's also the name of our new blog for t-shirt design inspirations that you can visit now! The Idea Every month we are going to bring you new t-shirt designs by the best artists out there, each design will be limited so you know you getting something very unique that can also be a collective as we come with more pieces for the series. The main idea is not only to make something pretty to sell, it's actually to put a piece of art on the t-shirt canvas that will also inspire you every time you wear or look at it. The Design The first design for our series was created by Draco, a very well know artist who brought up an awesome design for our first tee. The T-Shirt In order for us to get this project started we wanted to have quality tees, that will fit and feel good on your body and last for a long time, that's why we decided to go with American Appeal to give you the best quality on our product. We also look for the best quality on the prints, in order to get bright colors and a smooth feel of the silkscreen print we have the tee is being printed by graphic22 that is now our partner on this project. All the tees will be on color black. Here you can check the size chart: Pre Order You can pre-order your tee now by clicking on the image bellow, all the pre-order will be mailed by may 20th. By ordering a pre-order you will get the special deal and pay only $19.99 for your tee. The Price Our limited edition tee will be on sale for $24.99 however you can pre-order for only $19.99 The Store To get your tee just visit out store

Cool T-Shirt Designs by Chris Rushing

While browsing through emptees today I found this really awesome t-shirt designer with some really cool tees that I would definitely wear. Chris Rushing is an independent designer from Tennessee that runs his own design company and he puts a lot of style into his work, check it out! For more visit

Inspiration: 20 awesome t-shirt illustrations by Glennz

I was gone for a week but now Im back with lots of cool new stuff. Here's a compilation of 20 new shirt designs by Glennz. He has tons of awesome tshirt design, you will definitely love. check out his website with a lot more illustrations. check out his website with a lot more illustrations.

T-shirt Design Contest Updates - New Prize, Fuel For Design book

The Abduzeedo's T-shirt contest is doing really great, there are already lots of submissions, but we would like to see even more awesome designs coming from you. Because of that, we have a new prize for the winner and the second place. It's the book Fuel For Design, written by our friend, Gino Orlandi, founder of the t-shirt blog and clothing line Fuel for Design is a complete guide on how to start a clothing line packed with many tips like: How to Setup a Website and Online Store System Professional Blogging Advice for Clothing Line Owners The Best and Easiest Way to Ship Your Products A Sample T-Shirt Business Cost Breakdown Elements Every Good Logo Must Have The Pros & Cons of T-Shirt Fulfillment Services Hot Tips for SEO Optimization No Designer Should Be Without Google Secrets to Ranking in the Top of Search Engines Essential Offline Guerilla Marketing Techniques Cutting-Edge Online Marketing Tactics 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. For more information visit: How to Start A Clothing Line Start A Clothing Line Also, below you can see some really cool entries. The deadline for submissions is next week, November 28th. So what are you waiting for? Sponsors Spreadshirt Spreadshirt is an online custom apparel platform that allows creative professionals start their own clothing line without the risks typically associated with starting your own business. Unlike other companies in the custom apparel business, Spreadshirt offers plot printing technology which end result are products with designs that are very durable and do not crack or fade in the wash. In addition, Spreadshirt’s plot printing technology allows for apparel to be ‘printed’ with textures and specialty materials in addition to regular color printing. If you want to explore the possibility of starting your own apparel business, you can start by opening your free shop here. Vertus FluidMask 3 - #1 Still Image Cut-Out Tool Fluid Mask 3 is designed for photographers, image editors, graphic designers and all those who take digital image editing seriously. In a streamlined interface and workflow, Fluid Mask 3 instantly shows key edges in the image and provides comprehensive easy to use tools that work with difficult-to-see edges and tricky areas like trees & lattices. Pixelmator Pixelmator, the beautifully designed, easy-to-use, fast and powerful image editor for Mac OS X has everything you need to create, edit and enhance your images. Pixelmator harnesses the full power of Mac OS X. It takes advantage not only of Core Image, Open GL or Automator, it also supports, ColorSync, Spotlight and many other technologies. Pixelmator was built exclusively for Mac OS X, and it shows.

Inspiration: Super Combo

My friend Pete Harrison just launched a new project with Olly Moss called Super Combo. A company with stylish new shirts and posters, inspired by their love to videogames, you should definetely see. www.SuperCombo.Co.Uk Supercombo is the brainchild of two like minded geeks who both enjoy illustration. We sell unique, high quality clothing inspired by our love of videogames, anime and general nerdyness 'SuperCombo is a new brand from the UK, which aims to create "nerdy style tees you won't be embarrassed to wear." They seem to have succeeded with their first collection for Fall 2008, which consists of three tees that proudly display their video game and anime influences. From Zelda to Street Fighter, these shirts are perfect for all the streetwear enthusiasts out there who still throw on the Super Nintendo every once in awhile for old time's sake.' - formatmag www.SuperCombo.Co.Uk

Inspiration: Awesome T-shirt Designs

Check out these awesome t-shirt designs and get your inspiration on for our t-shirt design contest, here are some sick designs that display a lot of creativity and really good skill so don't miss out. If you love these shirt designs just as much as I do, make sure you check out more from emptees.

Inspiration: Mathiole

Mathiole is the flickr code name of Matheus Lopez, a brilliant Brazilian graphic designer, who's been doing some absolutily cool t-shirt designs for a few sites, such as Camiseteria and my favorite, Threadless. In his flicker stream there's plenty of his work. There's all kinds of themes, from political satire to soccer. I don't need to tell you how much this guy is talented, just take a good look at his designs and enjoy! Cheers! ;)

Interview: Godmachine

Hi guys, what we've got here today is my first interview. Hanging around on the internet I've found these amazing works, and the artist behind all that is called Godmachine. He's very active in t-shirts design too, so I thought it could be interesting to get an interview from this cool guy and he has been so kind to accept, giving us very interesting and inspiring answers. 1- Tell us something more about you and your works. How did you start? What did you study? Where do you get the inspiration? I live in Wales (UK) with my two cats and my wife to be. I have been drawing all my life- I think if I remeber rightly I was a lot better when I was younger- but I never thought I could make a career out of it. I always wanted to go into film- did some courses in it- watch a lot of films hahah- but you dont realise what kind of dedication and concentration you need to be a film maker- thats some serious focus. I later studied Time Based Media as the age of flash was dawning- never having a computer or even playing computer games I was lost. I couldnt even turn the macs on in Uni- I was out of my depth. I expected it to be mostly direction and so forth....I left and after a year of social work with the homeless I started a Graphic Communication course. I passed but I couldnt tell you how. I was lost on that course too- it was a new course and the lecturers didnt seem to know what was going on- got taught all the basics- but I was still out of my depth. I spent most of the course drawing Lenor type sketches or hugley detailed Beardsly black and white ink drawings. The tutor took me aside and said 'I dont like this kind of work- I think its artistically offensive and I dont understand it. But I also know from that that you may well be succesfull for it'. It irritated me a bit because she would fail everything I did. Luckily the head of the course was a big Tom Waits fan as was I, and would catch the same bus home as me. He made sure I got decent grades off her and watched my back for me. I dont think you can teach graphics or typography- you either get it or struggle. I spend hours looking at the posters on fffound wonder what is it about all that typography/graphic that people like- I'm totally clueless to it all. so for ages I swam in this work of graf' art and typography- all these kids (I was a mature student having been a bricklayer or electricians mate most of my youth) all jerking off over clean vector stuff- I was lost...... ...untill I discovered old skateboard designs were collectable again- my mate who is an avid skateboard collector started talking about this and that and It was about the same time I discovered Horsebites- he really cemented the plan for me to do what I'm doing today- I'm lucky enough to have had a lot of communication with the guy and I'm chuffed to say he is one of the nicest guys out there (I would love to mention so many people here but I fear it would end up as a huge list with no reading value). Lowbrow skulls etc had come back just in time. 2- Which tools do you usually use? Both "traditional" (pencil, markers...) and digital. I dont have the patients to move squares about all day (illustrator). Finally my Mrs bought me a canvas and some paints and told me to do a painting- I nearly died- all my stuff up untill then was on scraps of paper with either a biro or a pencil. I was hugely influenced by Gieger, Aubrey Beardlsy, Klimt, Richard James loads more...and anyone who drew for 2000AD (a comic in the UK) in the 90's and 80's. My mate bought the painting off me- so I did some more. I finally ruined our front room and kitchen with acrylic paints and started to do work above a shop in town- I hated having to walk to my studio to paint every day- and finally they needed the space back. I have no room or time to paint anymore- I miss it- but not the mess- I like splashing it about hahah. So, slowly over many years I began to get to grips with photoshop (im still a complete idiot with it) and started to learn about brushes and textures- and would scan in my pen drawings and colour them in. It took me years to learn all this stuff. I bought a tablet ages ago and didnt use it at all. lately Its all i use- I know sketch straight into the computer. I only use photoshop and no other program- it took me about 5 years to get where I am with it today- I only stopped using PS7 3 months ago. Im old old school. 3- Can you describe your workflow, from a sketch to the finished product? what i have learnt form computers is that its soooo easy to erase your mistakes- unlike paints where correcting a mistake can take days. So know i do a doodle- literaly a doodle with about 6 lines on a scap of paper. Imagine in my head what i want it to look like and start to sketch it out on the computer- using layers start to build up a more adhesive structure untill I even surprise myself with the out-come. I take regular breaks from the computer to play with my cats, do some cleaning, buy fresh veg and fruit for the day a bit of gardening- so it usually takes me about a day or two to produce a pic'. But then some days I'm like a dog with a bone and I will stay awake untill its finished. I havent picked up a pencil or pen to sketch for ages- I bought some sketch books and some pencils and have been trying to sketch more and more- I'm always too eager to get it finished so as soon as I have thought of something- I'm straight on the computer- and seeing as I work from home- I am never away from the computer long enough to warrent a sketch book....I hate it hahahah...but love it... 4- When you get a commissioned work, for a t-shirt for example, how much freedom do you usually have? freedom on a piece can be a curse at times. 'hey man, just do your usually godmachine stuff', so theres this mutant evil baby i've been thinking of for ages- so I go ahead and produce it- then they say 'oh hell bro- thats sick- but we think its a know'. hahah so its cool to be given free reign- but people just dont realise what that means. Others are very specific about what they want- and that can be cool or a curse too. You get used to who you work with and learn to lay down some rules. I generally just try to draw what I want and hope that someone wants to buy it. It sucks when it comes to fitting in text- but its a lot better than a load of rejections. I've know designers get into mad depressed funks from rejections- its not cool. I do get some rad art direction from some people though. I suppose people come to you because they want a bit of you in the pic' - they want what you do- but its not always easy to guess whats inside someones head hahah. I dont blame the customer- I think its a lot to do with experiance and your catalogue of work. Slowly I'm getting better when people say ' a bright monster' I can generally guess what they have been looking at from my work and get it right 8 times out of 10. Its deffinately a skill- and not something you will ever get 'right', some top level artists still get rejections. 5- In t-shirt design which are the common problems we can get into about the printing process? Which are the most common limitations we can step into? Can you show us your most problematic design for a t-shirt and tell us which compromises did you have to accept? seperations and size- these are my problems. Limited colours: I havent really got a problem with this- for years I drew only in black and white so its fun to return to that- and with halftones you can do a lot more. They say in art you should always limit your palette to make more of an impact- I'm realising that lately, but it makes me forget I can do stuff other that tees- I get into this 4 colour limit way of thinking with my work- its hard to break out of. Seperations: I work in photoshop only and I work very messy (behind the lines) i use layers to cover things up and build up a clean look- this gives me a huge file size- so I have to flatten it and then seperate the colours into layers. I have never had to do this before and it perplexes me that a printers would not offer this service- i think its a program called film-ripper or something like that. I do enjoy sending a flat image off and having the printers do it proffessionally rather than me having to worry about it. I think it makes sense for printers to include this service- it will get you a lot more clients. Size: grrrrr It bugs me when you produce a design a certain size and the client/printer prints it small on the chest. I was talking to some big design folk about it and they were saying: if the client cant produce your work as intended then you should not produce any work for them as it is a direct representation of you- no one thinks- hey the band printed it small- they think- hey the artists did a small drawing. which is not good. I suppose you can always deny doing it hahaha. 6- Are you active in any t-shirt design community, like for example? Did you get printed? Emptees is where I hang out more than others- some of the people there are cool as hell and loads of fun. I did a design on Design By Humans and it got printed- I dont think I have the constitution for competitions- I'm a natural worrier. My friend is spending a whole year entering contests alone- no freelance work- the guy is a demon though and have the right frame of mind for all that- check him out- I learned a lot from him. Recently I have been learning a lot about the nature of mesage boards and threads- they live forever. I was told recently by some big names about staying away from message boards as they breed negativity- by all means show work- but be carefull of threads- people talk shit on them alot. People forget that the internet is a small place and you dont know who is watching. You know those people on youtube who leave comments like 'fag' or 'you twat' etc? Well, they exist in the art world too. 7- Your design seems to get inspired a lot by skateboard decks and stickers of the 80s and 90s. Did you ever worked for a skateboards label? work for a skateboard label? yes please. I was a skater and that where my influences lay- the 80's and 90's were such a good time for me- skating all day- hanging out in huge packs of chip throwing ramp building burmuda short wearing curb shredders....get me a time machine. Art and Influences go around in circles- we are always digging up the past- adding some spice, reheating it and feeding it to a new generation- it will never end- I remember in the 90's it was a rehash of the 60's with bright swirl colours and a plethora of drug and field raves. It will happen every generation- and its cool. Skateboard art recently has become a mad place to be-I wish I was in the thick of it. There are a few companies who are slowlu bring good design back to the game. I remember for a while skate graphics went a big regressive or logo/branded and I lost interest. Skateboarding has always been at the forefront of most style and changes in my culture and most others. 8- Which tips and advice can you share with who wants to become a professional illustrator? I am lucky to have been given some great advice by some great people- and even just some great encouragement-I have only really been doing this seriously for about a year- so its nice to have. I will regurgitate some for you now and include my own at the end. Jeff Finley ( has been great to me from the start and one of his best bits of advice was to 'just draw it'- this wasnt said specifically to me- it was on his blog. It was along the lines of that he sits and think and worries about the piece too much and that he should just start drawing it- mistakes and all. I think we all have that problem at times and it rings through my head and has helped me produce some great pieces when I'm stuck 'just draw it'. jimiyo is one smart dude- his philosophy is amazing- I just recomend you check out his blog/site- a very resorceful person: his tutorial about how to make a weathered brush from his cat is brilliant. Jimiyo says some great things about believing in yourself and being the master of your his blog. Again, there are loads of people I would love to enter here by name- sorry. Personally I would say- join a community- there are loads about at the moment, it has helped me no end- you get to finding groups that do the same kind of stuff like you and you get to bouce ideas about. When I was a boxer we used to have sparing partners who would also train with you- this was to ensure that if you didnt feel like running that night- your partner would be round banging on your door making you run- and versa visa (sic). Joining a community is much the same thing- the vein of the style I do now was just coming into its own and I have some excellent- if not frighteningly, terrifyingly good sparing partners. Thank you for interviewing me- it was terrifiying- I hope it helps someone- If anyone wants any other advice or anything, feel free to drop us an email. yours aziz A.K.A. Godmachine

Inspiration: Le Sucre Clothing

We've been showing you a lot of great inspiration of cool designers and awesome wallpapers. Here now we show you a compilation of cool T-shirts from Le Sucre Clothing. Please buy on their website Le Sucre Clothing . com