Trivial Expose by Alberto Seveso


Alberto Seveso never ceases to impress us. I remember back in 2005/2006 when he shocked everyone with his style called “sperm shaping.” We featured an interview with him almost 4 years go here on Abduzeedo where he talks a little bit more about that. After that he became a super recognize illustrator and designer with worked feature in popular magazines and in the Adobe Photoshop CS6 launch. Today we feature some of his new work, still incredible and unique.

Alberto's passion for graphic arts started in the 90s, he was really fascinated from the graphic of skate decks and the cover of music CD of metal bands. From that passion her started to think about how reproduce that kind of artwork. For more information visit

I ever had a computer in my home, from the times of the Commodore Vic20, and I kept thinking that my computer could be useful in this way. I mean that I can use the computer to make art and not only to play!

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Fabio Sasso

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