UI Design by Nerval

I have seen more websites focusing on beautiful grid systems that resemble magazines. The challenge still is how to create a flexible enough system for any type of content or a system that is smart enough to identify the type of content and define the layout that best fits that content. Some services are out there like The Grid. I have been spending a lot of time myself trying to come up with something simpler yet modern for the new Abduzeedo. For this post I'd like to feature the work of a young swiss student, Pierre Georges. He has been doing such inspiring work exploring beautiful designs for the web. His website is being a great example.

Pierre Georges aka Nerval is a 22 years old swiss interaction designer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Currently, he is a student at ECAL in "Media & Interaction Design."

For more information about Pierre, visit his website, which is pretty cool, at http://www.nerval.ch/

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