Wallpaper Contest


It's contest time guys, and we are bringing great prizes for the winners. This contest is hosted by Abduzeedo and Media Militia. This can be your chance to be recognized for the great work you always did and a great way to promote your self, so get your photoshop ready and let's go.

Wallpaper Contest

The contest is provided by Abduzeedo + Media Militia, a selection of the best wallpaper will be posted by the end of the contest and the credits will be given to it's creators making this contest a great way to promote yourself.

The Wallpaper

The Wallpaper can be anything you want, but you have to use one of Media Militia Free Resource Packs to create your artwork Media Militia Freebies We will ad a small size logo of Abduzeedo and Media Militia to your final piece.

The Size and Format

The file must be a .jpg image in size 1920x1200 pixels (so after we can break it down to other wallpaper resolutions)

The Dates

The contest is going to be on for 3 weeks, the deadline is July 13 and the results will be out one week after on July 20.

How to Participate

Anyone can participate with as many entries you want, but one can not win more than one place. To participate you have to send you entries to mediamilitiacontest@gmail.com along with you name, location, and link for your site. Every week we will post an update with the entries of the week till the contest is over

The Judges

This contest will be judged by Paulo Canabarro, Fabio Sasso, and Dustin Ring (from Media Militia)

The Prizes

1st Place Western Digital My Book Premium II WDG2T20000N 2TB External Hard Drive (With all the Packs from Media Militia inside) view item 2nd Place Spyder 3 Elite - view item 3rd Place Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini 80 GB 2.5" USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive - view item JBL Reference 210 Headphone - view item Good Luck!

Written by

Paulo Canabarro

I'm a passionate designer at pauxel.com where I focus on helping small business grow online. I'm also an enthusiastic blogger here at abduzeedo.  Say hello on twitter @paul0v2.