Wallpaper of the Week #10

The wallpaper of this week is a very cool design called Compassion from Ginger Monkey Design, the home of Tom Lane & friends. They have just updated their portfolio with some amazing new works. It's definitely worth checking it out, and don't forget to use this exclusive wallpaper.

At Ginger Monkey I design, illustrate, write, talk, dance, swing and sparkle with passion and intent. On this site you can see and feel the care and attention I put into bringing ideas to life.

My outlook is colourful, open, thoughtful and honest. It's underpinned by drive and enthusiasm and peppered with an unquenchable thirst for the fruits of life and the challenges it can hold.

Wallpaper of the Week - Desktop Version
Desktop Version

Wallpaper of the Week - iPhone Version
iPhone Version


For more information about Ginger Monkey Design visit their website at http://www.gingermonkeydesign.com/

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