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Working Progress by Pablo Alfieri

This is pretty much a case study by the Argentinian Designer Pablo Alfieri, also very known around the web as Playful. He will be showing us 2 different cases of projects that he worked on, it's always great to see how other designers get it done specially a masters like Pablo. Pablo Alfieri is a graphic designer and illustrator born in 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2002 he started the career of Graphic design in U.B.A. (University of Buenos Aires) when discovered his passion for design, illustration and typography. Since 2007 he has been working in local design studios like RDYA Design Group and Punga Visual Consorcio, and in January of 2008 he created "Playful", a showcase of his personal works, a free space where he plays and has fun with colors, typography and geometry shapes, the bases of his creative work. For more visit Snickers- Energy Client: BBDO Poland - Mars Design of Backlights and Outdoors for Snickers Campaign in Poland which launch was suspended for the echo of the economic crisis. 1. First Proposal. The client want a little of my style, a lot of energy and the peanut on the center of the piece. So I tried to do an explosion of snickers bars whit a lot of little pieces of peanuts and chocolate. This was the result. 2. No Chocolate! The client didn't want the Snickers Bar show it like a bar of chocolate, but like a peanut bar. So I delete the Chocolate and the pieces of bars... 3. More legibility The client want that the Theme of his campaign had more legibility, so I choose another type and I made the block of typography less messy. 4. Final Work The client wanted an explosion and broken letters to let us know that the Snickers are energy. Fernet Branca - Unique Submission for the "Arte Unico" contest of Fernet Branca. I received an special mention for the 4th place. Thanks to Pablo Battistoni and Pablo Colabella from Ganztoll for their huge help. This is the entire process of the photo shooting of the bottle and the design behind the theme "Unique".

Case Study "Thicker Than Matter" by Spizak

In this case study by the great Spizak, you will be able to see step by step how he created one of his last piece "Thicker Than Matter", this art is so good on details and coloration that I wouldn't miss the case study. Enjoy! For more visit and behance Celebrity: Doug Anderson, UFC. Photography: Lionel Deluy Agency: Factory311 for Evolution Exhibition, Los Angeles. Case Study final Ancient primeval warrior in frozen cave. Close ups

Detailed Case Study by Olly Howe

In this case study Olly Howe will not only show how he created his piece "Gone with the wind" but he will also walk you through the steps saying exactly what was done so you can learn and understand how the piece was made, and what techniques were used. A couple days ago I came across the work of Olly Howe and I have to say that I was amazed by such style that he has, a very impressive and unusual style that makes his portfolio one of the best I have seen lately. First I would like to thank Olly Howe for taking the time to make such a good case study, "Below is a very broad description of some of the techniques I have used in this illustration, it's by no means everything that I did but hopefully gives a little insight into how I work." For more of Olly visit and behance Case Study WORKFLOW 1 : - Photograph by Konrad Bak. WORKFLOW 2: - Brought in scanned in water colour elements, masked out the model's body on these elements to give the bordered effect. Added sun. - Enhanced the color of the models skin, added more depth by duplicating the photo and applying an OVERLAY filter to the top layer and bringing the saturation down to 0. Also applied a SMART SHARPEN of 0.9 to the bottom photo layer and played with the LEVELS and CURVES until I was happy. - Started to add scratch detail with my Wacom tablet. WORKFLOW 3: - Added background color and a lot more scratch detail, also started to play around with the composition of the elements by duplicating the masked water color layers and leaving the link between layer content and mask un-checked, this allows the same mask to be applied across all duplicated layers . - Started to bring in colored water color elements. WORKFLOW 4: - Shuffled the composition and did more work to the top and bottom of the model to blend her out more effectively. To do this I used various brushes and opacity's to mask out areas, I then added scratches to follow the lines of the original photo to give a sketched effect to the masked out areas. - Added a LEVELS adjustment layer to the whole illustration which I could then play with through-out the design process to add or subtract depth. - Added larger water color textures to the background, set the layers to 20% opacity and completely DE-SATURATED them, then applied a LUMINOSITY filter. WORKFLOW 5: - Changed the composition and decided to add wings, this is the beauty of working completely freely, the design can take an unexpected turn at any point. The wings were way to dark so I used the DODGE tool at different opacity's to lighten them up, I also duplicated the wings layer and set the top layer to SOFT LIGHT, opacity 50% and saturation 0% to give more light depth. WORKFLOW 6: - Close up of detail, added more water colors and scratch effect, the scratching is done with my Wacom tablet and drawn on using the brush tool set at hardness 6%, diameters between 1 & 7 pixels and various different opacity's. WORKFLOW 7: - I wanted a lot more going on in the background so begun to add in some more layers and textures. - Added the forest scene to use as a base layer and masked out the top and bottom with the gradient tool. I then added a scratched wall texture above this layer and applied a COLOUR BURN filter and layer opacity of 60% - Brushed in a very light green colour behind and around the model to bring her out of the page more. - Added Mr Wolf and adjusted him to fit the image using levels and applying a yellow COLOUR filter layer. WORKFLOW 8 - Added a flowing dress element (which I cut from a photo) around the wings and a lot more textures. - Added 3 new color gradient layers one of them was a brown gradient running from the top left corner with a COLOR filter applied to create a more monotone area on the left hand side. - Moved the scratched wall layer above the wings to give them a subtle effect that looks almost painted. - Took the forest layer opacity to 20%. - Knocked back the sun layer to reveal some more color and added lots more detail with the Wacom tablet and also the brush tool with the mouse. - Added the horse, edited horse with DODGE tool and LEVELS to get correct lighting. WORKFLOW 9: - Liked all the color but decided it was a bit too much for this illustration and so added a gradient from orange to green bottom to top and set to 80% with a HUE filter applied to knock back all the color and create and overall look and feel that complimented the skin tones of the model. FINISHED PIECE: - Generally added more detail like the tattoo and the strip over her eyes, also added more scratch effects and played around with the overall lighting, colors and the LEVELS adjustment layer until I was happy. The process of changing colors can sometimes go on for quite a while before I'm happy. Close ups

Case Study "The Redemption of Uriel"

Once again I am posting a Case Study from the great Polish designer Adam Spizak, this time is a illustration with a mix of photos, 3d, and digital painting. The result is amazing and the coolest thing is that we get to see how it was done. For more visit and Celebrity: Gary Oldman Photography: Lionel Deluy Agency: Factory311 for Evolution Exhibition, Los Angeles Fallen Archangel Uriel found a way to redeem himself - he'll save a newborn's soul. The Case Study the image took around 2 weeks of drawing, 3d rendering and overpainting. more boost up + over painting + colour layers (hand painted color for more balance) Close ups

Case Study "Unity"

I present to you another awesome case study, this time it's an artwork from the young Irish designer/illustrator Jonathan Wong. One of his great pieces which was his submission for Evoke's XVII Exhibition is now broke down in steps so you can see how it' was done, enjoy! For more from Jonathan Wong visit Case Study Final Result

Case Study "Wrigley's - 5 gum"

Once again the great Peter Jaworowski shares with us a awesome case study for the Wrigley's 5 (Cobalt), a display of pure creativity and skills. Step by step you will see how the image was created, and get super inspired by this great work. For more from Peter Jaworowski visit 2 of 3 images created for Tiempo BBDO and their client Wrigley's. This one can be seen already on one of Madrid's metro stations. Produced in Ars Thanea Case Study Final Result Close Ups Printed Result

All Access to Project "Chameleon"

From the Dutch master of design Martijn van Dam comes a piece of art called "Chameleon" which is a poster for a event with such a rich design that the author decided to make a video of how it was made and the illustration for the posters also became wallpaper for computers and iphones, check it out and download your copy. The Author: Hi! I'm Martijn, a Dutch graphic designer at Momkai, an independent, interactive agency based in Amsterdam. Don't forget to check our Behance page as well. In my free time I like to make music related graphic designs and illustrations for flyers, posters and sleeves which can be found here. For more visit and The Poster The Logo Close ups Wallpapers Click here to download wallpapers! Case Study Video

Case Study "Ecosystems" by David Waters

Once again Abduzeedo is bringing you another great case study so you can get different views of how different artists create their pieces. This time is an amazing piece by the master David Waters aka ishbu. Ecosystems is somewhere between 3d and photo manipulation, done with a lot of Photoshop and imagination. Enjoy! For more visit Final Result Close ups

Amazing Case Study of "Lost With In"

This is your chance tho check out step by step the newest experience of Richard Roberts, inspired by Salvador Dali he creates a totally surreal mix of photo manipulation and digital painting and the result is amazing. The meaning behind it is basically if you obsess over riches and luxury you can loose yourself as a person. Enjoy! For more visit For a bigger view click on the image final result close ups Did you like this post? How about the Abduzeedo's new Limited Edition Tee "Goddess of Abduction"

Case Study "Deadliest Catch"

I am very happy to post this case study of an Ad for the Discovery Channel most popular show "Deadliest Catch". Created by the Polish Master Designer Peter Jaworowski, you will be able to see step by step how he got such an unbelievable result, you must see this one! This work was created by Peter Jaworowski, if you interested in doing a case study please contact me. Global Key Visual created for Discovery Channel and one of their top shows Deadliest Catch. Credits: Creative Director - Stefan Poulos Associate Creative Director - Andrew Heckel Art Director - Luke Watkins Studio Photographer - Scott McDermott On-location Photographer - Corey Arnold Art Producer - Lisa Nagy Ars Thanea - Final Close ups

Impressive Case Studies by Adam Spizak

Yesterday I posted some works from Adam Spizak and a lot of people were impressed with his works just as much as I was, today you will get a chance to see how he gets it done, the case study will show you each step he takes to get to perfect final result. For more visit and Sulfur Case study: The Heart of Darkness Case Study: Pin-Up 3000 Case Study:

Inspiration: Amazing Car Wallpaper in 4 days by kxx

StudioKxx is a great design studio from Poland. He is definetely one of the most talented designers out there and worked together with Peter Jaworowski. He published his working progress on a wallpaper. 4 days of working