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The Behance Network

Thanks to a new friend I got an invitation to The Behance Network. Basically it’s a network for creative people to promote their work, but much more than that, its a platform for projects and collaboration. As they slogan says "make ideas happen". Represent your work professionally. Build a dynamic portfolio of your latest projects, open to all or shared selectively. Connect and collaborate in "circles." Join or create groups of creative professionals, gathered around interests, to share content and ideas. Discover job opportunities. Behance's GigList features great work opportunities for creative professionals. Creative industry leaders are also able to mine the network for talent. I liked the fact that you could personalize your portfolio, add text, change colors, typefaces, and customize pretty much everything. The problem with that is, at least on my machine, the site seems to be a bit slow Anyway, I have some invitations to give away. So if anyone is interested, just drop a comment below with a valid email for me to send the invitation.

Back from TrimarchiDG

The TrimarchiDg is over and I’m back to my routine. The trip to Argentina was really good, I have been to Buenos Aires two years ago and going back there was a pleasant opportunity. Mar del Plata, where the event took place, is very beautiful too, and with all of of designers hanging out on the streets, turned the atmosphere even more vibrant. There were tons of things to see and listen to and I was really impressed with some works I saw there. However the speech that I was really excited about turned out to be the least cool of them all. The Buro Destruct’s keynote was, I have to say, frustrating. It looked like everything went wrong, from their entrance to the stage, having computer problems, and even the presentation itself. Nevertheless they are still some of the best and most innovative graphic designers out there. Anyway, I’d like to thank everybody for posting comments and sending me emails. I’ve been trying to answer all of them. I’d like to thank Collis Ta'eed for inviting me to write some tutorials for the website, I’m really flattered with this invitation and I will be writing tutorials there too. Also some of my tutorials are being translated to french by Stéphanie Guillaume at, what makes even happier. Below some pics from Argentina:

Blog Action Day

Today, October 15th is the Blog Action Day. Bloggers around the web will unite to write about a single important issue on everyone's mind. In this year the issue will be the environment.What would happen if every blog published posts discussing the same issue, on the same day? One issue. One day. Thousands of voices.We have to stop and think about what we have been doing to our planet and do something about it. We designers have a very important role on this issue, creating and developing environmentally friendly products, optimizing the production process and choosing the right materials for our designs.

Cape Town Colors

Cape Town in South Africa is a very beautiful place, as I said before in the One week in South Africa post. While I was there I took lots of pictures, basically everything I thought would be useful or inspiring. And here I will show some colors from this amazing city. I used the Big Huge Labs Palette Generator to get the colors from the photos. Rusted Sign Yellow Flowers Old Sign in the Waterfront Table Montain from the Waterfront Boo-Kaap colors Green Market Safari Cape of Good Hoep Harbor Clouds Sunrise

Photoshop Logo

After the release of the Adobe CS3 and the new application icons, Adobe is introducing a new logo for the Photoshop family of products, Photoshop CS3, Photoshop CS3 Extended, Photoshop Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Album Starter Edition, and Photoshop Express. To represent this rich family of products, Adobe is introducing the Photoshop visual logo. This logo will soon appear in all Photoshop-related marketing, so keep an eye out for it. The Photoshop logo on a product, service, or technology, represents the rich legacy, technical quality, and attention to detail that has made Photoshop the gold standard in digital imaging. It looks totally different from the CS3 application icons identity, from the colors to the 3D style. Besides that the logo will have its own tagline See What's Possible™. All variations of the identity

Get in shape while improving your design skills

Nowadays we can have access to pretty much everything, and even for those like me, who don’t have the opportunity to attend to design events such as @media, sxsw, dconstrukt and others, we have the chance to listen to them via podcasts or using Odeo. The truth is, there are lots of excellent speeches to listen to. From how to get inspiration to the importance of microformats, we can learn a lot from them. And one of the best things in my opinion is that I can throw everything in my iPod and enjoy them while I’m exercising. That means, both my body and my brain can get a work out Listed here are some of the best speeches, interviews and podcasts that i've come across so far Jeremy Keith - The Joy of API d.Construct 2006 Jeffrey Veen - Designing the Complete User Experience d.Construct 2006 Daniel Burka {15}digg design CreativeXpert frog design }{ evolving your design CreativeXpert Design 101 web design podcast Writing an effective brief web design podcast Andy Clarke: ?The Fine Art Of Web Design? Podcast @media 2006 Dave Shea: ?Fine Typography On The Web? Podcast @media 2006 Eric Meyer: ?A Decade of Style? Podcast @media 2006 Jason Santa Maria - Diabolical Design: The Devil is in the Details @media 2007 Dan Cederholm - Interface Design Juggling @media 2007 Mark Boulton - Five Simple Steps to Better Typography @media 2007 Jon Hicks - How to be a Creative Sponge @media 2007 How to Be A Web Design Superhero Andy Budd, Andy Clarkesxsw 07 Design Workflows at Work: How Top Designers Work Their Magic Bryan Veloso, Jeff Croft, Veerle Pieters, Kelsey Rugersxsw 07

A Soviet Poster a Day

If you like soviet design, like I do, you have to visit this website, it’s called A Soviet Poster a Day, and as the name says they present us with a soviet poster every day. Besides that, they show the author, when it was created and the description. Every soviet poster no matter the date of creation bears a stamp of expressiveness and graphical quality. The attention to details is awesome. The scope of techniques is endless. Soviet posters are a treasure chest with inspiration for any graphical designer, not to mention the seeing pleasure itself. And what's important, every Soviet Poster has a historical reference essential for understanding the layers of meanings it carries through time. Here are some posters. It’s definitely worth checking out. Here comes the Red Army! Lenin Forever!

Annual Global Freelancer Survey

The site "Freelance Switch" is conducting the "First Annual Global Freelancer Survey for 2007". It's very important that everybody who works as a freelancer take the survey, you can even be rewarded with a Nintendo Wii. By taking part in the Global Freelancer Survey you will be rewarded in three ways: Detailed Statistics After the survey is complete we will be posting an abridged version of some results on, however respondents who complete the survey will be emailed a COMPLETE set of information and data from the survey. I.e. you'll get exclusive data that non-respondents don't get! Random Prize Draw … and we have prizes. That’s right, fabulous prizes! We’ve put together the ultimate freelancer kit from Amazon for one lucky winner who will be drawn at random from the pool of respondents. The prize pack includes: A Balance Ball Chair from Gaiam. Balance ball chairs give you stability while encouraging proper posture. Plus they’re bouncy so you can burn calories while you work! A Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000. This keyboard will help you fend off the evil RSI. Studio Monitor/dj Headphone. This headphone is a gem for anyone who needs to block out distractions, as it delivers superior sound while blocking outside noise. If you have kids, noisy neighbors, or an overexcited schnauzer in the house, you will love it. Caffeine for the Creative Mind: 250 Exercises to Wake Up Your Brain. We all need a little creative wake up call once in a while, and this book is just the ticket. Western Digital 60 GB USB External Hard Drive. It’s sleek, black and sexy, and it also holds all your bits and pieces. Every freelancer needs some heavy duty back-up, and this baby will do the business. And finally, what I want for my birthday, a Nintendo Wii!!! These will provide not only a great break after a hard day’s freelancing, but will also get you off your butt after sitting on your balance ball chair all day long. The random prizedraw will be drawn at the sole discretion of and be awarded in the form of an voucher delivered by email. The prize will be drawn on the same day the survey results are announced, which is a date yet to be determined. You must provide a valid email address when completing the survey to be eligible, and you must be contactable on that email address within 96 hours of the prize draw or the prize will be drawn again. Satisfaction By completing the survey, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you're helping compile information to help freelancers everywhere, it only takes 10 minutes of your time and the sum of our collective knowledge will be huge!

30 Design Meditations

30 Design Meditations

Last weekend while I was organizing my house, I found a really cool book I had forgotten I had. The book is called "401 Design Meditations" and it’s all about insights and thoughts from leading designers. There are amazing quotes which are very inspirational. Below I have listed some from the book and others I have found online: "Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see." Paul Klee - Swiss painter, graphic artist, and art theorist "Design without thinking is like a story with no plot." Pat Hansen - Pat Hansen Design "There are only two types of graphic design: good and bad." Ken Cato - Principal, Cato Purnell Partners "A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." Douglas Adams - Creator of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy "My wife keeps complaining that I am married to my art. But my art keeps complaining that I am still sleeping with my wife." Emek - Artist and designer "Every night I pray that clients with taste will get money and clients with money will get taste." Bill Gardner - Principal, Gardner Design "We spend a lot of effort trying to make things look effortless." Alexander Isley - Principal, Alexander Isley Design "I am a student - a beginner like you are... To learn yourself is more difficult than to listen to a teacher." Alexey Brodovitch - Addressing a design laboratory class in 1954, excerpted from Nine Pioneers in American Graphic Design, by R. Roger Remington and Barbara J. Hodik "To do what you love to do and do what you hate to do at the same time is to be an artist." Emek - Artist and designer "My early design work looks like I was sick and my throw-up designed it." Jesse von Gluck - Motive Design "These days all you need is the ability to watch television and hold a potato at the same time to call yourself a designer." Glenn Martinez - Sun Microsystems "You will never really like anything you do, and you will die knowing that you still have to do your best." Garth Walker - Orange Juice Design "The work is hard, if you can get it." Steve Sikora - Design Guys "Never let your clients see you drive a more expensive car than they drive." Rick Tharp - Principal, Tharp Did it "Design awards are pure vanity. Except for all the ones we’ve won." David Turner - Principal, Turner Duckworth "Being a famous designer is like being a famous dentist." Noreen Morioka - Principal, AdamsMorioka "You have to be careful what you criticize today because it may be a new way of looking at things tomorrow." Herbert Matter - From a clipping the Swiss designer had filed away with his own papers "Change for the sake of change has nothing to do with vision." Jack H. Summerford - Designer and writer "It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question." Eugene Ionesco - French playwright "We imagine ourselves able to do anythng, and our software helps us believe that we can... But we must consider the what and the why." Neville Brody - designer "A well-defined problem is half solved." Michael Osborne - Principal, Michael Osborne Design "The evolution of the form begins with the perception of failure" Henry Petrosk - From the evolution of Useful things "A good design is not learned - it is realized." Jesse von Glück - Motive Design "Use a unique point of view: your client’s." Earl Gee and Fani Chung - Principals, Gee+Chung Design "There are no bad clients, only bad designers." Bob Gill - Founding partner of Pentagram; from Graphic Design as a Second Language "The moment clients realize that the revisions are not an all-you-can-eat buffet, suddenly, they realize they are not hungry." Soonduk Krebs - Principal, SK Designworks "I’ve yet to have a client ask me to make them look smaller than they are." Bill Gardner - Principal, Gardner Design "Without contrast, you’re dead." Paul Rand - designer and art directors "If you have a great idea, it will tell you how to execute it." Jack H.Summerford - Designer and writer "We just build stuff we want to use. If we need it, they need it." Jason Fried - 37Signals "Too much teamwork, too many cooks in the kitchen, too many people making decisions." Jason Fried - 37Signals

Wedeed logo

Lately I have been working with my brother on a promising project. Actually I shouldn’t even been talking about that now, but it’s necessary to say some things. Basically it’s all about CSS, it’s really cool, and it's called Wedeed. Anyway, what he asked me to do was the logo and later its GUI. “Well, you don't need to hire any creative designers for making those web 2.0 style logos for your blog - just follow any of these tutorials. And if you hate reading instructions in text, head straight to the video tutorial.“ It’s amazing the number of tutorials showing how to create a web 2.0 logo, actually, there are really good tutorials, but almost all of them showing us how to create those web 2.0 effects, rather than how to come up with a good idea, and that was I was looking for. For this logo our goals was to create a really simple logo, easy to understand, web 2.0, and beautiful. 1 - We follow some ideas like: Cascading Pages Separate design from data Different Colors Simple typeface Flipping pages   2 - Definitions A Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) provides the ability to separate the layout and styles of a web page from the data or information. Styles such as fonts, font sizes, margins, can be specified in one place, then the Web pages feed off this one master list, with the styles cascading throughout the page or an entire How CSS works 3 - Some inspiration: What people have been doing. 3 - My ideas: The idea of layers perfectly represents the separation of the design from the data. Looking for some references and inspiration, nothing like google images and flickr Some of the initial digital tests 4 - Fonts of the web 2: There are really great sites showing examples, though I think the simplest the best. Font variations, colors and alignments Great fonts for web 2.0 Web 2.0 logos(fontshop) Andy Budd's SXSW keynote 6 - Adjustments: Some adjustments in the perspective, testing opacities and effects. Trying some colors and opacities 5 - Final Result: Pretty much the simplest version of them all.

The Zee's typeface, step by step

In 2006 we renewed the brand of our company, Zee. One of our goals was to create a really unique typeface, I mean a custom face that couldn't be bought or easily found. Thinking about that we had two options: modify an existing typeface or create one from the scratch. After some search to fonts we decided to follow our second option and design a font from nothing, or barely nothing, because we had some thoughts about what we wanted. The idea of the font is really basic, a module that we could repeat it as many as possible to create the whole alphabet. That was what we did. For the module we chose a circle and picked a quarter of it. With the module choosen we started creating some characters, in our case, many characters were just the rotation of a font such as E, A, 9, 6. 9, 6, A, and E are the same character rotated or mirrored. The same happens to C, L, J, O... There were some characters that needed more attention like the V, W, T, K. The V and W are cool while the T, I think, needs some improvements. The main goal of this typeface was to be the ZEE' logo, as the name has basically 2 characters and with the E done, the Z was the most complicated one. It had to be different and cool. The Z took a lot of time to be done, it's a mix of the A with the 8. The whole alphabet was created, however there are some issues like kering, spacing, and a lot of special characters to be created if I want to distribute it as a font, though I'm creating the TTF file with what I have done so far, and as soon as I finish it I will put it here to download. There are some letters that still need some adjustments, such as the Q,Y, and 4. Despite the fact that the alphabet is not totally done, this font has been used since last year as the ZEE's logo. One thing that the font really needs is a name. Please if you have a suggestiong let me know. Zee's website and its logo with the zFont. Technorati Profile

Logos and their Meanings

This site has good stuff, as they ask, ever wondered what company logos mean and whats the significance behind them? Wonder no more! show some logos and theirs meanings like the Amazon's logo, I always wanted to know what that arrow means, and the explanation is really cool. You might think the arrow does nothing here. But it says that has everything from a to z and it also represents the smile brought to the customer's face. If you want to know more about logos and their meanings you have to check that out. powered by performancing firefox