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Brasilia Dice 50. Poster Design!

Brasilia Prima is a design studio from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are celebrating their 5th anniversary which coincides with the 50th anniversary of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Because of that they created this really cool project called "Brasilia Dice 50. Poster Design !", where they selected 50 posters with Brasilia as the subject. We have also posted about the Brasilia 50th anniversary a few weeks ago but just to give you a little background: In 1956, Juscelino Kubitschek - the president back then - started a plan to build a new city for Brazil's government. With the goal to plan and execute the construction were Oscar Niemeyer, the mind who would give forms and curves to official buildings, and Lucio Costa, the man with the 'airplane shape' urbanist plan. And incredibly, in only 4 years, the city was inaugurated. Many buildings were only skeletons, but the candangos (name of the first inhabitants of the new city), were celebrating the new political city in Brazil. Now let's take a look at some posters from the "Brasilia Dice 50. Poster Design !". For more information and to see all the posters visit DHNN / Argentina / Espacio Cabina / Argentina / Estudio Almacen /Argentina / Juan Carlos Pagan / USA / Leonardo Prause / Brazil / Marit / UK / Milkxhake / China / Nat Fillipini / Argentina / Official Classic / Hungary / Owen Gildersleeve / UK / Pixel Junglist / Ukraine / Pixelgarten / Germany / Samantha Kocking / USA / Sawdust / UK / David Maruchniak / Argentina / Studio Makgill / UK / This is you / Italy / Tiago Bernardes / Brazil / SViDesign / UK / Via Brasilia Prima.

Graphic Design Work of Xavier Bourdil

Xavier Bourdil is a young graphic and web designer from Paris, France. After studying literature in Bordeaux he decided to changed the direction of his career and become a graphic designer. He has been working hard to fulfill his dream since he made that decision and, as we can notice, he is already making his dream come true, having some of his works featured on publication such as Computer Arts, Design Collector, Designdiary and now on Abduzeedo :) You can find more information about Xavier's work at his website, the Trust in Elements ( Some works

Book #Three by Brand Nu

Radim Malinic is an award winning art director, illustrator and graphic designer based in London, England. We have already posted about him but now he has just released his new book called #THREE is a visual tour of the use of creative re-touching, vector illustration and art direction to inspire and transform everything from leading world brands to inanimate objects. A limited edition of 1,000 copies, #Book THREE will be available from for £11.99 from 26th April 2010. Book Cover Highlights include the distinctive re-brand of the London Film Museum, Blossom Hill at Wimbledon, trend setting ad illustrations for ACER’s 3D laptop range as well as a striking summer campaign for the prestigious QV, Melbourne Australia. Produced to give inspiration to all, from household names to niche businesses and upcoming designers alike, work is demonstrated across a range of media including outdoor posters, to magazine covers and online. A collection of work created over the last 18 months, Book #THREE is an exciting portrait of the mature artist Brand Nu has become - able to transform any image, product or campaign, with fluid beauty, raw edge and vibrant color. The book also contains several self-initiated experiments, unpublished elsewhere, which show the passion and excitement that Brand Nu applies to seeking new techniques to add to his ever expanding creative arsenal. Inside the book

Amazing Works from the UU Challenge Finalists

The UU Challenge is a really interesting contest where 10 chosen artists were asked to create their own vision of the UU, in adition to that, they open the challenge to young designers around the world so the best 40 entries will be competing agaisnt the ten chosen artists and to make it even more interesting, they will have one representative that will create an image as well for the grand final. In the end, the 51 finalists and their works will be compiled into a book. I forgot to mention that the winner of the grand final's public vote will receive a prize of $2000. In addition the Jury will reward it's favourite with a prize of $750. We gathered ten inspiring artists around the world and presented them a challenge. We asked them to create their own vision of the UU and promised to pitch in a competing entry ourselves. In addition we wanted to present an open challenge to young designers around the world. The best 40 entries, chosen by a jury, will be competing against the ten chosen artists and our representative in the grand final. To make the competition memorable all 51 finalists will be compiled into a book. For more information visit the UU Challenge Website. The finalists Click on the images to visit the site and vote for your favorite one. Andrei Ograda Archan Nair Bram Vanhaeren Cornelia Neuner Csaba Fekete David Delin David Waters Denys Zeldin Dimo Trifonov Erik Erdokozi Ferdinand Mark Basa Gianmarco Lauriola Husam Elfaki Irina Moraru István Vasil Jere Paajanen Jere Paajanen Joao Oliveira Karan Singh Khyzyl Saleem Kjegwan Leihitu Lauri Ahonen Maxime Quoilin Miika Fabritius Mike Campau Mike Harrison Nathan Walker Niklas Lundberg Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen Pablo César Gutiérrez García Pat Kuleta Pedro Julien Perttu Murto Pete Harrison Rik Oostenbroek Sorin Bechira Stefan Lucut Thee Tosayanond Torgeir Sollid Tristan Kromopawiro

Birth Announcement Cards

Birth announcement card is the kind of thing that you think you'll never need... but one day you find that special someone (or not), gets married (or not) and just then (or not) a baby comes. Or not... you might just get hired to design a card for someone else, but in any scenario, inspiration is always welcome. Our reader Winand asked us for inspiration, because her niece is going to be born soon... so we had to find some cool designs for her. Since I don't get to see Birth announcement cards very often, I guess these are kinda "classic"... maybe someone could make somewhat of a more "hipster" style, or like we've seen yesterday, something awesome like Swiss Style. I don't know, these are ideas! Anyways, Winand, we hope these will help you and some future daddies and mommies around the world. Also, check out each designer's page by clicking each piece. Cheers! ;)

Swiss Style Graphic Design

I'm a true admirer of most graphic design styles. There are tons of inspiration all over the web, but most certainly, one of the greatest is the sweet Swiss Style. It began in the 1920's and was a true milestone in graphic design. During the 1920s and ’30s, skills traditionally associated with Swiss industry, particularly pharmaceuticals and mechanical engineering, were matched by those of the country’s graphic designers, who produced their advertising and technical literature. These pioneering graphic artists saw design as part of industrial production and searched for anonymous, objective visual communication. They chose photographic images rather than illustration, and typefaces that were industrial-looking rather than those designed for books. - Richard Hollis (Yale University Press) These are the main inspiration for thousands of designers all over the world. These "simple", grided pieces were a true revolution in an industry that was seeking new life. If you didn't know it, I recommend you to research more about it. At the bottom of the post we have some links for your use. We hope you all find it useful and inspiring. Cheers! ;) These links might be useful to you: Lessons From Swiss Style Graphic Design and Swiss Graphic Design.

Movie Posters Inspiration: Blaxploitation

Blaxploitation is a film genre that emerged in the United States in the early 1970s when many exploitation films were made that targeted an audience of urban black people; the word itself is a portmanteau of the words "black" and "exploitation." Blaxploitation films were the first to feature soundtracks of funk and soul music. These films starred primarily black actors. Variety magazine credited Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song with the invention of the blaxploitation genre. Others argue that the Hollywood-financed film Shaft is closer to being blaxploitation, and thus is more likely to have begun the genre - Wikipedia. For this post we have selected some great examples of posters from this genre and period. Also, if you have more examples of blaxplotation posters, share with us via email or comments. About the Author Hey buddies! I'm Marcos Torres, a 19 years old art director/freelancer from Brazil, I'm here to bring some new interessant stuff to you. You can see my portfolio at Any request or jobs oportunities send to, also follow me on twitter

Ginger Monkey's New and Beautiful Work

Tom Lane is the guy behind Ginger Monkey, living in Bristol, the UK, he has produced some incredible works for big clients such as Sony Ericcson, Mercedez-Benz, Coca-Cola, BT, BMW, Miller and many others. We can also see his works on popular magazines like Computer Arts. So in this post we will show you some of the new pieces from his recently updated website. I design, illustrate and make things.10 years ago I caught a bug, an insatiable need to create, a need to get better at creating. I've been chasing the sense of achievement that comes from putting an idea down, seeing it grow, take shape, and have it exist 'out there'. I'm one of those lucky people that make a living doing what they love. For more information and to check out Tom's portfolio visit the Ginger Monkey website at Some Works Uber Branding What can I say about Uber, great project, great people to work with. I was brought in to come up with an approach to their branding that was new and exciting and embodied the theme of 'Bloody/Beautiful'... Tom Lane Baileycross Gee a lollipop I had the idea to illustrate the letter G to form one of the big, swirly lollipops you sometimes see in movies, on TV, or at fares. I wanted to make it look lovely and lickable. I started with a rough sketch, intended to simply get the idea down, and then worked out most of the form in a more detailed sketch... Tom Lane Peacefulness I began this piece wanting to experiment with embellishing an existing typeface (affair) to create an elegant and organic flow between the characters... Tom Lane Eye-i I became heavily inspired when looking through a great book on 60's album artwork... Force of Nature The idea here was to create a symmetrical illustration that blended and fused a pattern with animals under the theme 'the full force of nature'... Tom Lane Chip Tied into my Eye-i piece, as this too was heavily inspired by a couple of psychedelic album covers from the 60's... Caffè Eleganza Brand Probably my furthest ranging project to date. I wore a lot of hats for this one. It started with putting together the initial plans for the building and carried right through to branding the business, setting out an identity, plus a spot of interior design to bring it all together.... Tom Lane 1hundred Branding Here's a first look at my new streetwear and artwork label. I’ll be making a lot of the new pieces I’ve been working on, and some new ones in development, available as limited edition prints and tshirts... Tom Lane Queens Consort I was asked by Orion Books to create a typography led design for Lisa Hiltons book... Tom Lane These were just a few of Tom's new works. He is one of my favorite designers out there, I believe I don't need to explain why after these examples.

Introducing Afterdepth

Afterdepth, the moniker of Alexandre Fumeron, is a freelance graphic & motion designer as well as photographer. I found his new identity which totally convinced me to write about him. He will be pretty happy when you visit his webseite at

Beautiful Artworks by Evgeny Kiselev

Evgeny Kiselev is a freelancer illustrator and graphic designer from Saint Petersburg, Russia, his works were published in magazines such as Computer arts (U.K.), IDN (Hong Kong), ROJO (Spain), Grafik magazine (U.K.), Beautiful Decay (U.S.A.), E-tapes (France), Chewonthis magazine (U.S.A.), I.O. Magazine (Germany), X-Funs (Taiwan), New web pick, Artzmania e-zine, Sherbert magazine (U.S.A.), X-CUP (Taiwan), Semi Permanent books 05-07 etc. For more works and information we highly recommend that you check out Evgeny's website. "The diverse work of Evgeny Kiselev oscillates between the rigors of symmetry and prolific excess. Several compositions begin with vivid tiled patterns that are mirrored again and again until they can no longer be contained and are forced to push beyond the confines of their logic. Others, emerge from a single outline that manifests the controlled lawlessness of the work. Each piece achieves a complexity of color and layer that continues to build infinitely into the space of the page creating a warping spatial depth". My artwork from Mutations series in ROJO OUT exhibition on 8X3 m. billboards. Spain, Barcelona, Corcega 691. Until april 2008.

DesignChat Guest: Design Revolution Road Show

DesignChat is a weekly live-video chat with the design community and a special guest. This post will also be a weekly event, appearing on Mondays to introduce the special guest and show some of their work. Join us on Wednesday, April 7th for a live video broadcast with the Design Revolution Road Show at! The Design Revolution Road Show is a traveling exhibition and lecture series bringing “product design that empowers” to 35 high schools and university design programs across the nation in the Spring of 2010. A Project H Design initiative, the road show will feature an Airstream trailer exhibition of 40 humanitarian design solutions that have been showcased in the book Design Revolution: 100 Products that Empower People. The programming will bring the evidence of and tools for design for social impact to the doorsteps of students, with the ultimate goal of enabling and empowering the next generation of creative problem-solvers to apply their skills to the world’s most pressing problems and improve life on a global scale. Project H founder Emily Pilloton and project manager Matthew Miller will be traveling and living in the Airstream for the duration of the Design Revolution Road Show. Emily and Matt will give presentations at each stop, host the exhibition, and provide walk-throughs and demonstrations in the exhibition trailer space. On April 7th, they will stop at SamataMason for DesignChat, and we will do a live broadcast of their presentation! Project H Design connects the power of design to the people who need it most, and the places where it can make a real and lasting difference. We are a team of designers, architects, and builders engaging locally through partnerships with social service organizations, communities, and schools to improve the quality of life for the socially overlooked. Our five-tenet design process (There is no design without action; We design WITH, not FOR; We document, share and measure; We start locally and scale globally, We design systems, not stuff) results in simple and effective design solutions for those without access to creative capital. Our scalable long-term initiatives focus on improving environments, services, products, and experiences for youth and K-12 education institutions in the US through systems-level design thinking and deep community engagements. WE BELIEVE DESIGN CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. Project H is a California-based nonprofit with a second location in Bertie County, North Carolina that focuses on Design For Education initiatives. We are a 501c3 organization; all donations made after January 8, 2008 are tax-deductible. View the Project H website here. Emily Pilloton is the Founder and Executive Director of Project H Design. Trained in architecture at UC Berkeley and product design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she started Project H to provide a conduit and catalyst for need-based design that empowers individuals, communities, and economies. Former editor of, writer, California girl and unwavering optimist, she has written for ID, GOOD, ReadyMade, taught design theory, and lectures worldwide about new social impact imperatives for the product design industry. Her book, “Design Revolution: 100 Products that Empower People,” is a compendium of and call-to-action for design for social impact. When she isn’t traveling or emailing, Emily enjoys trivia games and baking/eating cupcakes. West Virginia born and bred, Matthew Miller is an accomplished fabricator and metalworker. He has worked for many emerging practices, from Architecture for Humanity and HousingOperative to William Massie. Matthew studied at the Bauhaus, holds an undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Tennessee and a Masters in Architecture from Cranbrook. He has taught at the College of Creative Studies, Lawrence Technological University, RISD, and UC Berkeley. He designed and built the Kutamba School in Uganda, with whom Project H has worked for the Design For Education: Learning Landscape project, and has since manages Project H built initiatives including the Bertie County Schools’ computer labs.

Justin Maller New Artworks

Justin M. Maller has updated his portfolio with a redesign to compliment over twenty new pieces of personal and commercial work, including campaigns for Verizon, ESPN and Crooks & Castles. We are huge fans of Justin so nothing better than a post featuring his new works. For more information check out Justin's website at

Threadless Loves Havaianas Challenge

Havianas and Threadless are two brands that we really love because of the culture they created around them, it's hard to think about these brands without thinking about a beautiful and well done designs. Now they got together and have a super cool challenge for us, to create a design for both flip flops and a tee. Havaianas, the world’s most stylish and comfortable flip-flop, is collaborating with, the world’s premier online design community, to launch the website’s first ever footwear challenge on March 15th. Six designs will be chosen, manufactured by Havaianas and sold as limited edition sandals on this July. Flip flops and t-shirts go together like tiny umbrellas and piña coladas. The combination conjures up sweet thoughts of bright sunny days on the beach spent with your toes in the sand with your laptop hidden far, far, away. Now's your chance to convey that laid-back awesomeness to the world with the ultimate combo-canvas: the best rubber flip-flops in the world plus an awesome Threadless tee! This is the first worldwide open call for Havaianas flip flop designs, ever! It's also the first Loves challenge that jumps beyond the t-shirt canvas! And you, friend, could be the first Threadless designer to create flip flops! #1s all around! Submit Now- from Mar 15 thru Apr 4, 2010 Submissions close at 11:59:59 CST Some entries

Beautiful Skateboard Deck Designs

We have already posted some skateboard deck designs, and we also gave away a really cool book about last year, the Inspiration from Skateboard Graphics - Book Giveaway, however, it has been quite a long time since that post and that's why we decided to show a collection of great skate designs. Skateboard is my favorite radical sport and since the beginning skateboard and design have a strong connection. The firs brands and deck board desings always had an unique style and tried to show the singularity of that thru the designs. I hope you enjoy this collection. About the Author Hey buddies! I'm Marcos Torres, a 19 years old art director from Brazil, I'm here to bring some new interessant stuff to you. You can see my portfolio at Any request or jobs oportunities send to, also follow me on

Amazing Pictograms and Icons

Less is more? Many people might say it isn't, but I'm pretty sure that when the subject is pictograms, it sure is! The best way to communicate something through an icon is often to make it as simple as possible, placing just the elements that really matter. Here, we've got some great examples of pictograms. These are beautifully made, with attention to detail and crispy execution. Just to remind you that these are not freebies, but examples of good design... We would love to see some more works of these made by you people. So, do you got any icons/pictograms to show off? Drop us a comment! Don't forget to check out each designer's folio! I hope you all like it. Cheers. ;) Rodrigo Müller Rafael Nunjar Sascha Elmers Jason Hill Sergey Punchev David Galasse Stefan Dziallas

DesignChat Guest: Plural

DesignChat is a weekly live-video chat with the design community hosted by Ryan McGovern and a special guest. This post will also be a weekly event, appearing on Mondays to introduce the special guest and show some of their work. Lets get on with it! Plural is a Chicago–based creative studio founded in 2008 by Renata Graw, Jeremiah Chiu, Christopher Kalis, and Eric Mika. With a focus on strong typography and composition, they explore new ideas within the design process as they collaborate on a wide range of print, web, video and music projects. The live show is on Wednesday nights at 8pm CST on DesignChat's site. There's always live video and a chat room, which means you can ask questions directly of Sean! You can follow us on Twitter for more announcements. Also, join our Facebook group and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Here is some of their recent work

DesignChat Guest: Sean Adams

DesignChat is a weekly live-video chat with the design community hosted by Ryan McGovern and a special guest. This post will also be a weekly event, appearing on Mondays to introduce the special guest and show some of their work. Lets get on with it! Sean is a co-founder of AdamsMorioka. He has been recognized by every major competition and publication including; Step, Communication Arts, Graphis, AIGA, The Type Directors Club, The British Art Director s Club, and the New York Art Director s Club. A solo exhibition on AdamsMorioka was held at The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and Adams has been cited as one of the forty most important people shaping design internationally in the ID40. Sean is the national president and past national board member of AIGA, and past president of AIGA Los Angeles. He is a Fellow of the Aspen Design Conference, and AIGA Fellow. He teaches at Art Center College of Design. Sean is a frequent lecturer and competition judge internationally. Adams is the co-author of Logo Design Workbook, Color Design Workbook, and the upcoming Masters of Design. AdamsMorioka s clients include ABC, Adobe, Gap, Frank Gehry Partners, Nickelodeon, Sundance, Target, USC, and The Walt Disney Company. AdamsMorioka was founded in 1994 by Sean Adams and Noreen Morioka. The firm’s founding philosophy of clarity, purity and resonance spearheaded a revolution in the design community from chaos and complexity to honesty and simplicity. The work of AdamsMorioka ranges from corporate identities, identity systems, print campaigns and environmental graphics for both interior and exterior, to motion and digital projects such as film and video, animation and websites. We begin each project by strategically creating a set of criteria, compiled by collaborating with our clients. We are very strict about quality, presentation and content, but, of course, there is always the AdamsMorioka touch of fun. AdamsMorioka is the author of Logo Design Workbook and Color Workbook, released in 2005. AdamsMorioka’s clients include ABC, Adobe, Gap, Old Navy, Frank Gehry Associates, Nickelodeon, USC, Sundance and The Walt Disney Company. The live show is on Wednesday nights at 8pm CST on DesignChat's site. There's always live video and a chat room, which means you can ask questions directly of Sean! You can follow us on Twitter for more announcements. Also, join our Facebook group and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Some Works