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Fantastic Graphic and Motion Design Work of Sebastian Onufszak

Fantastic Graphic and Motion Design Work of Sebastian Onufszak

We all know that we live in a world based on trends, and it's important because it makes the industry move. It's also important for designers to understand that and be able to work on all sorts of styles. That will definitely be a differential in any career. Sebastian Onufszak is a good example of that. His work is an example of that. Born in Breslau (Poland) in 1978, Sebastian Onufszak is a German-Polish illustrator, designer and director. Between 2002 and 2006 he worked as an Art Director at Liquid — a design agency based in Augsburg (Germany) — and was responsible for print and interactive projects. In 2006 he joined Parasol Island, a design and animation studio in Düsseldorf, as Creative Director. Since 2009 Onufszak has been working for an international range of high-end clients in the fields of print, interactive and motion media as a self-employed designer. His commercial and personal works were featured in numerous design publications and exhibitions worldwide. He also lectures on motion graphics and animation at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg. Lufthansa The Fantastic Four Auto Trophy Auto Trophy Opener 2011 from Sebastian Onufszak on Vimeo. Three Men with Beards In Graphics We Trust Adobe Iggesund Still Life in a Circle from Sebastian Onufszak on Vimeo. IBM Computer Arts Cover Ray Ban For more information visit

Inspiring work by Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison is a multi-disciplinary freelance designer and illustrator, currently based in London. Through the years of crafting himself and his career he has experimented with a multitude of styles and disciplines and continue to try new techniques and mediums on a regular basis. Through this Mike has built up a vast set of skills ranging from graphic design, illustration and typography to motion graphics, 3d, photography and web design. He believes that we are constantly learning, and that his portfolio shows his eclectic mix of mediums, styles and aesthetics. Illustration for the cover and inside pages of Sport, an award winning weekly magazine. With a circulation of over 300,000 it’s the largest sports magazine in the UK. An illustration completed for the Wall Street Journal that was intended for the cover of the Friday Journal section. ‘The best way to predict the future is to invent it’. Personal illustration created for Depthcore’s 44th chapter ‘Echoes’. A little glimpse into some of the experiences/memories of my past. Personal illustration exploring texture, energy and colour. Mostly inspired by this years olympics held in London. The College of Charleston in South Carolina asked to me to create an illustration for their basketball team using several of their players. We chose to compose them in a time-lapse style showing the stages of a slam dunk. Commissioned via agency Protein to create an illustration to serve as inspiration in the Creative Catalyst competition held by Stock resource website Veer. For more information visit

Beautiful Typographic Work by Jordan Metcalf

One of the best places to keep up with what's going on in the graphic design world is without any doubt Behance. We've been following Behance since the beginning and it never ceases to impress us the work we see there from people from all over. A good example is Jordan Metcalf from Cape Town, South Africa and his amazing typographic works. Graphic designer and artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. I work both independently as a freelancer as well as collaboratively with 3 other designer/illustrators under the name Only Today. For more information visit Some works BOSTON MAGAZINE 5280 - The Denver Magazine Cover I Hate That I Love You so Much October Show | Exhibition Murals Nike - 2010

Book Suggestion - Making and Breaking the Grid: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop

The book suggestion of this week is about one of the most important parts of visual design, the grid. The book we are talking about is Making and Breaking the Grid: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop. For designers working in every medium, layout is arguable the most basic, and most important, element. Effective layout is essential to communication and enables the end user to not only be drawn in with an innovative design but to digest information easily. About the book Making and Breaking the Grid is a comprehensive layout design workshop that assumes that in order to effectively break the rules of grid-based design, one must first understand those rules and see them applies to real-world projects. Text reveals top designers' work in process and rationale. Projects with similar characteristics are linked through a simple notational system that encourages exploration and comparison of structure ideas. Also included are historical overviews that summarize the development of layout concepts, both grid-based and non-grid based, in modern design practice. Buy Now

Guilherme Marconi We!Des!gn Studio

Guilherme Marconi, one of our favorite graphic designer and illustrator, plus a great contributor with Abduzeedo since the beginning, has launched his new venture a new design studio call We!Design. With clients like Nike, Coca-Cola, Banco do Brasil, Itau and other great names We!Design offers work in the fields of Interior Design, illustration, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing and Web Design. Some Works For more information visit

Book Suggestion - Peel: The Art Of The Sticker

The book suggestion of this week is about stickers and it is awesome. It's called Peel: The Art Of The Sticker and in my opinion it's a must have book for graphic designer because, if there is something that pretty much everybody loves that would be stickers. Dave and Holly Combs traveled to New York City from Indianapolis, Indiana, to assist with September 11 recovery efforts. While exploring Manhattan during their off hours, they were inspired by the wealth of stickers they saw all over the city. These stickers made such an impact that the Combses started PEEL, the first street-art magazine with a focus on stickers. Documenting the evolution of PEEL from a black and white zine stuffed into plastic bags to a full-size, glossy, internationally distributed magazine, this book examines the development of sticker culture and how the magazine is linked with it. Buy Now Winner of the Book Giveaway: New Skateboard Graphics The winner of the last giveaway is... Kevin May

Book Suggestion: New Skateboard Graphics

Inspiration is everywhere, I believe everyone knows that but each one of us has some preferences or things that inspire more than others, in my case it's skateboard graphics. That's why the book suggestion of this week is about Skateboard Graphics. It's called New Skateboard Graphics. If you remember we ran a giveaway of this book 3 years ago, but I was checking it out again and had to add to our book suggestion list. Skateboarding grew from a Southern California hobby born out of surfing to a nationwide trend, which developed into a visual style. While the bottoms of skateboards have always been adorned with graphics, back then only a handful of skateboard manufacturers existed. Today, vast amounts of visuals are created for skateboards, with more than 40 major brands in the market. Because of how the sport has grown, however, many of these graphics are used for only a season, and then are forgotten about - until now. From spreads of full-board designs to detailed crops of patterns and graphics, Skateboard Graphics features the best, most innovative work going on today. Interviews with designers and creators of major brands, like Joe Castrucci of Habitat and Jamie Thomas of Zero, will help elucidate this colorful phenomenon. Also, I got a copy of the book New Skateboard Graphics book from Mark Batty Publisher to give away. To participate, just leave a comment. We will announce the winners next week. Images from the book Inside the Book

Big Up Cover Illustration by Saad Moosajee

Monday is our tutorial day. We try to post tutorials every Monday showing how to create some nice effects or compositions we like. Today is not different, but instead of a tutorial we have a really nice case study by Saad Moosajee. It is an image created for the cover of the Big Up magazine. Saad is a great contributor to the blog, always sharing beautiful wallpaper with us. Now we will be able to see how he created the beautiful Big Up Cover Magazine Big Up Cover Magazine Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 Final Result Details For more information visit

Stylish Work of Minetto

Éder Minetto is a designer and illustrator from Santa Catarina, Brazil. He is graduated in Design and Artistic Design, was a founding partner of Alice Studio and had already worked for Caixa Econômica Federal Bank, HSBC Institute in partnership with Camiseteria, for Toddy, Petrobras, Sorria Magazine, Runners Magazine, Época Magazine, among others. This year he started a new project: - developing design and illustration projects. For more information visit Poster Época Negócios Magazine Poster Coderockr 2012 My New Jacket Poster Coderockr 2011 Wallpa Project Ugly project Roof Top Shine on You Crazy Diamond

Slashthree: Fairy Tales Exhibit

In an attempt to recreate the nostalgic memories of childhood, the Slashthree collective selected ‘Fairy Tales’ as the theme of its eighteenth exhibition. The project invited our artistic core to recreate the magic they felt as children when they were whisked off to a land far, far away. Each piece of art in this exhibition is a unique, beautiful interpretation of fairy tales from both popular culture or the contributing artist’s own culture, all of which have come together to create one of our finest exhibitions to date. Since becoming a member of the Slashthree artist core in October 2010, Rob Shields has been a pillar of consistency both in creating artwork for our exhibitions as well as lending his voice and opinions behind the scenes. Rob saw Fairy Tales as opportunity to push his own artistic limits, producing two of the finest submissions to the exhibition. ‘Fairy Tales’ serves as a landmark in creativity and quality for the Rob and the Slashthree collective. Some Images For more images and information visit

Jeff Huang's New Work

One of our missions at Abduzeedo is to help designers and digital artists to promote their work. That's the reason we are always featuring updated portfolios like the one that we will featured today from Jeff Huang. Jeff Huang is a multidisciplinary freelance Art Director and Illustrator based in New York who specializes in Creative Design, Abstract Art, Photo Editing, and 3D. He has been creating digital art professionally for more than 7 years now and has produced work for many companies and publications worldwide. He is a proud senior member of international art collective and second home, Depthcore. Known for his imagination, uncanny eye for detail, patience, and precision in skill & technique, he has a natural ability to develop a good relationship with his clients and other creatives. Jeff always lends his expertise, and loves to get involved in the creative process in order to improve and optimize a project. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys spending time with his loved ones, shopping, and playing video games. For more information visit

The Eclectic Work of Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison is a self-taught, multi-disciplinary freelance art director, designer and illustrator, currently based in London. Through the years of crafting himself and his career he has experimented with almost every style and discipline in the book and still continue to try new techniques and mediums on a regular basis. He has built up a vast set of skills ranging from graphic design, illustration and typography to motion graphics, 3d, photography and web design. He believes that we are constantly learning, and that his portfolio shows his eclectic mix of mediums, styles and aesthetics. All That's Left II NewPage Hot Pursuit Time is a great healer Sink Veer: Creative Catalyst Veer: Creative Catalyst Timelapse from Mike Harrison on Vimeo. Every 2nd Counts College of Charleston For more information visit:

The London West End Show by Radim Malinic

The West End Show' is an innovative gallery exhibition by Radim Malinic, a leading London graphic designer and illustrator. Malinic explores the magical and bustling part of the capital in a series of elaborately illustrated poster designs, bringing together classic old century design with the dazzling neon future of the 22nd century. 'I wanted to do something that was different, conceptual and intriguing - it’s a place that’s been very inspiring for me. It’s the heritage - the narrow streets, the buildings, the glitz and glamour. It’s got a heartbeat’, explains Malinic. He adds, ‘Once you look behind the history it’s got an enormous amount of legacy. People now take the area for its face value, it's a place to go shopping and getting annoyed by huge crowds at Leicester Square' explains Malinic. Through a combination of bold typography, illustration and poetry, each piece tells the delicate story of classic design over-shadowed by the limitless offerings of this exciting city. Malinic interprets his love for London by exploring the true characters of the real life musical that is London's West End. 'The West End Show' offers an inspiring touch of nostalgia for the frenetic capital resident. The show, cleverly titled West End show, presents ten posters, each dedicated to one West End area, such as Soho, Covent Garden and Fitzrovia. The ornate, bold designs capture the vibrancy of the area, with a healthy smattering of the gaudy neon and glittering lights that festoon its streets.The show is now open to public at Nancy Victor Gallery, London until March 2. Online store with limited edition prints and merchandise opens on March 3 For more information about 'The West End Show', you can visit , also have a look at Radim Malinic's work at and follow him on Twitter @brand_nu .

La Bastilla Visual Identity by David Espinosa

We all love beautiful visual identity work and it is our goal, here at Abduzeedo, to promote inspiring work every time we come across with that. La Bastilla is one of those, it's a great design work by David Espinosa from Bucaramanga, Colombia For more information visit David's Web site at References Visual Identity Applications

Nike Laces by Hugo Silva

We always say that personal projects is the best way to learn and do what we love. We do that all the time with Abduzeedo in our tutorials and wallpapers and we always admire other designers that do that too. That's the case of Hugo Silva and the brilliant Nike Laces. Hugo Silva is a graphic designer and illustrator from Lisbon. He works in the design industry for over 4 years focusing on identity, corporate, editorial, packaging and illustration. Hugo has a BA Graphic Design and a Master Design Visual Culture at IADE-Creative University. Nike Laces is a very smart idea of creating the nike logo with shoe laces. Check it out. Idea Final Results For more information visit Hugo's Web site at

Insurance Map Cover Remake by Fake Studio

Fake Studio worked with a few old maps covers made by The Sanborn Maps Co. edited at the beginning of the twelve century. They found those maps and fell in love with those type compositions so they decided to remake one of this old covers using 3D modern technics. Fake Studio is a design, illustration and motion graphics production company, located in Barcelona, Spain. Check out more of their work on Original Composition Process Final Composition Detail For more information visit

Incredible Typographic Works by Peter Tarka

Peter Tarka is a young graphic designer and illustrator from Wroclaw in Poland. For being in graphic design since 2008, Peter sure knows how to deliver a strong creative typographic works. It's really impressive and I am inspired by this versatility with the different composition of typography and colours. For more information about Peter Tarka, you can visit his CargoCollective , Behance or simply follow him on Twitter @PiotrTarka.