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One of the Most Beautiful Houses I've Ever Seen

I'm absolutely sure that this house is one of the most incredible houses I've ever seen. Of course, the pictures help a lot, but the shapes, the straight lines, the use of a few materials, elements that I believe are main points on the contemporary architecture, are all too evident on that house in La Finca, Spain. This is just one of hundreds of houses inside a complex and exclusive house development. A place with lots of green areas, lakes and wonderful houses designed by A-cero, an architecture studio in Madri. A-cero did a particular great job on this house: with simple and rectangular shapes working together with huge windows they have built a perfect exemple of modern architecture. And what to say about the interior?! Each bedroom following the same style with strong colors and the same space composition. And to complete this architectonic poetry, water mirrors and a beautiful pool help turn make pleasant every space on this house and easy to contemplate the emotions that a good architecture can transmit. Thanks ArchiDaily for the tip!

Jo Rin Hun, Modern and Tradition in Korea

Some villages in Korea are in the process of modernization. This house shows the power of architecture in confronting modern with tradition, the shapes and materials in this construction shows that the strong culture position was destroyed. The project from IROJE KHM Architects, built in Seoul, was an efective proof of cost management, using cheap materials as concrete and choosing for simplicity during the construction process. The house is made of metallic translucence plaques and glass, to soften the light, the wind and even the sounds from the street, creating a calm and special place. And you can also see all the project concept, idea and the traditional korean contrapoint about the modernization of architecture in a great text in their website: IROJE KHM Architects. I expect Jo Rin Hun, un-architectural architecture, to be a 'light house of city' that always lightens the neighborhood and to be a place where record and preserve the historic character of the site. (IROJE KHM) © JongOh Kim © JongOh Kim © JongOh Kim © JongOh Kim © JongOh Kim © JongOh Kim The city and architecture are endowed with strong mutual response and finally this mass become to carry the un-architectural property of matter of transparence introversively, translucence extrorsely. (IROJE KHM) © JongOh Kim © JongOh Kim © JongOh Kim © JongOh Kim © JongOh Kim Section

Beautiful White Houses

Today I'll start a post series talking about houses! I will show houses collections with something in common, like colors, materials, shapes, the location of the building and so on. And to start this series, today we will see only white houses, made with several materials and from the whole world. Beautiful, elegant and white houses! Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light. Le Corbusier Y House Jorge Sousa Santos - Arelho, Óbidos, Portugal B20 PK Arkitektar - Garðabær, Iceland Swan Street Residence Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects - Perth, Australia House in Binningen Luca Selva Architects - Binningen, Switzerland Hill House Johnston Marklee & Associates - California, USA Aveleda’s House Manuel Ribeiro - Braga, Portugal Townhouse Elding Oscarson - Landskrona, Sweden Caverhill Residence Studio Pali Fekete architects - Los Angeles, CA, USA Mizoe House Takashi Seisho and Akinari Tanaka - Hakodate, Japan Villa Daniel Libeskind - Germany Maison du Béton Atelier st - Los Angeles, Cainsdorf, Germany House S Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten - Breda, The Netherlands House of Diffusion FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects - Shiga, Japan House in Casa de Campo A-cero / Joaquin Torres - Dominican Republic Pontoporia House Architect Clorindo Testa & Architect Ezequiel Rivarola - Buenos Aires, Argentina Satish Nayak Residence The Design Firm - Shiga, Japan SkyCottage Archimania - Memphis, TN, USA Wide Open Villa KLab architecture - Ekali, Athens, Greece House in Foz António Sérgio Koch - Oporto, Portugal Aluminium House Arhitektid Muru & Pere - Tallinn, Estonia

Container City, you can live and work in a container!

Containers has been used today for a range of spaces, from houses to offices and even schools. And the reason for that? It's affordable, modular, easy to build and environmentally friendly. Researching that subject I found a versatile system called Container City™, by Urban Space Management. I highly recomnmend you to check this out, is simply amazing the range of uses that can be applied to containers! Like they say "containers are an extremely flexible method of construction, being both modular in shape, extremely strong structurally and readily available". More than that, depending on how you can make your building, you could combine a wide variety of materials to even appear like a container, isn't amazing? This modular technology enables construction times and cost to be reduced by up to half that of traditional building techniques while remaining significantly more environmentally friendly. Well, to show you just a little bit what we can do, and what kind of spaces we can built, check out these pictures and go to for more informantions. Containers can be transformed into stylish modern homes that are expandable, and the space that you get is much the same as in many swanky developments. The Sunday Times Funky, sustainable and cheap.Grand Designs I got far more work done than I ever imagined. My cube was a brilliant space – it never occurred to me that I could work, let alone sleep, in a freight container!Cube resident Edward Kemp

The 'Origami-Like' Klein Bottle House

Do you know those origamis? Yes, those pieces of paper that some people use to create amazing shapes. This is what I remember when looking at the Klein Bottle House, a holyday house located near Melbourne, Australia. A project by McBride Charles Ryan Architects that is a very inpiring building which show us how we can use experimental geometry keeping the home functionality. The technology was an important part of the project. To help develop the surfaces, topological mathematicians has played with CAD, this way they could bring the possibility to work with complex shapes and how to communicate them. Also the project had a concept with some levels connected by a wonderful stair and a central courtyard, revealing the house around it! Award Besides this great look and feel, Klein Bottle House have won the award for World's Best Home at this year's World Architecture Festival award. So check it out this house trough the John Gollings's pictures!

Unusual Houses

Houses are amazing not only because they are the place where we live but also because they can be designed in many different ways. We can find a house model for almost every kind of preference that we think of. There is the simple basic house model, the modern one, the ecological type, the easy to maintain one and also there are the really unusual ones, and for these ones we save some space here. There are some houses that we don't get tired to check upon it and think about the whole concept of it's design or we just simply think: - Why didn't I built one of this before? Anyways, I really admire this unusual houses projects so here are some great examples of it... hope you like them! ;)