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The 'Origami-Like' Klein Bottle House

Do you know those origamis? Yes, those pieces of paper that some people use to create amazing shapes. This is what I remember when looking at the Klein Bottle House, a holyday house located near Melbourne, Australia. A project by McBride Charles Ryan Architects that is a very inpiring building which show us how we can use experimental geometry keeping the home functionality. The technology was an important part of the project. To help develop the surfaces, topological mathematicians has played with CAD, this way they could bring the possibility to work with complex shapes and how to communicate them. Also the project had a concept with some levels connected by a wonderful stair and a central courtyard, revealing the house around it! Award Besides this great look and feel, Klein Bottle House have won the award for World's Best Home at this year's World Architecture Festival award. So check it out this house trough the John Gollings's pictures!

Unusual Houses

Houses are amazing not only because they are the place where we live but also because they can be designed in many different ways. We can find a house model for almost every kind of preference that we think of. There is the simple basic house model, the modern one, the ecological type, the easy to maintain one and also there are the really unusual ones, and for these ones we save some space here. There are some houses that we don't get tired to check upon it and think about the whole concept of it's design or we just simply think: - Why didn't I built one of this before? Anyways, I really admire this unusual houses projects so here are some great examples of it... hope you like them! ;)