Surreal Photo Manipulation by Voogee

Wojciech Grzanka is a photographer and web designer from a small town called Jelcz-Laskowice in Poland. He works alongside with two other friends in a web design studio called Helldesign. However his real passion is photography. As he says, it's through photos that he can unleash his artistic imagination, and that's exactly what we want to share with you in this post. Among really cool and professional photos, Wojciech has a set of works, or to be more accurate, surreal work, called "It's all in my Head" with some incredible photomanipualtions. For more information visit Voogee's web site at or his blog and DeviantArt page. In photography I am interested in almost everything: people, animals, macro, architecture, nature, still life ... and I feel the best photo-montages, comes when I'm trying to combine all these categories into one, using different techniques to create something unreal, surreal, unprecedented I'm a typical self-taught - making a lot of mistakes.. there's still a lot to learn... This is precisely what attracted me to photography - endless variety of ways to consolidate moments ...

Effective Photo Retouching and CGI by Happy Finish

I am always impressed with what we can do in terms of photo manipulation, retouching and CGI. Then I received an email suggesting me to take a look at the work of Happy Finish, a studio specialized and retouching and CGI from London, UK. After checking their site out, I have to say, they have some very effective works. They handle project from large corporations to individual photographes with a impressive team of retouchers and CGI artists. Their portfolio is really impressive, with big names such as Vogue, Dazed, Esquire, Sony, Canon,TWA and others We are different. our retouchers and CGI artists work one-on-one with art directors, photographers and brands to create some of the world's most eye-catching images and campaigns. For more information visit Happy Finish's website. and be prepared to spend some time, it's worth it. Also, if you have suggestions like this one of Happy Finish that we received, do not hesitate to send us an email or let us know. "Knowledge and understanding of the feel of traditional photographic processes are essential for perfection with digital imaging. - Nick Nedeljkovic" "An activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or doing it better." - Lee Hickman "If the image is a success but my work goes unnoticed, I'm doing my job well." - Tim Ashton "A good retoucher is like Rumpelstiltskin, they can spin straw into gold. - Anna Watson-Smith" "My grandma thinks I am a wizard!" - Valentina D'Ettorre

Design Interview: Vladimir Tomin

Born in Russia, Vladimir Tomin is the true definition of a graphic illustrator and designer. He has worked professionally with the likes of MTV Worldwide, Reebok, and Adidas, to name a few. From motion graphics to digital art, he does it all! We have already featured him here on Abduzeedo and now we bring to you an amazing interview with the Vladimir, enjoy! Hello Vladimir, it’s always to speak with you; I’m particularly excited for this interview! Here at Abduzeedo, you’ve released exclusive fonts, but what most people don’t realize is you’re also a stunning graphic artist, with a resume including numerous awards and well-known clients. Tell us a bit about yourself! Vladimir: Hi Andrew! Thanks for inviting me to this interview; it is very exciting for me as well! Not much to tell about myself, I love cats, ice cream, and not too long ago I discovered coffee. For a man with constant headaches, coffee is an essential tool of creation. When I’m feeling fine, I can do literally anything. Coffee makes me feel great, at least for 1-2 hours that is. I also love my girlfriend; she inspires me more than anything on this planet. Let’s get right into it. What was it that started your art career, sparked your imagination, and developed into a passion for a variety of mediums, which you work with today? Vladimir: Well, university started my career. I clearly remember that day, after 5 years of pure hell: standing in front of my professor and him handing me my diploma. That day I decided that I would never be a programmer or an engineer; I had already had enough... So I tried to go into art and design-related work. I went to a local television station and told them I knew nothing about graphic design but I was ready to work and learn. I was very bad at first, but in a year I steadily improved and became head designer of the entire channel! In 2007, I met Photoshop and Graphic Exchange. It changed the way I looked at things. You see, before that time, I was creating motion artwork only. I was always pressured by deadline and couldn’t work on my projects long enough to make them as good as I wanted them to be. Thanks to works on Graphic Exchange, I realized that creating artwork opens two new opportunities: first, you can make it as perfect as you like and constantly improve it, and you actually don’t feel distressed by any deadline. This was a great discovery and impacted my life. It has made me who I am. I’ve seen your digital artwork, illustrations, and motion artwork, to name a few, but it is this variance that so intrigues me. What sort of time goes into your artwork, specifically your submission for Desktopography 2009, a favorite piece of mine, as well as “Dinner at Sunrise”? Vladimir: “Fight for Alpha”, a wallpaper for Desktopography 2009, was created in 3 evenings. But, you should know, I work very fast. I already knew what style I wanted it to be, so I spent no time on experiments. The hardest part was to recreate animals as illustrations. It took some time, but turned out great in my opinion! “Dinner at Sunrise” took 3 weeks to create. It contains an inhuman amount of illustration, keyed stop-motion work, 3D work, manual animation, and more. This was really a hard-to-create project, too bad it turned out not as great as I was expecting, judging on its relative unpopularity on the internet. Still, I think it was worth the time spent and I will definitely include a big part of this clip in my yearly reel. Are there any underlying themes that you feel are universal in all of your pieces, or do you try to vary your style? Vladimir:I’m not that good at making things mathematically perfect. That’s why I’m not even trying to master anything. For me it’s much easier and more interesting to try new things often. But, what I developed in the “Versus” piece for slashTHREE, I had already used 3 times: in “Fight for Alpha”, a private work for Digital Flow, and the exclusive material you’ll get to see at the end of the interview! Well, maybe this is my underlying theme you’re talking about, in visual language terms of course. You’re obviously skilled in many programs, which ones do you excel in or use most frequently, and how have they helped you to revolutionize the way of art as we know it? Vladimir: After Effects, enough said. This is my main tool for my line of work, and I’m spending around 10 hours a day in this program. Not every day of course. I’m also knowledgeable in Photoshop. What I’ve learned during my short yet rich life as an artist is: it’s not about the programs; it’s about the people you meet and connect with. It’s always about the people. Professionally, you’ve worked with the likes of MTV Worldwide Productions, Toyota, Adidas, and Reebok, to name a few. What is it like being commissioned on behalf of such well-renowned companies? Vladimir: Toyota, Adidas, and Reebok were just local representatives, but I did work with some big brands. To answer your question, I will try to describe the difference between big companies and small ones. Big companies know exactly what they want. Big companies are ready to pay for your work, and are well-aware of what makes a fair price. Big companies are skilled in communication. Big companies brand names will influence you more than you influence their company. I don’t know, maybe I was just lucky enough to work with recognized and positive companies, but so far I have noticed this linear dependence: less money your client has, more screwed your brain will be. That’s interesting, truly eye-opening to the way large companies will view your work! An artist must always have inspiration, have there been any artists or pieces of art that inspire you? Vladimir:Bosch and Dalí are two of my favorites. To go into more detail, Hieronymus Bosch was a Netherlands painter known for his use of imagery in his pieces. Salvador Dalí was a Spanish painter whose imaginative work was quite eccentric. I’m sure you’re an inspiration to our readers as well! Looking ahead, what are your goals for the future? Vladimir:I would like to become a part of large art-related agency to have better chances of working with big brands in the near future. But, my ultimate goal is to travel the world for inspiration. I’m going to start this weekend, and my first stop is Hong Kong. I will also be contributing to my beloved slashTHREE, but with current pack theme it is tough, but I’ll find a way through it. Personal incompatibility you know. I can’t wait to see your future work! Now, I hear that you have some Abduzeedo interview-exclusive material, what’s that about? Vladimir: This is the CD cover work for the great band, Injunity. Why exclusive? Abduzeedo helps many beginning artists learn; I want to inspire artists, instill creative roots, so that is why Abduzeedo is the first and only place where you can see this artwork. Later, maybe in a month or so, this work will be posted on my portfolio, but until that time, you can only find it here! Same exclusive rights go with my latest video work for MTV, “Physics of Unreal”. Enjoy! Wow, that’s great, the motion artwork is fantastic! Thanks for sharing those exclusively for this interview. I know the readers will enjoy it! Vladimir: Don’t mention it; I’m happy to provide something exclusive for this wonderful site! Well, this has sure been an eye-opening interview into the artwork of Vladimir Tomin, any last words for your readers? Vladimir: I will repeat myself once again: if you don’t love what you’re doing, do something else. It worked for me very well. Thanks for your time Vladimir! Vladimir: Thank you so much for invitation, I had great time here and I’m really proud to see my works on this site. Oh, by the way, I’m planning on making two new font packs in early 2010, and I would love to make those Abduzeedo-exclusives as well, so be prepared. Hope to see you guys in the near future, thanks for reading! Some Works

Fantastic Work of Zach Bush

Zach Bush is a freelance illustrator from Washington D.C., USA. The first time I saw one of his designs was throught the depthCORE collective and I was really impressed. Now with the new depthCORE chapter, Zach created some fantastic pieces. So let's take a closer look at his fantastic work. As usually we highly recommend that you check out Zach's webiste or his Behance profile. Zach Bush, a freelance illustrator, is based outside of Washington D.C. As of 2006, he has diligently worked to perfect his skills by consistently taking on new projects by various corporate clients. Zach's success is largely due to his perfectionist nature, as he will never release a project until he is 100% confident it can not be improved upon any further. Zach is part of the depthCORE and Slashthree Collectives.

Introducing Tebe Interesno - Creative Blog

We all love blogs. Especially me, I could spend hours scrolling up and down through blogs. And the best one's keep you smiling (or thinking) with every article, picture or video you see. I can't say much about this blog because it's russian. But as far as I imagine what the letter say it's a graphic designer who designes those images himself. Please promote this wonderful blog: Tebe Interesno

Incredible and Creepy Photo Manipulations by Aja Jones

I was surfing on Behance when I found one incredible image of a monster. It was quite creepy but really well done, so I decided to check out the author's portfolio. Aja Jones is a digital artists from France with a incredible set of monsters and macabre creatures design. All of them are creative photo manipulations, mixed with paintings and illustration. I would love to see his design process on them. For more information visit Aja Jones Behance page at or his DeviantArt at I am a Macabre Artist - Aja Jones

Amazing Work of Vladimir Tomin

Born in Russia, Vladimir Tomin is the true definition of a graphic illustrator and designer. He has worked professionally with the likes of MTV Worldwide, Reebok, and Adidas, to name a few. From motion graphics to digital art, he does it all! That's why we're featuring him here on Abduzeedo. Enough said, we know his work will inspire you! For more information we highly recommend that you visit Tomin's portfolio at Space-Jump Hi, my name is Tomin Vladimir, but Internet knows me as Myaka. I’m 26, I have diploma of IT specialist, but those 5 IT years was so hard I basically hate computers so after I finished my education I decided to go different way. I had a dream: making motion graphics. So I came to local TV station and told them what I want. They took me in, but of course first time I was working for nothing because I had to learn from almost zero. In a few months I handled After Effects well enough to make intro for one of sport programs. In 1 year I became head designer, and after 2 years of work here I leave for world of advert in peppers studio. So now I have 4.5 years of Motion Graphics About the Author Hello all, I'm Drew W., a 17 year-old student currently residing in the East Coast of the United States. I've been interested in graphic design since I was young, but I'm now dabbling in art management as I'm interested in pursuing a career in business. I work as a Scout at Artician, where I feature aspiring artists and their work. Here at Abduzeedo, I'll be interviewing artists, so if there are any questions you'd like to see answered, post a comment. Enjoy!

Brilliant and Intriguing Artworks from abo_fahod_75

Suliman AL-Mawash, aka abo_fahod_75, is a 33 years old graphic designer from Kuwait. He started working with graphic design in 1998 and is current for Kuwait TV. As you will see here, Suliman is very creative, talented and has a very nice style. His pieces are really brilliant and a bit intriguing. In my opinion, Suliman's artworks are a mix of many things: manipulation, conceptual photography, surrealism, fantasy art and of course, great ideas and talent. I bumped into Suliman's work in one of my flickr's peregrination looking for inspiration! His pieces really got my attention, so I decided to share some of them with you. Don't forget to visit his flickr page for further images!! Enjoy. :)

Case Study "Soldiers of Peace" by Younes

Today we have another case study, for everyone that likes to learn from other processes. This case study you will see each step of Younes Ze latest creation "Soldiers of Peace". It's a great photo illustrations and it will show you that things can go from dry to wet very quick. For more visit Soldiers of Peace Case Study Final Result

Crazy Photo Manipulation from Desafios Photoshop Brasil

A few days ago I received an email from Thiago Daubt and he told me about this brazilian site called Desafios Photoshop Brasil. The site has a very active community and it's all about Photoshop challenges. Pretty much a Brazilian version of The cool thing about these sites is that you have a specific subject and some images to play and mix with to come up with your design. The best one wins. I was checking the site and selected a few images to share with you. I really like to visit these sites to get inspiration and also motivation to keep up learning and practicing. I will probably start participating because they have a ranking with all the competitors, so in the end of the year the participants who get more points will receive prizes. Sweet! For more information visit Desafios Photoshop Brasil Making Of Making Of Making Of Making Of Making Of Making Of

Beautiful Photo Illustrations by Anthony Giacomino

Anthony Giacomino aka agiaco is 20 years old and pursuing a major in graphic design. The beauty about his work is the creativity he has and the very strong use of colors. The mix of photos and illustrations with such style is hard not to love. Check it out! Hi, my name is Anthony and I am a 19 year old designer based in the United States currently pursuing a job as a graphic designer. I do love art in all forms and creating digital art is my passion. Feel free to contact me on messenger or here for questions, comments, or commission projects. For more visit Bust Global Freezing Refuge in The Sky Chromatic Flow One with Nature Lost 2kan Tangled Karate Lesson Lost in Colour Gaia Egyptian Vitality Soul If you really enjoy his works as much as I did, find out how to buy a print here. Which piece did you like the most? Which ones would you like to have on your wall? "My personal favorite is Tangled, I would love to have it on my wall along with Egyptian and Lost 2kan."

The Perfect Lie in Photoshop

Everyday we see images of celebrities and models showing us the image of perfect. However this image seems to be nothing more than a "lie". "A Perfect Lie" - is an experiment by a young photographer, Cameron Rad, to show the truth behind the images we see everyday. In the video he uses various techniques in Photoshop to achieve this image of "perfection". But before the view we have this short interview with Cameron where he shared with us a bit of his motivations and what he has been doing lately. Please explain some of the techniques used in this video Cameron: Well basically I start off by examining the image and seeing what parts need work. Then I proceed by using the heal tool (not spot heal) to get rid of blemishes and "imperfections". I then also noticed she had quite a bit of facial hair, so to get rid of that I used the clone stamp with the mode on darken and lighten to blend in the hair with the skin tone. I also did quite a bit of dodging and burning and a very small amount of liquifying I understand you are part of an Artist Collaboration program in Los Angeles, can you give a run down on what that is about? Cameron: Ya. I am with a group known as BOXeight in Los Angeles. It is basically an artist collective. We all work to make BOXeight better and bigger and in return we get this badass studio to work with, place to live (if we need it), showcase our work, and communicate with other artists daily. I'm very fortunate to have found BOXeight and be part of it. If anyone is in the Southern California area, I recommend checking it out. We also have art shows and other events regularly. Is their anything else you'd like to mention before we finish? Cameron: Ya I'd really like to thank Abduzeedo, BOXeight, and all the people that have supported me. Also for anyone that has a Myspace please add me. Thanks everyone! :) Video

Beautiful Photo Manipulation by Lilla Marton

Lilla Márton is a 23 years old digital artist that lives in Hungary and has a special interest for arts. Her favorite art style is fantasy and as you will be able to see here, her impressive pieces can take us to a whole different world, full of fantasy and beauty. The first time I saw her work I believed her pieces were illustrations or digital painting, I really didn't notice they were photo manipulation. I bumped into Lilla's work in one of our Daily Inspiration posts. Since I loved the image (the first one of this selection) I decided to check out her deviantART portfolio to show you further pieces from her work. The images are really beautiful... I hope you like them as much as I did! :) Enjoy!

Sport Photo Illustration Step by Step

"Pele" is a sport photo illustration using mostly basic skills so I decided to share this is a detailed case study which I will not only show the steps of how it was done, but I also wrote what was exactly done in each and every step so you can watch and learn a bit. To see more of my work visit my behance gallery (For tutorials and case study suggestions contact me at Pele is a collab I did with the photographer Sam Robles, he contacted me with a couple photos of this soccer player that reminds of the king Pele and what we had in mind is pretty much what we got as a result, place him on a field and make it look realistic and hot at the same time, and this is what I got. For more from Sam Robles visit and view Pele on behance CASE STUDY Here you will be able to see the steps I took to get to the final result, the image started with the soccer player photo by Sam Robles, the others are stock photos I had to keep the quality so i went with the best place ShutterStock. 01 - First thing I did was to select the player out of his photo, I used a pen tool on this case. This is a very important step to your work, if you don't do this right it will bite you back at the end so take you time and make sure you get a good selection. I took me about an hour to get that in case you wondering. 02 - Now I place the stadium photo on the background, somewhere around the middle because I still have the sky and the grass to fit in. 03 - Since I first seen the stadium photo I noticed the grass was not exactly what I wanted that's why I grabbed another photo with better grass and here you can see the difference. 04 - Placing the sky now, I could go with something blue and nice but the final look that I had in mind was kinda dark so I decided to go with a nice cloudy sky. 05 - Now that I have almost everything in place it's time to work a bit on the illumination so I can make these photos look more like one. Starting with the grass, I create a layer over it and with the Gradient Tool and the color black I create a shade around the grass to make it look like it belongs there. 06 - The same step I did with the grass I repeat on the sky, getting it a little darker. 07 - Time to fix the stadium light now, this one is a little trickier because I want to make the right side a lot lighter than the left one so it looks like the light is the same way as it is on the player, to get that done I used the technique I taught here (Manipulation Basics: Illumination and Coloration) 08 - Now that I correct a little bit in every photo the image is starting to look better, to give a whole better look to it I decided to add a crowd there, it takes a bit of patience but it's not hard to do, I used the pen tool to select the empty spaces and placed the crowd photo in there, re-sized to look real and added a darker shade on the edges so it blends in well as you can see. 09 - The scenario already got everything I wanted, time to make it look even more real so I replace the soccer ball with new and better looking one. Also added shadow of the player (following the light direction on his body) and a little shade under his foot and the ball so they won't look like they are flying. I also created a new layer to add some light around the player so that area stay lighter than the others to bring more attention to that area. 10 - This step was essential for my image to have that look it had in the end. I saved the image as it was and using Adobe Lightroom I made the image look somewhere like an overdone fake hdr photo, saved as a .jpg and placed it back on top of all the layers, I reduced the Opacity a bit so the over all look wasn't too overdone and this kinda worked as a texture. 11 - Now on top of that I create a couple layers to fix the lights, this time more like an overall instead of each photo separate. I put some light coming from the top left, also add light to the stadium and got the grass a little darker. 12 - My last steps were to give more shadow around the player since I put light on the stadium the shadow usually goes 4 ways so I did that but still left that main shadow darker because the light on the player was on that direction. The last thing I did was add the color, I did that by adding a layer desaturating the whole image a little bit and another layer on top with the final color I wanted to apply on the image. I hope everyone like this case study and remember if you want you results to come out good always pay attention to details.

Insane Photo Illustrations by Emeric Trahand

Graphic designer, Art director, Illustrator, Emeric Trahand, also known as Takeshi, has established himself as a freelance graphic designer in France in mid 06 and has already been commissioned by a diverse array of companies and publications worldwide. Emeric works with a special emphasis on aesthetics, creative ideas and communication goals, with a very high attention to details. Inspired by everything, everywhere, interested and enthusiastic, he is in complete love with visual creation. He is also member of the exclusive Keystone Design Union, and the Depthcore digital arts community. For more visit

Photo Manipulations with a Sense of Humor

When you put two creative minds together, the Italians Cristian Girotto and Alberto Raviglione spend some quality time working on personal projects with quite a sense of humor. This is definitely the kind of inspiration that will put a smile on your face, check it out! For more of Cristian Girotto visit For more of Alberto Raviglione Into My Plastic Bones A Clown in Paris Fake Fakir La Vie en Rose SpiderBear

Manipulation Basics: Illumination and Coloration

When comes to photo manipulation, the basics and most important parts are the illumination and coloration, these are the main things that if you know how to work around it pretty much will assure you of a good result at the end, so open up the photoshop and get ready to learn some tricks. Click on the images for a bigger view, and make sure to visit my behance to check out more of my work. To create a good photo manipulation you have to make sure all the photos that you put together end up looking like one real photo, that’s the beauty of a good photo manipulation, that question that pops on your head; Is that real or no it can’t be real it has to be photoshoped. That’s when you know a good job is done and that’s what we are looking for. Some of the most important things are to keep the same illumination and coloration while mixing up multiple photos, and so I will show a sample of how to do it. Using two photos only to keep it simple, I will show you the techniques I used to blend in this composition. To keep it simple I choose a full body portrait photo and found a photo of a background scenario where I would like to place him. Katanaz Stock Shutter Stock First thing and very important is to select the model and place him into the background photo, and try to size it well according to the object sizes you see at the background photo (I will be writing about sizing and perspective very soon). I used the Magnetic Lasso Tool (L) always using a layer mask so I can fix the little details on the selection, it’s really good if you know how to use the pen tool to make precise selections but if not you can get around using other tools like I do. As you see on the image I placed the model on the background photo and now I am going to work on the illumination and coloration to make this photo look like a really good composition. To start on that I need to figure it out where the light is coming from in both photos, in this case it’s not that bad of a confusion of light because I had that in mind while looking for stock photos, and this is what you should do as well. Once you find or have a main photo that you want to work on you start looking for photos that match the same illumination and somewhere at least close to the same coloration as well. As you see the direction of the light on the model is not a problem to the background because the place where he is has no light, but as you see on the far back background the light looks to be coming from about the same way. But if the model is there and the light is hitting his face it must also hit the background so we are going to start working on that, but to make the colors easier to match since it’s only a two photo manipulation I will desaturate the background (Image>Adjustment>Desaturate) and reduce the saturation (Image>Adjustment>Vibrance | Saturation: - 44) of the model so later I can add on some colors to it. Ok, now I am going to work on applying that same light into the background, to do that I need to get the background a little darker so I duplicate the layer and on the background copy I made it darker using curves (Image>Adjustment>Curves | Output:100 Input:150) Now is the tricky part that will make the light effect, on the background copy create a layer mask and using Gradient Toll (G) | Radial Gradient make a gradient circle on the left side of the background so it looks like the sun is hitting there since the layer under is a lighter than the one on top. You can notice the difference because you creating the image but to make it more noticeable for other eyes we need to make the background layer even lighter that way it will give a better contrast on the light spot I just created. This time I use (Image>Adjustment>Brightness/Contrast | Brightness: 100) Now as you can see we solved the problem of the light direction on both photos but now we have to add the shadow of the model. The shadow is very important, try to follow the same path of where the light is coming from to apply the shadow. Holding ctrl click on the layer mask of the model and on a new layer paint it black, use distort and perspective (Edit>Transform>…) to make the shadow following the light direction and use a little bit of blur give a good look to it (Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur). Place the layer under the model layer and you should have something like this. Now just set the layer mode to Soft Light and the Fill to 54%. Create a new layer (still under the model layer) and with the Gradient Toll (G) | Radial Gradient make a gradient circle where the feet of the model touch the ground to make a little shadow on that spot as well. Now that I took care of the shadow I need to adjust the light on the model, so I will give more light on the top and less on the bottom. This is what I am going to do, duplicate the model layer and on the top one I will make it brighter by applying (Image>Adjustment>Brightness/Contrast | Brightness: 65) I got a very lighter model now but I only want it to be lighter on the area that the light is hitting, so I go on the layer mask and with the Gradient Tool | Linear Gradient I will use the gradient to cover the body leaving only the part where the light actually hits as you see here. Now to make the bottom darker we could also apply the same technique duplicating the layer, making it darker and using linear gradient to leave only the bottom part showing. But since this time I am going to do it an easier way, holding ctrl I click on the layer mask of the model layer that will give me the selection of the model, now from bottom up using Gradient Tool | Linear Gradient and the color black I am able to make the bottom really black, for a better look I set the Fill of the layer to 80% and the result is right on. Looks like we got a great composition so far, all the lightning is matching and it really looks like one only photo. The final touch on the illumination is done by creating one layer on top of everything and with the Gradient Tool | Radial Gradient make a big circle around the main area using black and set the layer mode to Soft Light and the Opacity to 80%, so it will bring all the attention and focus to the main part of your image which is the model. All the lightning is done and now it’s time to give it some color, this part will be really based on what you really like, it’s my favorite part to work on and I can play around for hours until I get a result that really makes me happy. On this case I am going to keep it simple and nice. First thing I like to do when working on an image that is desaturated is to create a new layer on top of all, and paint it light brown (#c7b299) set the layer mode to Multiply with the Opacity to 80%. Now to give a final touch with the color I create another layer on top of that and add some color, I used a light purple and set the layer to Soft Light and the Opacity to 40% but you can pretty much mix a bunch of colors use some gradient tool and get the result you really want. These are some basic and pretty effective techniques I always use and you can adjust to your style and the way you like to get things going, I hope you guys enjoyed, if you have any questions just leave a comment. Download the .psd Thank you!