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Tiny Things, Flies and Creativity - Photos by Ukaaa

I already mentioned here that I love macro shots. And last week, while browsing for some inspiring images, I bumped into Ukaaa's work and I simply loved it! He combines tiny things, some flies and lots of creativity to compose really funny shots. Ukaaa, or Nicholas Hendrickx, is a very talented photographer from Belgium who got a flickr account in 2007 to show his growing interest in photography. I like to experiment with original ideas and compositions, I'm a perfectionist with great patience and an enjoyer of life and its little details... :) Though some of my digital macro shots might look unrealistic to you, all of them are 100% real and no Photoshop was used to edit them, except for some white balance or contrast issues, or to remove dust on the macro filters. I really liked his 'The Adventures Of Mr. Fly' series, you should check it out at flickr. Take your time and browse around his gallery, it has plenty of nice shots to look! Hope you like it as much as I did. :)

Great Advertising Photography by ED McCulloch

The best thing about blogging is that we discover new professionals all the time, and in this post it's not different, it was a suggestion from a reader, and it's this amazing advertising photographer from Salt Lake City Utah called ED McCulloch. ED has been creating things since he was born way back in the 70's. While in school he studied art and visual communications. He also spent some time studying art direction in South Beach. Ed works as a collaborative team to help create new and unique images. He feels that through collaboration and teamwork the greatest ideas can be cultivated, nourished and brought to life. Form more information we highly recommend that you visit ED's website the photos are simply awesome. Some Photos See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch

Silent-View Photography Project

During my everyday search for inspiring images I bumped into silent-order gallery at deviantART and liked what I saw. Their photos are a bit different than usual, they are intriguing, sometimes bizarre, sometimes creepy... but all images are beautiful and can get our attention by its looks, colors, composition, characters or even the very nice details they insert at some scenes (if you pay attention you can find accessories as weird as bra and bird hats). Silent-order is actually the gallery of the Silent-View project. Absolute silence, as it is found inside a camera silens, is sensed as an unpleasant or frightening experience as result of the absent of reflexion and therewith the absent of acoustic orientation in space. It leads to sensory deprivation which may induce hallucination or thought disorder caused by the lack of external stimulation. It is used for inquisition and brainwashing and belongs to the white torture as it leaves no visible signs of torture but still is able to shatter human personality within short time. Silent-View photography is an art photo project consisting of a photographer (Silent-View) and a model (Fraeulein von Rosenfelde), that tries to implement impressions which may develop in a camera silens into pictures. Escape into the inside as the only way to deal with the isolation. I liked their photos, they have a cool atmosphere and a nice composition (makeup, hair, costumes, accessories, etc), everything matches and create a nice and eye catching image. If you like these images you must check out their gallery to see much more of their work and also to read more about the project. Hope you like it! I did. =)

Stereoscopic Images Inspiration

Stereoscopy (also called stereoscopic or 3-D imaging) is any technique capable of recording three-dimensional visual information or creating the illusion of depth in an image, that's the Wikipedia definition. This type of image is getting quite popular, so I decided to create a collection of stereoscopic samples, which the technique that can be explained by overlapping our left and right eyes usually do about an image. The parallax is the horizontal distance between the left and right image that appears in the objects relative to the observer, is responsible to make these images look 3d, That is why the stereoscopic cameras takes the snapshots using two lenses. via DPUF. About the Author Hey buddies! I'm Marcos Torres, a 19 years old art director/freelancer from Brazil, I'm here to bring some new interessant stuff to you. You can see my portfolio at Any request or jobs oportunities send to, also follow me on twitter

Pencil versus Camera by Ben Heine

Ben Heine is a Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer. He was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and currently live and work in Brussels. Ben also has created a really cool series of works that called Pencil vs Camera. I’ve been taking photos and drawing since almost 10 years. This « Pencil Vs Camera » series is nothing but the result of several years of graphic exploration and a logic consequence of my artistic evolution. But the real idea came by coincidence while I was watching television and writing a letter at the same time a few weeks ago. Reading my letter before putting it in the envelope, I saw in transparency the television behind the paper. I then realize it would be great to make something similar in a single image showing 2 different actions. - Ben Heine For more information visit Ben's Flickr Page or his website at Pencil vs Camera I took this photo in the "Palais des Beaux Arts" of Lille, France (I also made the drawing) This is a photo I took in Lille, France. I also made the rough sketch... This is the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium. I took this photo last Winter and edited it today A sculpture, a photo, a drawing and friendship, all in once! :D I took this photo in Belgium. I also drew the rough sketch. Yes I know, this one isn't really poetic, sorry. :) This is a view of Utrecht from the Dom Tower, which is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands, at 112.5 metres (368 feet) in height. I took the photo and drew the 2 sketches (I've lived 7 months in Utrecht). This is a view of the countryside in Braives, Belgium. I took the photo and drew the sketch (I wanted to make a very simplified composition on the paper to match the landscape). I took this photo near Brussels (I also made the sketch) This is a photo I took from Montmartre's hill in Paris, France. I also made the rough sketch. :D

The Streets in Black & White

I love black and white photography and specially shots on the street, where people are not expecting and most of the time don't even know they have been captured in that very moment. The feelings that the streets bring into a photography are so strong and priceless. Check out this selection of black and white photography. by Michael Penn by Hugh Hill by Michael Penn by alberto.degennaro by Sion Fullana by About a Mayordomo by charles le brigand by petergriffin_1892 by Doudou by silvertony45 by Sion Fullana by johnkershner by silvertony45 by C.W. Thomas by flydime by Sebastian Mary by Mohsan by Alexandre Foulon by Sailing (Ronn ashore) by ndnbrunei by bstorage by David Guimarães by H.M.Lenstalk by unclebuzz1 by Valery Titievsky by H.L.Tam

Beautiful Pictures of Volcanos

We've seen these past few days the mega eruption of volcano Eyjafjallajökull that has caused big trouble all over Europe. We thought it would be nice to check the other side of these magnificient moments: the beauty of a volcano! Erupting or not, these amazing, living mountains got a tremendous amount of energy to spend and most of these pictures catch right that moment when lava explodes through the air. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy these, and don't forget to visit each photographer's page by clicking in each picture. Cheers! ;)

Beautiful Monochromatic Portraits by Federico Erra

I really love portraits. I think they are beautiful, inspiring and sometimes intriguing. And what I like most about them is that some photographers have the ability to turn them into really deep pieces, in something that communicates without saying a word, in something that we look and find a connection between the person in the photo, the scene, the atmosphere, everything. Browsing around Flickr I found Federico Erra's gallery and simply loved it. He has some really impressive photos to show! I specially loved the monochromatic ones, so I made this selection here to show you guys. Since I was not 100% that all these photos were B&W and I wasn't able to check that with the artist I decided to call them monochromatic, to avoid mistakes. Federico Erra is an italian photographer who lives between Milan and New York has 29 years old and is very talented. This is all the info I got at his profile but I contacted him and I will work in a next post with further info about him. Enough said, I hope you enjoy the images... And don't forget to check out his gallery at Flickr. Enjoy. =)

The Multiple Faces of Times Square

I think that most people that go by Times Square in NYC take photos, specially if you a visitor, after all it's Times Square. So I decided to make a nice collections of photos of Times Square from different people, different views, different times and the result it's amazing, check it out! by basheem Times Square From Wikipedia Times Square is a major intersection in Manhattan, a borough of New York City, at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Streets. The Times Square area consists of the blocks between Sixth and Eighth Avenues from east to west, and West 40th and West 53rd Streets from south to north, making up the western part of the commercial area of Midtown Manhattan. Formerly named Longacre Square, Times Square was renamed after the Times Building (now One Times Square) in April 1904. Times Square, nicknamed "The Crossroads of the World," has achieved the status of an iconic world landmark and has become a symbol of New York City. Times Square is principally defined by its spectaculars, animated, digital advertisements. The intersection of Broadway and 42nd Street, at the south-east corner of Times Square, is the Eastern Terminus of the Lincoln Highway, the first road across the United States of America. by moriza by moriza by Oli Haukur by zsumoz by gustavofoligno by Steve from NJ by andre stoeriko by Mike G. K. by Heaven`s Gate by straatis by Drive-In Mike by Paul in Leeds by Philipp Klinger by José Miguel M.P by Philipp Klinger by Nome by zokuga by zokuga by Klingon65 by elissasarts by Werner Kunz by DaveyWilson by by Vi P by Soda O by Arve Johnsen by Jörg Dickmann by Jörg Dickmann by Jörg Dickmann by Sion Fullana by John Fraissinet by mudpig by mudpig Share your photo on the comment area!

Stunning Photography by Gordon McBryde

From bright, colorful pictures to that other side, darker and moody... photography passes by both extremes in a fraction of a second, and it's great how the same photographer gets to picture both ends just perfectly. I know this guy for some time now, and it came the time to tell the world about him. Gordon McBryde is an awesome photographer that takes some amazing pictures... he also makes some great manips from his images, that only turn his art into something even better. One thing that I've always thought about his work, is that it's just the thing people love to post on tumblr, and when you take a look at these, you're gonna probably relate to that. For more of his great pieces, visit his portfolio at DeviantART. I hope you all enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Creative & Stylish Photos by Ryan Schude

Ryan Schude was born in the greater Chicagoland area in 1979. Ryan received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from St. Mary’s College in Northern California before heading to the San Francisco Art Institute for photography. After shooting freelance for a bit and then working full time as a photo editor in San Diego, Ryan moved to Los Angeles where he currently lives and works out of the Forge, a studio just outside of downtown. Focusing around a conceptual and narrative framework, Ryan blends a fine art background with a more produced look to create multiple stories within each photo. He is for sure very talented, and his images are really creative and stylish. The colors, the atmosphere, the characters, the scene... the whole composition is pretty unique and eye catching. Inspiration is constantly fed both by his immersion in the vast locations around L.A., and the strong creative network backed by the other two partners at the Forge, Collins Schude and Dan Busta, who are involved heavily in many of Ryan's projects. We received an email from one of our readers, Gustavo Balestraci, who mentioned Ryan's work and suggested the post. Gustavo was totally right, as soon as I entered (something you should also do) I was captured by Ryan's images. I probably already said this before, but I really love when a photographer manage to produce images that 'speak to the viewer', images that capture our attention and make us think about them, make us build a whole history in our minds. These photos from Ryan had that effect on me, I could put together a whole history for every one of the photos. Well, enough said, time to take your time and take a look at the images! Enjoy. =)

Light Painting Guide by Christopher Hibbert

Light painting, also known as light drawing is a photographic technique in which exposures are made usually at night or in a darkened room by moving a light source or by moving the camera, that's the definition and in this guide/tutorial Christopher Hibbert will give us some tips on how to produce this effects with your camera. Tools The lenses Of course the lens is chosen regarding the scene. Note that you don t need lenses with big aperture like 2.8 because you will need time to paint and therefore a very low shutter speed = small aperture. I started doing light painting with a 18-70mm 3.5-4.5 and I often use it at F/9, F/16. *Keep in mind that since you may be alone while doing light painting, you shouldn’t go too far from your camera using a 200mm lens for example. You don’t want your stuff to be stolen ;) Flash The flash fixes people and objects on the scene so they are clearly visible even for long exposure photographs. For example, on “Light soccer”, I was flashed at the beginning of the shooting. Torches and lights You can use any kind of light. It really depends on the color, the thickness, the brightness you need. I did my first light painting using the flashlight of my mobile. Actually, I use the mini light of a keychain and different sizes of Maglite. It is also interesting and fun to integrate uncontrolled moving lights in the process. (Lights from cars, trains, stars… see the following examples) Colors To obtain colored lights, you can use colored bulbs with your torches or use filters. I use colored corks from soda bottles… they fit perfectly on my small Maglite. Easier than having many torches in your bag and also cheaper! Plus, the red cork comes with a soda which boosts you for the night ;) Here is an example of characters colored using the cork of a soda bottle. Other tools Well you will need a tripod of course. Be sure to get one that supports the weight of your camera + lens and that is high enough for you. Another great tool to reduce camera shake and blurry photographs is a remote shutter release that allows you to block the shutter opened as long as you want. *Wear dark clothe! That will decrease the chance of you being visible on the image if you stay at the same spot while painting. Technique It is important to start, shooting at the scene without painting to setup the camera as best as you can in order to get a well exposed, well framed scene and a shutter speed slow enough. All you have to think about is pointing the light to the lens. Don’t worry if you need lasers, they won’t damage your camera’s captor! If you want to integrate lights from a car for example, start the shooting when the car is about to appear on the scene. By the way, you can use lights from cars to light the scene like I did to realize the following light painting. Subjects Light painting is about fun and creativity. Words, calligraphy, abstract shapes, characters, objects: use your imagination to add elements to scenes, create scenes, write words, names… Settings White Balance In urban scene, the light is often yellow… that is why all my first light paintings are yellow. In order to get the right white balance, you can use a compact grey chart like the one from TrueColors Focus It can be difficult to setup the focus in a dark place. Use one of your torches to light an area of the scene and make the camera focus on it. Once done, put the focus on manual so it won’t change while shooting. Tip: You can play with the zoom of your lens during the shooting to get nice effects like the following one. Slow shutter speed Different settings have to be setup in order to get the shutter speed you need. Low ISO decreases the sensibility and the noise on long exposure photographs. The aperture changes the depth of field and a small aperture means slower shutter speed when shooting dark scenes. The shutter speed can be as low as you want. Just be sure that the scene is well exposed. “Sunny night” The following photograph’s exposure time is around 16minutes. There were no lights at all in the streets. The scene lightning comes from the moon. About Christopher Hibbert Christopher Hibbert is a freenlancer photographer from Paris, France. He is an expert in light painting with an impressive portfolio full of very creative photos using this technique. Below you can see some examples, and for more information about him visit his website at Some Works

Awesome Multiplicity Photography

Multiplicity is the act of placing the same person a few times in the same photo, using that concept some people just took that to the next level and here is an awesome selection of Multiplicity Photography, check it out! by saboegel by MeFind by Seagers by A.J. French by Lens-Prince by Angela_Toidze by Michael Hunter by Michael Hunter by Michael Hunter by Michael Hunter by Michael Hunter by Sean Lee Cheng by Steve Kay by A | M by Sebastien.b by Michael Hunter by Dollen by Dollen by Mdm Bricolleur by tuthdoc99 by Figurita_nl by Kit Haselden Photography by F.A.R. FoTo by Nikilynn by poopoorama by hkvam by jaeWALK by Dave DiCello by RayPG 2.0 by RayPG 2.0

Awesome LeParkour Action Photography

In this post you will see some awesome action shots of LeParkour athletes flying every way you can imagine. These photographies show what the sport is all about from a close view. If you like action shots this is a must see. Enjoy! About Le Parkour Parkour (sometimes also abbreviated to PK) or l'art du déplacement [1] (English: the art of moving) is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one's path by adapting one's movements to the environment.[2] It is a non-competitive, physical discipline of French origin in which participants run along a route, attempting to negotiate obstacles in the most efficient way possible, as if moving in an emergency situation. Skills such as jumping and climbing, or the more specific parkour moves are employed. The object of parkour is to get from one place to another using only the human body and the objects in the environment. The obstacles can be anything in one's environment, but parkour is often seen practiced in urban areas because of the many suitable public structures available such as buildings and rails. via wikipedia BombDog BombDog BombDog DannyPack Fill Tyson Cecka H. Alejandro David Guimarães -TJPhoto- Badzo christian rapslef DannyPack H. Alejandro yari92 Baden West Baden West JB London JB London JB London Nathan Longfield JB London guigui_sk8_74 WildCAught1 Hikaru team JB London H. Alejandro JB London Wolfbeta Wolfbeta Mark Madeo Mark Madeo Mark Madeo Mark Madeo Mark Madeo Mark Madeo Mark Madeo Mark Madeo jean-ch carpentier

World Water Day Pictures

If you don't know, on March 22nd, 2010 was celebrated the World Water Day, a day for consciousness of how bad things are going with our clean water. And if our clean water is bad, we are faded to a rough future. Although we live on a water-covered planet, only 1% of the world's water is available for human use, the rest locked away in oceans, ice, and the atmosphere. The National Geographic Society feels so strongly about the issues around fresh water that they are distributing an interactive version of their April, 2010 magazine for download - free until April 2nd - and will be exhibiting images from the series at the Annenberg Space for photography. These pictures are my selection of a bigger collection at For all the 43 (or so) pictures, visit their website! I hope you all enjoy this, and please, save water for our future. ;) The Maya believed natural wells, such as the Xkeken cenote in Mexico's Yucatan, led to the underworld. (John Stanmeyer, VII, © National Geographic) India's holiest river, the Ganges, is scribbled with light from floating oil lamps during the Ganga Dussehra festival in Haridwar. Hindus near death often bathe in the river; some are later cremated beside it and have their ashes scattered on its waters. (John Stanmeyer, VII, © National Geographic) Jared Otieno, a worker with the Kenyan Ministry of environment and mineral resources, sprinkles water cupped in his hand as he and other workers who helped clean two-and-a-half miles of the Nairobi river basin in Nairobi greet foreign United Nations visitors to the river basin site on March 21, 2010. (ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images) Floating on dreams and whispers, girls from a West Bank village cool off in the salt-laden waters of the Dead Sea. With its main tributary, the Jordan, at less than a tenth of its former volume, the inland sea has dropped some 70 feet since 1978. (Paolo Pellegrin, Magnum © National Geographic) A man swims in a pool inside a condominium in Singapore March 21, 2010. (REUTERS/Nicky Loh) A boy swims in the murky waters of Manila Bay March 21, 2010. (REUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo) A swan swims at Lake Toepper (Toeppersee) in the western German city of Duisburg on March 11, 2010. Balancing on a slippery makeshift ladder, women pass precious gallons hand to hand up a well nine people deep in the Marsabit region of northern Kenya. After the water reaches the surface, the women will compete for it with thirsty livestock. (Lynn Johnson, © National Geographic) Flood water drains from a ditch along Interstate 29 March 21, 2010 south of Fargo, North Dakota. (Scott Olson/Getty Images) Upsala Glacier as seen from the International Space Station in February of 2010. Upsala is a large valley glacier in Argentina's Los Glaciares National Park. Google Map. (NASA/JSC) Dry conditions produce cracked earth at a reservoir in Shilin county, Yunnan province, China, on Thursday, March 4, 2010. Yunnan is experiencing its worst drought in more than 60 years. (Ariana Lindquist/Bloomberg) A Chinese softball player hits a ball during a sandstorm in Beijing on March 20, 2010. Beijingers woke up to find the Chinese capital blanketed in yellow dust, as a sandstorm caused by a severe drought in the north and in Mongolia swept into the city. (STR/AFP/Getty Images) A dead fish is seen floating in a polluted river on the outskirts of Yingtan, Jiangxi province March 20, 2010. (REUTERS/Stringer) Mahendra Kumar surfaces to catch his breath as he dives into a polluted section of the River Yamuna to scavenge for ornaments and coins left by Hindu rituals at the river bank, in New Delhi, India, Monday, March 22, 2010. Officials say factories are ignoring regulations and dumping untreated sewage and industrial pollution, turning toxic the river that gives the capital much of its drinking water. (AP Photo/Gurinder Osan) A villager bathes under a hose pipe used for the irrigation of rice field, as his son, left, looks on, on the outskirts of Amritsar, India, Monday, March 22, 2010. (AP Photo/Altaf Qadri) A floating restaurant is stranded in a branch of the Yangtze River in Chongqing Municipality, March 21, 2010. A severe drought across a large swath of southwest China is now affecting more than 50 million people, and forecasters see no signs of it abating in the short term, state media said on Friday. (REUTERS/Stringer) 4,000 baby bottles containing polluted water stand on the Bundesplatz in Bern, Switzerland, Monday, March 22. 2010. The action was organized by the Swiss association for International Cooperation Helvetas to highlight the UN's World Water Day. (AP Photo/Keystone/Peter Klaunzer) A fisherman paddles his canoe through dead fish along Manaquiri River, a tributary of the Amazon, near the city of Manaquiri, November 28, 2009. The world's biggest rainforest is suffering from seasonal drought, killing tons of fish. (REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker) Severed from the edge of Antarctica, this iceberg might float for years as it melts and releases its store of fresh water into the sea. The water molecules will eventually evaporate, condense, and recycle back to Earth as precipitation. (Camille Seaman, © National Geographic) A drop of water falls from a melting piece of ice on Argentina's Perito Moreno glacier near the city of El Calafate, in the Patagonian province of Santa Cruz, December 16, 2009. (REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci)

Amazing Pictures of Lighthouses

For me, one of the greatest kinds of buildings is a lighthouse. I find amazing how much big storms it takes during a year and keeps showing the way to sailors everywhere. There are some photographers that really know how to catch the different feelings of it. I'm not going to make a poem out of it, so I just hope you all enjoy my selection. Here are featured the work of some amazing photographers... I recommend you all to check out their work at their portfolios. They'll appreciate it! Show them some love. Cheers! ;p

Volkswagen Beetle Photography Inspiration

The Volkswagen Beetle, also known as the Volkswagen Type 1, was an economy car produced by the German auto maker Volkswagen (VW) from 1938 until 2003. Perhaps because of its classic German beauty or maybe because it was designed to be “The People’s car”, it’s one of the most popular machines ever built, an icon of design. Apparently people can’t have enough of taking shots of or with it, so we collected quite a few to share with you. Here are some ..enjoy! Source: Thanks for all users who shared their photography, click on picture for source About the Author I'm Ismail el Desouky, an Egyptian second year Computer Science Department Student in Arab Academy for science 7 technology.Like to check art -designs -music and all types of inspiration from time to another.