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Beautiful and Delicate Photos by Sakura

I really LOVE macro... and browsing around Flickr I found the work from Sakura, a girl from Tokyo that has a natural talent to capture beautiful things. Her images are reallly delicate, colorful, inspiring and gorgest. As the images speak for themselves, I have not much to say. And I'm sure you will also like her work... I am a Japanese girl who live in Tokyo. Love to take photos of natures, just like small wild flowers and small creatures, around me. You can find me on flickr. Enjoy the images and make sure to visit Sakura's flickr page to check out further amazing photos! Enjoy... :)

Awesome Light Photography by Alan Jaras

Back when I was a kid, I was attracted to everything creative & colorful. My neighbor, who wrote books about experiments for kids, showed me a lot of colorful playings. My favorite experiment was closing my eyes and pressing my fingers against them. Most of the times you see a firework of colors in space depending on the light around you, and the amount of pressure you press against the eyes. Alan Jaras Photographs look exactly like those images I use to see on my head. The interplay and the interaction of light on materials and surfaces has long been a fascination for me. As a research scientist and microscopist I used many optical and lighting techniques to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of materials. I am now exploring the world of caustics - those magical patterns that are formed when a beam of light travels through transparent textured materials. Using traditional photographic techniques and pieces of complex shaped glass and plastics I project these patterns directly on to colour film. The resulting images and photographs that you see are purely analogue and are not computer generated, but a true representation of the patterns formed by the light beam after its complex journey through the refractive objects I create. I have always sought to find a bridge between art and science; with these "Refractographs" I now feel I have achieved my goal. Where to find him on the web - Flickr Account - Buy Prints Where to find him on the web - Flickr Account - Buy Prints

Photography Quick Tips: Desaturated Film Style Photos

Lately I've been getting a lot of photography how-to questions so I decided to start a series of posts called "Photography Quick Tips" where I'll share with you guys some short and simple steps to achieving the effects of your choice. As a disclaimer, I just want to mention that I'm not exactly a Photoshop expert like my cousin, Fabio (yeah, the Photoshop gene doesn't run in the family, who knew?). It's basically just pure experimentation on my end, so there are probably other ways to achieve these effects that I'm not aware of. In that case, just let me know. I want to learn from you guys too! Oh, and you can send me your questions via facebook or twitter. Anyway, I'll start the series off with a question I received last week from @shamefuld about how I managed to achieve film quality with my Canon Digital Rebel. Final Image Original Image How To Step One Open your image and before anything, double click on the Background layer over at the layers palette to unlock it. Step Two To get that medium format film effect we need to turn the rectangular image to a square. Do this by going to Image > Canvas Size. I chose to do 6.944 x 6.944. By doing this instead of readjusting the image size straight away, we can better control the crop later on. Step Three Since the canvas size is now smaller than our original image, scale it down using free transform (Command + t). And crop it however you wish. Step Four Now it's time to get that faded look. Go to create new fill or adjustment layer at the bottom of your layers palette, select Exposure and adjust according to your preference. The trick is to bring up the Offset and bring down the Gamma Correction a little. Step Five Go back to create new fill or adjustment layer at the bottom of your layers palette, select Brightness/Contrast this time. Check the Use Legacy box, bring down the Contrast and boost up the Brightness to your liking. This softens the image. Step Six Again return to create new fill or adjustment layer, select Photo Filter. Adjust according to the feel you want your image to have. I wanted a cold feel for this one. Step Seven Adjusting the Curves is just a personal preference of mine. Basically this is just a lot of experimentation and adjustment layers. Go to town with the adjustment layers option. Seriously, adjust layers to your heart's content, people. Most of the time I don't even know what I'm doing. I've found that sometimes you go in with something in mind but get something really different to what you wanted and really cool in the end, so just play around with it a little. Step Eight After that I just started repeating steps. Try adding some color fills like I did here (Create new fill or adjustment layer > Solid Color). Set the blend mode to Overlay and bring down the Opacity to around 30-40%. You can even go all out and add some fancy schmancy textures in there if you want. Maybe even some noise to reproduce that film grain effect. Have fun!

The Seductive Images from Alexia Sinclair

Alexia Sinclair is a very talented art photographer and digital artist based in Sydney - Australia. Her distinct style is easily recognized and highly original. Using a visual narrative to seduce her audience with each photographic feast, Sinclair’s art is dark and seductive, baroque and symbolic. Her multilayered photographs subtly present contemporary notions of fashion and beauty through innovative digital media, whilst restoring antique notions of classicism, elegance and luxury. Sinclair is an artist who skillfully walks the tightrope that divides the worlds of Fine Art and Commercial Art. Motivated by her love and devotion for all things intricate and unusual, this versatile creative uniquely approaches her creative production by filling all of the roles, from designing sets and props, to makeup and costumes. Sinclair travels the world photographing locations and models and works in post production constructing imagined worlds through the combination of her photographs and hand illustrations. I saw Alexia's work on my daily researches online and her images got my attention. I loved the colors, the atmosphere, post production and style. I'm pretty sure you will also like the images! Find more about Alexia and her work online at: Personal Website Flickr Page Make sure to visit Alexia Sinclair's portfolio and enjoy the images... :)

20 Beautiful Pictures of Cats

20 Beautiful Pictures of Cats

Sometime ago we had a pretty awesome post on pictures of dogs, which had some pretty sweet images, from all over the world. Today, it's all about cats! These little animals are pretty amazing pets and look real good in pictures. Also, you guys should visit each photographer's page to check more of their great work. Enough said, check these out! ;D Villi.Ingi The whitest cat I know FrizzText Red Cat Blue Alison Kinsey Has the cat got your tongue? jciv Cat in Motion Sarah Stewart Cuddles Cat tanakawho Cat among the cherry blossoms 3 Celeste RC The Cats of Ulthar David R. Preston Evil Cat strollerdos cat's eyes Erika Snyder Cat Portrait III Stephen Falken Mmm Giane Portal Asleep brothers franks-anger the cat AstridT the cat mamazmeilor Darn Good Looking Cat jennifah Cat hawflakes waiting for my cat prince

Minimalist Photography by Anders Lindén

After finding a preview of Lindén's work on BOOOOOOOM!, I instantly fell in love and knew this was something I had to share with you guys. Stockholm-based Anders Lindén's approach to photography is very simple. His photographs all have a slight mysterious vibe to them and a soft dreamy feel. And not to mention I absolutely love his use of low contrast and muted tones. Don't forget to check out his portfolio. Send me your suggestions for my next post via twitter or facebook. I'd love to hear from you!

Photographic Masterpieces by Kim Høltermand

If you’re not familiar with the work of Kim Høltermand you need to be. His photographic masterpieces scream of minimalism and moody tones. His work is extremely distinct and really has an epic style. If you’re a fan of photography this is one for you! Kim grew up in the suburbs of Copenhagen and throughout his childhood grew an interest in drawing. He had drawn from an early age but hadn’t taken art seriously until he got to college. Kim worked as a graphic designer while his interest in photography grew. He got his first SLR only a couple years ago and things have really taken off for Kim since that moment. Kim specializes in architectural photography. In a quote from himself “I heart Architecture”. Aside from architecture Kim also takes some really amazing nature and landscape photos, and has been thinking recently about beginning a to work with film. Here are some of his amazing works! For more information visit Kim's Behance page at About the Author I'm Alec Schmidt - a graphic designer from the US. I have an obsession with type, color and creativity. I hope to share tons of cool stuff with you about art and design! You can also find me on Twitter:@Anepic.

Captivating Romance Scenes Collection

I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say that pictures of people kissing can get very old very fast and some can even be a little bit on the cliché side. But when done right, romance scenes can be beautiful and evoke great emotions in the heart. Today, I selected here for you guys the most beautifully portrayed love stories I found out there. Of course the story of Rosie Hardy and Aaron Nace deserves a mention for they fell in love through eachother's photographs on Flickr, and even though an ocean divides the two, they have withstood great obstacles to continue their story. She's 18, he's 24, she lives in the UK, he lives in the US (Chapel Hill, NC actually!). They've been together for a year now and just recently Rosie moved to the United States to be with Aaron. You can read more about their story here. Oh, and you can send me your suggestions/feedback via twitter or facebook. Amanda Rosie Hardy Aaron Nace Christopher Bienko Holly Clark Peter Van Laarhoven Max Kagarliksky Kiki Arnaud Bertrande t.tao Lou O' Bedlam Kelly Brown Jamie Leigh Haani Badeeu Katsja Voronova RuTh Salva López Julia Wade Diego Santacruz fridaycafe Kaleigh Sonia Szóstak Nicki Varkevisser Cari Ann Wayman Val Denise Bovee Katherine Elizabeth Suse Wall Edward Olive Olivia Gail Alejandra Maria

30 Interesting Light Leak Shots

Light leaks are probably one of the main reasons I enjoy analog photography so much. They're like little perfect imperfections that add a whole new feel to the image - makes the picture appear a little softer and dreamier. A light leak is exactly what the name suggests. It's when light accidentally leaks into the camera causing an area of the film to over-expose. Some people hate it and go as far as to cover the back of the camera with duct tape so as to avoid it, but I think it's beautiful so I gathered here a few interesting examples for you guys. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do :) And if you have any suggestions and feedback, feel free to contact me on twitter or facebook! Alessandra Maggioni Sarah Bernhard aaliyeh Christian Pitschl Jeremy Pettis 1-Zeke 2-Alex kaitlin van baarle Dustin Yager nick bartoletti becca newing

The Adventures of Abduzeedo and Amlight

These past two months, my cousin Fabio (abduzeedo) has been hanging out with me here in Raleigh, North Carolina. Sunday at 3:30 am he returned to Brazil leaving me here with memories from our wonderful summer. HOLD! You should really listen to this song while you read this post! It will enhance the experience. ;) I thought it would be cool to share with you guys a little bit of our adventures in America so you can see what we got up to and give you a taste of what our lives are like. Everytime Fabio said something stupid I'd write it down, so what better way to show you what our lives are like than to share with you some of the funniest quotes from the man himself. Oh, and I promise he's not as disgusting and mean as he sounds ;) Fabio: I'd give anything to take a shit right now. Fabio: Oohh, they left the virgin margarita.. let's get drunk! Fabio: Your birthday is 27... July... June! Amanda: You said July.... Fabio: That's because my English sucks F: I'm gonna fart really loud now. That deserves a quote. F: If I knew English my jokes would make so much more sense F: For the one year daily inspiration we're gonna post 365 images... it's gonna crash computers all over the world..... haaaaa I'm so diabolical F: I'm a ninja F: Sunny D is good but it gave me heartburn... more like hell in my heart. Like heartburn in my ass. Don't quote that. A: He's Jewish F: Marry him. Don't marry because of love, marry for money. Money is more romantic. A: He used to do a lot of drugs... F: And? F: I'm like a machine of beautiful quotes F: That was too much for your little peanut brain F: Nothing like some good old KFC fried in the oil of death. F: I'm like an oyster of quotes... pearls after pearls F: Your taste in men is weird. A: My taste? Your taste is anything living. F: That's a good definition of my taste. You nailed it. I have an appreciation for all female forms in the world. The least I can do is love them all. F: Not even the greatest chefs in the world would be able to assemble such a beautiful gnocci mountain F: If there's something I can cook it's greasy sauce. Delicious greasy sauce might I add. F: You know, people call me Mano because my retarded brother couldn't say Fabio. How bad is that? we went on a roadtrip first stop: wawa eventually we made it to philadelphia and then new york we relaxed a bit and then hit up the streets of brooklyn we got blisters from walking so much so we had a drink ;) then we went to dc walked up to lincoln's memorial goofed around came back to raleigh and went to ihop made key lime pie had lots of barbecues and drank way too much caipirinha actually this is what our fridge looked like most of the time we also kept making the same facial expressions without realizing we watched the fireworks on the 4th at a lake it was nice fabio dropped his lens in that lake actually we built ikea furniture (took us a couple days haha) and we made our own 3d glasses ...which we used to look at dinosaurs :) he got me a palm pre (thanks, cuz! :D) we compared phones... and feet? one day we woke up and bought a dozen donuts another day we made grilled banana s'mores :D we had a garage sale but he kept playing on his phone we went to outback! we goofed around in stores and we painted a blackboard in the kitchen where we drew silly pictures obama came to raleigh the same day we were going to florida. we thought we were gonna miss our flight we didnt... and luckily the flight was empty! he practiced his speech one last time we ate a lot of plane peanuts. can somebody explain to me why plane peanuts are so good? the clouds were awesome that day know what else was awesome? the view from our hotel room we waited for dan denney then we went surfing next day we went to busch gardens and i convinced him to go on the water rides :D his socks got wet... enough goofing off, time for the conference! we met a lot of cool guys then we had to set up took him a while ;) we came back to raleigh and bought gum at the farmers market, oh and fudge! we tested out a new lens for my camera we worked sometimes too.... ;) we saw coldplay! and then drew about it when we got home he decided to shave all his beard off this is where we ran everyday it was nice we went to red robin on his last night we got some really big burgers i got him a balloon! he tied it to my car... we went to walmart where he found a monitor he wanted we wanted to buy these as well (glow in the dark underwear!!)

Carissa's Russell Ruined Nation Showcase + Interview

Carissa Russell is a 25 years old graphic designer and photographer. Her work was introduced to us by one of our readers, Samantha Roman, who sent us the link to Carissa's project Ruined Nation and also suggested an interview with her. As her photos are great and she is also very kind, we will show here a bit more about this artist and her project. You can also find further info about Carissa Russel and her work at Flickr and at her portfolio (coming soon). So, enjoy the images from Ruined Nation and the interview! :) Do you recognize these places? They are places you have visited, worked and lived in. Places you know, places you have been in every day of your life. They are now used up and forgotten. These images show a view rarely seen of things you know very well. This is our Ruined Nation. Tell us a bit more about yourself. I’m twenty-five years old and from Ohio. I come from a family of creative people, my mom owns her own art gallery. I grew up in a small town, coming from where I did art wasn’t as supported as it should have been, but luckily my family really encouraged it in me. I went to college originally for computer programming, and ended up corporately employed as a web designer. When you first got interested about photography? I’ve always been an artist for as long as I can remember- I started out drawing, sculpting and painting. I picked up a camera about six years ago and started shooting pictures. People seemed to like my work saying I have “an eye” for it, the positive feedback kept me learning and improving my technique. Since I was working hard at building my career, photography became a great creative outlet for me that didn’t take up the time (or make the mess) that drawing or painting did. How and when did you have the idea for the Ruined Nation series? I was driving through mid-ohio and saw the most beautiful old house boarded up at the side of the road. I pulled over and checked it out. There was a panel of plywood that was loose on the front door, once I slid through I was hooked. The place was a mansion hidden behind tall grass and overgrowth. The inside, although the wallpaper was peeling and there were cobwebs everywhere, was spectacular. The entryway had a spiral staircase molded into the wall, red and yellow glass surrounded the door where the setting sun shone in and cast a subtle color to everything. Crown molding, ornate plaster designs around the fixtures, regal windows that the previous inhabitants had sadly torn off the solid wood doors to cover, every room had architectural nuances that I had never seen in a house. I couldn’t describe to you how incredible this place was or what a beautiful home it could have made. It was sad people had forgotten about it letting nature break it down and take it back. What do you wanted to show with this images? People throw things away every day. I wanted to show what happens when people toss PLACES away- these places that everyone knows, lives in. It’s sad, they don’t build things like they used to, each place is unique, never to be created again- I just document it. What do you like most about photography? And what would you say you don't like about it? I love how easy it is. Other photographers will laugh at me (I’ve never been into the elitism thing) but it’s true. I can create art by just seeing how I see. I use lightroom as my darkroom and process the images to give people the mood and feeling I felt when I was standing in that exact spot, seeing what I am showing everyone. Maybe it just feels easy to me because I’ve always just let my art flow. Inspiration flows into me and the art flows out. I’d have to say I also don’t like how easy it is. It’s easily devalued especially in the digital age- any other photographer will probably agree with me on that point. It's always a struggle as an artist to convince people that your work is worth something- and with the new influx of photographers the market has become completely saturated. Part of me is glad for that though, to hope that other people can get the same creative outlet that used to be reserved just for the very passionate or rich. There needs to be more art in the world. What are the hardwares and softwares that you use to produce your images? Most of my work has been shot by my trusty old Canon 30D. I recently upgraded to a 5D mark II, so my recent locations and everything from here on out will be shot with that. I also use a Canon Powershot G10 sparingly. I really like its macro feature. I shoot only in RAW and process everything through Adobe Lightroom. (a must for any digital photographer!) Lightroom is my darkroom, and I use it to capture what I feel the camera couldn’t. For the panoramic photos I do a lot I use PTGui to stitch them together. Beyond that I just load my images into Adobe Photoshop CS2 to resize/prepare them for web view. What is your main inspiration source? Everything. I don’t know how to say it any other way. I always carry a camera on me because I know the one second I don’t have one I’ll see a million things I find beautiful to take photos of. Which are your goals and future plans for your career? Wherever it takes me honestly. I just do what I do and it takes me to visit interesting places and meet great people. Do you have any advice for the upcoming artists? Just do what you feel. While people provide good inspiration and you can learn a lot from other artists techniques, don’t try to emulate them. Just stick to what you do as hard as you can, because that’s what makes people interesting. No two people see the world the same way, I think that’s beautiful…..and now I sound like a hippie. Thanks again for this interview Carissa... and the final words are with you... Thank you Gisele. Lots of people wonder why I want to go into dark, moldy, dirty and oftentimes dangerous places to shoot photos of what looks like a post-apocalyptic scene. Times are always changing. I think society has a fascination with places like I’ve been, whether they think it’s sad or beautiful, the images make you feel. And in my opinion, that’s what art is supposed to do.

Mind Tripping Stereographics

Ok, this is a completely different approach to photography. Stereographics are 3D photographs... usually set by 2 or 3 pictures from slightly different angles. It might be hard to see at first, but once you do it, you'll love it! These are commonly called "parallel" stereographics, and what you have to do to get the 3D image is make a single image out of each pair, with your bare eyes. Need a little more explanation? Check out here, here and here (thanks @aledagostin). Actually, the success or failure of this post depends on whether or not you guys get to see these in 3D, so come on!! Try it out! I hope you all get to see it! Cheers. ;)

What Lies Beneath the Surface by Guy Sargent

Guy Sargent is a self taught photographer that was born in 1965 and that lives in London. He works with a large format camera and capture beautiful images as you will be able to see here. The images we will show are part of his series called What Lies Beneath the Surface, which is an ongoing long-term project that begun in 2006 and examines both landscape and architecture in large format. I saw his work when I was doing my regular research for our Daily Inspiration post and the images really got my attention, so I decided to contact Guy and show the photos here to you. You can find more images of Guy's What Lies Beneath the Surface at Behance and Behance again. For further info about Guy Sargent and his photos check out re-title and Photography-Now. I don't have much of a history in photography, I was busy doing other things... Like most people using a camera in a serious way I feel I have something to say and choose a camera to do just that! Guy Sargent Enjoy the images, they are beautiful! :)

Heartwarming Wedding Photography

Yesterday, we received an email from designer Kevin Falk, a visitor of ours, asking for something that I haven't thought yet: Wedding Photography. I thought it was a great idea and start looking for pictures that really had that heartwarming feeling, and found many. These are some truly beautiful pictures, full of passion, love and friendship. These photographers really know how to caught the moment, and make it last forever in these pictures. And If you have a post suggestion, please send us an email. Also, you all should visit each photographer's page and check out their awesome work, because it's really worth it. I hope you enjoy all of these as much as I did! Cheers! ;) Ryan Brenizer Amy Barry Edward Olive Kate Lane Sheila Bocchine Shelton Muller uncommonmuse Lito Inso Daniel Krieger Domenico Bandiera Briant Murphy Kevin Lam Sonia Steinbach Kristen Honeycutt Aries Tao James Rubio Heather Waraksa Rosie Parsons Beverly Rubio Evrim Icoz Carrie Novak David Oastler Paulo Gabriel

Beautiful Personal Portfolios

These past few weeks I've been on the lookout for some nice portfolios to inspire me to make my own. I've been applying to some schools, my goal being NYU, and if any of you guys have any tips on colleges and building photography portfolios, please send them my way on facebook or twitter! I'd really appreciate any help! Anyway, I wanted to share with you some sweet portfolios I came across while surfing the web. Hope you enjoy them :)

Incredible New Portfolio of Dave Hill

Who doesn't know Dave Hill, the guy with the awesome hdr looking photos. Well, I think that was more when he first started getting recognized for his style and as time goes by Dave Hill is showing that he is just improving even more bringing very creative concepts and scenarios to his photos that already are full of style. So when creativity meets skills you get a great portfolio like the one you about to see. Dave Hill recently released a new website with a few extra pieces you may not seen, it also has a behind the scenes section where you can see the photo shots and clear out some doubts about how his work is done, it also has a blog and a display of his personal work. Girl on Adventure Behind the Scenes Video Modern Warfare Cowboy Arches National Park, UT Misc

Beautiful Nature Photos by Hugh Schneider

Nature photography probably is one of the hardest photography stile for you to reach an original style without repeating things. Hugh Schneider, aka rad-ix at deviantART, is a nature photographer that was produced a different work in this area using a photo composition that really attracts me: ilumination. Of corse the angles are also perfect, transforming the landscapes in magic places. He also has some great macros. Hope you enjoy the photos...