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Magic lighting effect in Photoshop

Since my last article on how to create smoke generated lots of traffic, I decided to write another one on some of the photoshop effects. Although I use Photoshop on a daily basis, I am by no means a photoshop expert. Well what I want to show here is how to create a nice light and magic effect. 1 - Create a radial gradient, in this case from a purple to a really dark purple 2 - Here I added a really cool Icon of a magic hat from the Crystal Clear Collection by Everaldo 3 - Add some text, I used the source code of a site to get the text and apply the Distort >Wave filter Create two stripes of text 4 - Rotate and place the text 5 - Add some light using glow : Use different values for each line of text, the secret here is the blending option COLOR DODGE.. Change the values of Spread, Size and Range 6 - Group the 2 lines of texts and with one apply a mask to make the stripes disappear at their ends. 7 - With the other group of text apply a gaussian blur, after that delete some parts to show the non-blury text. This will add a movement feel to the text, like they are really being magically created. 8 - Create a new layer below the text and with a regular big brush like 100px add a spot of light in white. The layer must be below the text, otherwise the glow will not affect the white spot 9 - Make some smoke again, I used the eraser, I could've used the liquify as well 10 - Create a cloud: to do that make use a marquee with feather set to a value bigger than 20 and apply the render>clouds holding the command key(mac), ctrl key(win). The same as the previous post, and the most important thing apply the COLOR DODGE blending options on it 11 - Sparks: For the sparks create a brush, play with the shape dynamics, scattering, and other dynamics. After that, apply a Outer Glow and Inner Glow to create the magic effect. End - The result is really simple but at the same time it looks beautiful. The whole process took me about 35 minutes, one thing I think is really cool is to apply the color dodge blending option to folder, and put blurred elements inside of it. Using it you can create some really amazing light effects. The PSD files can be downloaded. Click here to Download the Photoshop file used for this tutorial

Creating Smoke

Some time ago I had posted an article showing how to create a smoke effect in photoshop, and to achieve that I used a photo of smoke and some photoshop filters. However, some people had said at the time that I should have done the smoke as well and it´s exactly what I will show on this post right now. I had previously thought about what would be the best way to create smoke in photoshop, and I’ve read some tutorials online and watched some episodes of the amazing pixelPerfect podcast, to find a good and easy solution for the matter at hand. Actually it was easier than I had expected. 1 - Create some Shapes: I created some random shapes. 2 - Apply a Gaussian blur on each shape 3 - Using the liquify filter 4 - Positioning the shapes 5 - Adding some colors Add a background color on the layer of the shape, otherwise the Hue/Saturation won't work 6 - Creating a cloud behind the smoke Set a feather with a high value, like 40 to 80, and after that apply the hue/saturation on the cloud too 7 - Adding a gradient to create an atmosphere The gradient will give a atmosphere and more depth to the image Final Result The whole process took me about 30 to 40 minutes tops, it’s pretty simple, although it can be quite hard to create a natural smoke with the liquify filter, the best thing to do is to play with the brushes and with the tools to achieve the desired effect.

The Joomp wallpaper

The Joomp wallpaper

Here I'm again writing about some stuff that I have done or seen online. In my last article I had shown how to create a wallpaper with some free stuff like icons and textures. Well in this article I wanna show you another wallpaper that I did using basically photoshop, for a company which I have been working for, Joomp. The idea for the wallpaper was a dark image with some light and smoke effects. Below there are images showing step by step how I created that. Step 1: Using the lasso tool, I set a feather of 60px and drew an abstract shape like a cloud. Try to create a small shape, it will get bigger when you add the clouds though Step 2: Filter > Render > Clouds The cloud is black and white Step 3: Image > Adjustments > Hue /Saturation, to make a bluish cloud. Choose colorize to be able to change the colors of the cloud Step 4: Using an image of smoke. I found this image at, it was one of the most dugg posts there, really amazing p>Step 5: Mixing the images; set color dodge as blend mode to both layers. I just used some parts of the image and mixed them up Step 6: Adding the company's logo and a bit of glow. The joomp logo is behind the cloud Step 7: With a custom brush, I added some sparks over the double blue Os of the logo. Just play with the options there, I changed the scattering, shape dynamics and... I think I tried all of them Final step: The last thing was the address and slogan. The end result The .psd file used here can be downloaded, and if you have any doubt or want to ask or suggest something, just let me know.UPDATE: TAKE A LOOK HOW TO CREATE THE SMOKE FROM SCRATCH IN PHOTOHOP

Using some free stuff to create a wallpaper

Last week, I had some free time while waiting for some layouts to be approved, so I thought that it was a great time to test some free stuff that I had gotten and never used before. As everybody knows there are tons of free icons, textures, clip arts and stuff like that on line, and every time that I find something I automatically download it, what makes my computer's desktop a mess. Anyway, with a lot of brushes, textures and icons, I started to create my abduzeedo's wallpaper. The idea was pretty simple a collage of elements such as icons and brushes with a light beam coming from the sky as a UFO was abducting somebody. I started using a wooden texture and a gradient color to give it a bit of depth. Firstly I used a wooden texture with a gradient overlay After that I basically put some elements like a building with a woman, a crazy dude with a mask, an little deer on the top of the building. Started messing around The next thing that I did was pretty simple, I mirrored the elements, and aligned them in the center of the page. Same elemets, duplicated and reflected The image needed more elements, I put a rainbow behind the towers, added some more elements like those balloons over the girl, those tribal elements behind the buildings, everything downloaded and free. Spice it up a little bit The abduction laser bean was created and, basically, it's a gradient mesh with the hard light blend effect. The abduction part 1 To give more the idea of abduction, I put an illustration of myself behind the laser with a motion blur effect, so it looks like Im being abducted. The abduction part 2 At last but not least I added another illustration in the middle of the page, with some green branches behind it. The final result, really simple and fun. The whole image is nothing else than just a bunch of free stuff that can easily be found on the web. Anyhow, below there are some of the sites that I visited to get the elements I used on that wallpaper. Brushes J3Cons.07 Updated (icons) More Icons Textures and Patterns Podcast