Aesthetics of Mid-Century Modern Typography with Address Sans

Ale Paul and Futura . shared an awesome typography project on Behance. It's for their new font family Address Sans. As they mentioned in the description, the typeface indulges in the spirit and aesthetics of mid-century Modern. Also, for  Address Sans’ black-and-white specimen, they invited much-admired Mexican design studio Futura to design it with them, the result you can see below.

Project Description

History is always in sight; it is constantly being reconsidered and reformulated in the context of now. We see approaches to art, fashion, textiles, homewares, furnishings … not to mention music, graphics and everything else that culturally enriches our daily lives, revisited and made anew for today.

Address Sans indulges in the spirit and aesthetics of mid-century Modern – Italian industrial design, sleek coffee makers, stylish cars, seductive jazz pressed on vinyl – with a charm and charisma that defies time. It evokes history but is decisively created for today.

Its design, in reality, is rooted in the condensed structure and block modulation of early 1950s German lettering intended for use in street signage, but when we started to work on the various weights and widths, the result was a set of fonts in a style similar to the typographic work developed by Butti and Novarese in the 60s. The multitude of potential applications for Address Sans then became clear.

In a range of 3 widths and 8 weights each, Address Sans includes little verses, true italics, small caps and numerous alternative signs for a total of 48 fonts. The result is a functional typeface that is effortlessly seductive, with geometric features and design details that ooze cool, and take it away from mere reinterpretation towards typographic forms that adapt perfectly for contemporary use.


The Specimen

For Address Sans’ black-and-white specimen, we invited much-admired Mexican design studio Futura to design it with us.

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