Steam Typeface

Steam combines the spirit of the old-fashioned wood type with modern flavors. Its distinctive reversed high contrast and extremely bold serifs make it impossible to stay unnoticed. It’s a fun and bold unconventional typeface that we’ve designed with great passion and curiosity! The type family consists of 13 weights that are divided into several packs. Each font in the pack can be layered on top of each other to make a funkier look.

36 days of type 2021 by Tenski Studio

Tenski shared another beautiful typography post on Behance. For this one Tenski shared some letters created for the latest 36 days of type challenge. As you all know, I'm a huge fan of the challenge and have said that many times, but it always amazes me to see all the different interpretations and styles people can use to recreate the basic letters of the alphabet.

Typography Experiment Collection: EXPERIMENTYPE

David Milan shared an awesome typography post on his Behance profile. It's a collection of experiments playing with calligraphy and lettering. I particularly love this type of work. I used to spend so much time practicing Photoshop and Illustrator to be able to do similar artwork. It's awesome to see how David pushes the limit of analog and digital.  

Lettering Series XL by Rafael Serra

Rafael Serra is no stranger to abdz, we are huge fans of his lettering series who are always inspiring and stand out from the crowd. For those who never heard of him, he is a type designer and lettering artist based in Porto, Portugal. We are featuring his lettering series titled 'XL' where things go a bit out of proportion but in a very nice visual way. I would suggest you scroll down the feed and try to understand his playfulness and his vision. They are quite delightful, always a pleasure to feature.

Typographic series based on isometric grids

Mario De Meyer has a series of typographic artworks titled Isotype. The second installment of the series, aka Isotype 2 continues with the mission of creating compositions mixing typography and isometric grids, always with a beautiful usage of color. 

From Vector to 3D Debut Concepts

The amazing people over at Debut shared a cool post exploring different typography styles to promote their studio. You can see in the images below a series of graphic styles, from simple vector illustration style to more intricate 3D visualizations. 

Typography: 36 Days of Type in Perspective

The "36 days of type" challenge never ceases to inspire me. There is always a new take on how to create a beautiful mix of typography, colors, and layout. For this post, I'm excited to feature the work that Maria Giemza created for her contribution. It's an amazing, sometimes abstract take on the alphabet blending perspective and architecture illustration to create unique compositions. In addition, the color palette she picked is quite beautiful. 

Shade Typography Artworks

Cheolhong Kim shared a beautiful typography project featuring  a set of typographic artworks using CK font. This font is based on the shape of my logo"CK". This is still an on-going project and the same series of artworks will be published in the future by Cheolhong. 

Super Stylish Type Explorations

We have featured Huston Wilson in the past but there’s always more inspiring work to share. For this post we’d love to feature some typography explorations that Huston has shared over the years. I am a fan of the style, the textures and colors in addition to the flawless compositions. 

Kris Sowersby: The Art of Letters

Formist Editions has released Kris Sowersby: The Art of Letters, a visual feast of letterforms celebrating one of the world’s leading type designers. The 800 page publication examines Sowersby’s letter drawing practice while considering the characters as independent works of art, exploring their interconnections of function and style. It champions the absurd beauty involved in creating multiple expressions of predetermined alphabets through nuance and theory. 

Typographic Poster Studies by Xtian Miller

Xtian Miller is a designer from Detroit, MI, USA and he is back another typographic poster studies, I really dig his style and his sense of graphics. Having featured his work before on abdz, you just can't help to appreciate his creative senses and his willingness to constantly keep exploring through discovery. His work is a mixture of the pure graphic design from the 90s, and even beyond that.

TYPE 0.3 - Colorful Type Explorations

Huston Wilson shared a colorful and quite beautiful set of type explorations, having fun with color, grain and shadows and some mockups from Yellow images. Huston also created a set of wallpapers for Always Stay Positive set.

Forging singularity with The Type Factory

Nuno Tenazinha shared a beautiful typography and interior design project. From the 21st to the 26th of June 2021, the 10th edition of Algarve Design Meeting (ADM) took place at Fábrica da Cerveja, an old beer factory in Faro, Portugal.

Ergot Zine — Graphic and Editorial Design

Guido Dal Prà shared a beautiful graphic and editorial design project with beautiful typography. Ergot is a self-produced zine, designed with Mattia and Nicola Bertolo, sprang out from overwhelming spaces and times, dragging us through ergonomic thrones and dystopic landscapes. I curated the graphic design of the zine and designed a custom typeface, in use for the title and the inner page numbers.

Hermes Mazali’s take at 36 Days of Type

Hermes Mazali has shared his take of the series 36 Days of Type and thought it would totally deserve its own feature on abdz. You know how much we are personally fans of this initiative and it's always inspiring, intriguing, and exciting to see how much people are talented and proud to share their work. Hermes went all out with a set of language that shares a common contrast combination of colors, probably to replicate and support its concept.

36 Days of Type by Martin Naumann

We are all familiar with the “36 days of type” typography challenge we always feature some of the entries that really get our attention and despite the willingness to post all of them, it’s quite hard to keep track of the amazing work people share. However, Martin Naumann really pushed it hard with his version and produce a truly amazing set. The reason I say that, well, it has to do with the theme, or at least, the resemblance with the style of my favorite decade, the 80s.

Plentiful Lettering Goodness by Naniii

We are sharing the work of Naniii with his plentiful lettering goodness. Such a tremendous progression along the years and keeps pushing himself into different styles all the time. One particular reason why this collection is taking the edge, they are all done with the iPad Pro + Pencil. It's not the first time we are witnessing artists taking a stab with this premium medium. Do you believe the tool like the iPad makes all the difference? Naniii defiinitely puts it in the right direction.

Animated Letterings by Ruslan Abasov

Ruslan Abasov shared an amazing motion design project playing with lettering/typography and one of the most iconic cartoon symbols, the cartoonish hand (Mickey Mouse). POP-UP: Animated Letterings features fluid and natural animations  including the splashes and droplets of ink. The lettering in the end is also quite beautiful. Below you can see the animations as well as some printed versions. 

36 Days of Type by Rafael Serra

Rafael Serra shared an inspiring take on the 36 days of type challenge. Rafael created a series of cards with a retro look that reminds me of badges as well as the work of the incredible Draplin. This is a solid example of simple illustration and graphic design.

Adventurous Typography Design & Calligraphy

Let's finish off the week with a typography design and calligraphy project that totally defines a genre and style. Overall, It kind of reminds me of the work from the latest Fantastic Beasts movie or even Pirates of the Caribbean. Designed by Hanoi-based Biksence Nguyen, we are taken on this voyage of mixture of lettering, gradients and textures. It's quite beautiful, I personally loved this take on the "Octopus" piece, you'll understand what I mean when you see it.

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