Solitaire Digital Web Design

Hrvoje Grubisic shared a beautiful web design project featuring a crisp and classic typographical look. If you look at it very closely you will understand why I love it. It does remind me of some of the screens of the blog, but Hrvoje definitely did a much better job than I did here.

Serif Saturday - Taiyo™ Serif

Brígida Lourenço Guerreiro and KOBU Agency shared a beautiful serif font. Taiyo™ Serif is a digital typographic font with seven weights - light, regular, medium, semibold, bold, extra bold and black - and two styles - normal and italic. In addition to being inspired by the editorials of the 70s and 80s, this font is a bold ode to the solar flares of our Sun classified as G2V star.

Dimensional Typopgraphy Experiments

It’s the weekend and if you like me, like to spend your weekends trying to learn something new here’s a little motivation, to be more specific, some 3D and typography motivation. Rishabh Gandhi shared a 3D project aimed to explore type forms in a distinctive medium, experimenting with 3 dimensional motion graphics. It’s simple, but it’s also a great for folks to try to recreate that to learn the tools. 

Typography Inspiration by Roy Cranston

Good design is long lasting, that’s the best definition for me and it’s clear when you see projects that were published more than 2 years ago like this collection of posters that Roy Cranston shared on his Behance profile. They were daily designs created in 2019 but look as stylish and fresh as if they were created today.

Typographic Studies from Quarantine

Simi Mahtani shared a collection of beautiful graphic design work. The self-driven typographic studies were inspired by emotions during life in quarantine from 2020-2021. Simi rendered these studies with the help of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects. I personally love the extra effect added to the text, giving them a more metallic look.

A Font Inspired by Chateau Marmont

Chateau is a typeface inspired by the legendary Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont. In the autumn of 2019 Carl-Emil Storm Gabrielsen and Jesper Uttrup of Astrae Studio travelled from Copenhagen to Los Angeles for work. 

Arbeit - Functional Neo-Grotesque Typeface

Arbeit is a functional Neo-Grotesque typeface. A variable version of the font is included with the complete family. Arbeit Posted by Samuel Oakes, a multi-disciplinary designer currently working full time in London. His approach is functional, reductive and user focused. Powered by YWFT.

Lockdown Typography by Nishit Shah15

With the new year, the lockdown is still a topic on every mouth, stay home they say, keep distance they ask, and wear your mask they required. But once your home thing we take for granted are things you depend on, seeing your loved ones, giving a hug or kisses. Living in isolation is something we all have to learn to adapt to, making sure we have enough movies, entertainment, to have a better appreciation towards foods, living to the minimum, and take time to another aspect. It is hard but manageable, hope you all hanging in there, we will hug each other again.

Masqué Display & Headline Typeface

Under the name of kissmiklos, he is a designer and visual artist based in Budapest, Hungary. He shared a typeface he designed entitled: 'Masqué' which is a font family inspired by the 'Didot font'. It's quite a fancy typeface that should mostly be used for display and headlines. This font is supported in multiple languages including Basic Latin, West-European, Central-European, Baltic, Romanian, and Turkish. Give it a look and you can also give it a test and download the Masqué typeface.

Motion Design Monday - Coding Explorations

Andreion de Castro shared a personal motion design project, exploring and experimenting with creative coding on a daily basis. Inspired by pop culture, he often uses lyrics and movie references as the premise of his animations. “As you will see when you browse through my posts, I tend to work  with more emotion and depth, translating into a slower motion.” - adds Andreion. Combining traditional and modern mediums, constantly seeking what could be the future for design.

Ingram Mono Typeface

Chrisb Marquez shared a beautiful typography work, to be more precise, it’s about his new mono typeface called Ingram Mono, a sans serif font design published by Minor Praxis and Powered by YWFT - sometimes monospaced typefaces tend to be a bit too spaced out, most of them look a bit difficult to use on most project. Ingram seems to address this issue, making it a bit more versatile. What do you think?

Troptical Hypnotic, Energetic Multilinear Typeface

Chrisb Marquez and In-House shared a beautiful typography project titled Troptical, a hypnotic, energetic multilinear typeface that’s all rhythm and movement. Featuring concentric lines and angular construction, Troptical is inspired by the dazzling dynamism of op-art and the clever geometry of Latin American design, with a dash of 8-bit video game playfulness. Powered by YWFT

Gogh - Modern Geometric Sans-Serif with Traditional Spirit

Recently Mirela Belova and friend Stan Partalev, teamed up as Spacetype and just released our very first independent typeface. Gogh is a geometric sans serif with a modern look and traditional spirit. It blends evenly without overly distracting the reader, yet still keeps a rich and distinctive character.

Typographic Poster Studies by Xtian Miller

Xtian Miller is a designer from Detroit, MI, USA and he is back another typographic poster studies, I really dig his style and his sense of graphics. Having featured his work before on abdz, you just can't help to appreciate his creative senses and his willingness to constantly keep exploring through discovery. His work is a mixture of the pure graphic design from the 90s, and even beyond that.

Aesthetic, Imaginative Moments & Places

Dave Ordnajela is an Art Director & Illustrator based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He shared an aesthetic series filled with imaginative scenes, concluded with a beautiful typography treatment titled: 'Moments & Places'. I am not sure if it's because of the pandemic but it's a personal experiment for Dave to create after a need of taking pictures. So Dave would imagine these 'Moments & Places' where there would be a soundtrack to complete the piece.

Side Projects: Mean Postcards to Send to Your Ex

One day when contemplating a particularly awful break-up, lettering artist and illustrator Jessica Molina came up with an idea—what if she could send her ex a nasty letter? Better yet, what if she could create a series for all the frustrating exes of the world? Thus, her passion project Petty Postcards was born. I love side/passion projects, I love lettering and I love this idea even more, especially in this moment we live.

Oskari-G2® Versatile Typeface

Hanson Method™ shared their latest creation, a versatile typeface consisting of 3 weights name Oskari-G2®. Each with an individual character (no pun intended). 

‘Lengthy’ Typography Works by Rafael Serra

It's Friday, happy Friday all. As a tradition to the good old days, I wanted to pay homage to fonts. More particularly to our series Friday Fresh Free Fonts, we used to publish every Friday, what we called the FFFF which were pretty popular back in the days. Let's keep the momentum for today and share about this yet interesting and cool collection of lettering works created for clients and personal projects by Rafael Serra.

Object Sans Typeface - A Geometric Font

It's Friday, happy Friday all. As a tradition to the good old days, I wanted to pay homage to fonts. More particularly to our series Friday Fresh Free Fonts, we used to publish every Friday, what we called the FFFF which were pretty popular back in the days.

OFB - The Complex Lettering Design & Making Of

Five years ago Bruno Do Nascimento had the chance to do the Branding for the “Old Fade Bastard” barbershop, now he was contacted to design a custom lettering and paint it on a wall for their new store OFB - The Complex, opened in the beginning of this year. We here at abdz. love some lettering and anything typography related.

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