The Ash by Ars Thanea

The guys from Ars Thanea never seize to impress us with outstanding work. Every time they share a new project its the same thing, I check it and get blown away by the level of detail and the quality of the execution. The Ash is not different, again a beautiful composition, great art direction and skills. Check it out after the break.

We all dream sometimes, about something we want to have or do. Luckily, if we have enough patience, a real willingness and at least a pinch of determination we are able to make our dream come true. Our experience has also thought us to have the best and the right people beside you, because they are the main ingredient of every success. So this time we wanted to share with you guys a result of an idea and a great cooperation to make it real. “The Ash” - came to our minds as a simple thought - glowing roses - maybe as a some kind of symbol or maybe as a simple whim.

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Creative Production Studio: Ars Thanea

  • Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
  • Art Director: Michal Lisowski, Peter Jaworowski
  • Photographer: Szymon Swietochowski
  • Producer: Bartosz Cerkaski
  • Concept Artist: Michal Lisowski
  • Mockup Artist: Jaroslaw Polowiec
  • Digital Artists: Piotr Fraczkowski, Łukasz Wiktorzak, Marcin Kowalski

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I'm a Brazilian product designer based in Oakland, California currently working for Google as a Staff Designer. I am also the founder of Abduzeedo, an award-winning digital publication about design and a personal project that has become the source of inspiration for millions of designers and enthusiasts.

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