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Face on the Wall — Surreal Sculputres in 3D

KOD3D STUDIOS shared a 3D project titled “Face on the Wall”. It was inspired by the surreal sculpture of a face melted to the wall. The set of images were created using Cinema 4D, rendered with Redshift 3D with post-production in Photoshop.


Nike Air Max 1 — 3D & Motion Experiments

Pranav R Raj shared a 3D and motion design project using After Effects, Cinema 4D, Houdini and Redshift. The Non-commercial personal project done for animation and lighting practice using Nike Air Max 1 as a source of inspiration. The result is quite awesome.

visual identity

Visual Identity for Irresistible Studios

We are sharing the work of Quim Marin Studio, a studio based in Barcelona, Spain. They have worked at designing this stunning visual identity for 'Irresistible Studios' which is a group of specialists, production companies in impact commercials, stills, social content, design, and animation.


Liquid Chrome RGB Droplets in Photoshop

The other day I was checking out old videos I, for some reason, uploaded to Youtube. I thought a few times about starting doing video tutorials, but I never moved forward. My biggest excuse/concern was that it would be too robotic. As I said, excuses… but I found this little video of how to create some quite nice water droplets in Photoshop.


Brand and Visual Identity 42 Entertainment

cheeer STUDIO shared a branding and visual identity project for 42 Entertainment, a company  founded by CMC, the most influential investment institution in China specializing in the cultural industry.


#NFTs of the Week

How you feel about the rise of NFTs? Most of our social feeds have been since submerged with so many digital works that it's getting hard to keep track of it all. Most of them are honestly brilliant, stunning, meaningful, and some others...well, that's why we are here!


Naturae - Exploring Nature in Houdini and X-particles

Ian Frederick shared a motion design project that is a combination of a few things. It originally started as R & D and early concept development centering around nature and organic growth for a project that was sadly cancelled.


Ice Bubble — Photography by Alexander Schoenberg

We have already featured the incredible photography work of Alexander Schoenberg in the past, however it’s never enough. The quality of his work and the level of craftsmanship you see in the images deserve to be shared and elevate the bar for all. For this post I’d love to share one of Alexander’s projects that is titled Ice Bubble.


30 Days of Shapes — Illustration

Maximilian Bolduan shared this illustration and graphic design project is paying homage to Isabella Conticello's #ageoaday challenge. Maximilian really admires her work and her skill to design a big variation of different layouts and compositions. If nothing else you REALLY should check out her work.


Birds of Oakland Photography

I love photography. I dabble in the world by taking photos but every time I do I am humbly reminded of my position in this field. I am an enthusiast, very far from a professional and that’s okay. As the classic surfer saying goes "The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun” I feel the same about photography, it’s all about having fun.

motion design

Motion Design for weekly TV culture magazine OP

T O L M has tons of awesome 3D and motion design projects. We have posted about them in the past but we’d love to share a project they idi for TV culture magazine OP. Finished in 2014, it was TOLM second time working on the show's opening sequence and other graphical elements.

cinema 4D

MUSIC TIME — Texture and Lighting experiments in Cinema 4D

TianChen Deng is a 3D artist based in Shanghai, China. Having a background in 3D and motion graphics; TianChen will find himself pushing the limits of Cinema 4D. We are featuring his series titled 'MUSIC TIME' which is a nostalgia recap of some of the Sony products and their iconic industrial design.

industrial design

Touch smart door lock - Industrial Design

Dimtry Lee shared a super stylish industrial design for a smart door lock. Touch smart door lock soft and round shape with hard material surface make the smart door reliable, firm and friendly. At the same time, it also provides a comfortable touch - describes Dimitry.


Ensin — Empathetic Branding and Visual Identity

Kuudes Helsinki & Stockholm shared a branding and visual identity project for Ensin, a new B2B service company that aims to be the Finnish market leader in outsourced customer relationship management. The designers at Kuudes created a brand for Ensin that would communicate their heartfelt and modern approach to customer service.

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