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Reach Branding and Packaging Design

Kati Forner shared a super stylish branding and packaging design for Reach. The whole project is simply beautiful. The color palette, the typography and layout, it’s hard to point at any flaw on the presentation of the work. Truly inspiring.


Branding and Visual Identity for NI FU NI FA COLLECTIVE

MUY MUY® shared a branding, editorial design and app design project for NI FU NI FA COLLECTIVE, a multidisciplinary creative collective showcasing works from all over the globe.  The identity design itself thrives in ambiguity and contrast, primarily due to th

editorial design

Bruch Idee Form - Editorial Design

The amazing people at Bruch Idee & Form love print — so it was quite obvious to summarize the studios work from the past 5 years in something that he can put in their shelves and hand it proudly to their clients and potential ones. This is not a typical portfolio book, it is more a book of elements.


Civil Branding and Visual Identity

Mayra Monobe shared a branding and visual identity project for Civil. As she described it, our lives change with time, so why not our furniture? Civil is a New York based furniture brand with Scandinavian roots and a desire to change the status quo by producing modular furniture that evolves with time.


Polestar 5's Vision of the In-Car Experience

Polestar 5 is one of the leading companies in the automotive industry in Asia. In partnership with Firstsquad have worked in creating the in-car experience of what would be the future of Polestar 5 and their fully autonomous vehicle. The project provided a mixture of 'service design and also 'pure conceptual vision' of its future.


Universal - Spreading Scientific Knowledge in 3D

Pier Paolo shared an awesome 3D project titled Universal. In times of misinformation and science denial he decided to use his tools to help spreading scientific knowledge and perhaps make more people curious about these topics. "UNIVERSAL" is a self-initiated project exploring concepts of physics and science.


Concrete Dream Surreal Scenes in 3D

Concrete Dream is a series of 3D surreal scenes inspired from real world concrete structure combined with Link Lee daydream. Using Cinema 4D, Lee creates compositions that mix reminds me of the Monument Valley game, which makes me think that a photorealistic version of that game would be incredible.

web design

Lufthansa Web Design Concept

Petya Harmash and Egor Kostuchénko shared a web design redesign concept of Lufthansa website, the largest German airline which when combined with its subsidiaries, is the and the second largest airline in Europe in terms of passengers carried.


Body shapes inspired 3D Landscapes

Karan Gujar is an art director based in Mumbai, India. He shared a cool 3D project via his Behance. Inspired by human body shapes, he explored the outlines of 3D, shapes, and lighting to come up with this lovely series titled: 'Contour - Scapes'.

design inspiration

Raw Design Inspiration: Hand-picked shots from Dribbble

New week, a new abdz. 'Raw Design Inspiration' to kick it off. No theme, absolutely 'raw' inspiration. Being an abdz., inspiration is one of the biggest fuels in my everyday life. Whatever it is for life and work balance, it comes in many shapes and forms. For me, I do appreciate a good surf on Dribbble.


UI/UX Design — Out Loud App

Valery Kasilin is a UI/UX designer based in Moscow, Russian Federation. He shared via his Behance profile, an app design that is a very fitting application for the times we are currently living in. The holidays are coming soon and not everyone has the luxury to spend time with their relatives.

black friday

Life Time Deal by Artboard Studio

Our friends over Artboard Studio have this special deal for this year's Black Friday. Imagine having access to more than 11K mockup items available for you to build your own mockups and even more 1K Templates available for your next project. What's interesting about this deal is that you only pay once and it's yours forever.


Brokian Branding and Visual Identity

Rowen™ Brand Agency shared a colorful branding and visual identity work for Brokian a real estate company that uses AI to boost business and the customer experience in addition to improve the productivity of their business. 


Mostra de Arte da Juventude Branding and Visual Identity

In 2019, the MAJ (Youth Art Exhibition) celebrated its 30th anniversary and Sesc invited Polar to develop the project’s new logo, as well as the branding, visual identity, and signage of the commemorative edition. Following the format of traditional art salons, the exhibition sheds light on contemporary young art production.

motion design

If I’m Honest Motion Design

Hussam Eissa shared a motion design project featuring a retro look mixed with clever use of 3D. If I’m Honest is a music video made for DJ Gem that takes the viewer through a magical summer journey.

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