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Mynstur a Collection of Icelandic Patterns

Guillaume Flandre is a London-based photographer with a passion for beautiful images. He shared a stunning photo collection titled Mynstur. In this collection Guillaume captures the Icelandic patterns from aerial photography to landscape.


A Simple Day Illustration Series

sedryung hong has shared this really cute illustrations titled 'A Simple Day' via his Behance profile. We can all agree that a 'global pandemic' comes with its hardships, especially with our day-to-day.


Toronto Ink Hand-drawn Illustration

Thinking about Canada sometimes, especially remembering how big it was the country and its people obviously. When I stumbled across this hand-drawn illustration of the beautiful city of Toronto by Kathleen Fu, I just couldn't help to remember my home country. Kathleen is an illustrator, architectural/urban designer based in Toronto.

editorial design

TIDE MAGAZINE ISSUE 0 Editorial Design

Studio Vicente Granger shared an inspiring editorial design project for TIDE MAGAZINE ISSUE 0. Everything here looks amazing in my humble opinion. The overall use of whitespace, the tight leading, the black and white theme. This is one of the projects that makes me want to redesign the blog, again 

digital art

Mental Health Illustrations by Muhammed Sajid

I am not sure if this is for a project or personal illustration but I thought it would be nice to share on abdz. Titled 'Mental Health', we are taking a look at this illustrations series by Muhammed Sajid, a designer based in Bangalore, India.


Aesthetic Illustrations made with Figma

Figma is a powerful, collaborative tool for interface design, prototyping, and more. Let's put an emphasis on the 'more' for this feature on abdz. Figma is recognized by the industry as a standard in terms of your stack of tools for the design process.


Citte Branding & Visual Identity

Estudio Trauma shared a branding and visual identity project for Citte, a company focused on urban projects, urbanism and technology. Today it is in its embryonic state.


Kids Frist Branding & Visual Identity

Studio Brave shared a branding and visual identity project for Kids First. With the slogan Kids at the heart of everything. Kids First, formerly Child Protection Services, has been working with children and families for over 120 years.


Rewind - Giving a Twist to Daily Objects

Rewind is a personal project by David Fernández Atanes & Josep Prat Sorolla with the aim of experimenting and giving a twist to daily objects. The first collection was created during the first 2020 lockdown in Barcelona. It was an excuse to escape from the hard reality, a creative exercise to have fun.


Paintings of Street Scenes from Japan

A new year has started, alongside my partner and some friends; we all deeply miss Japan. Let's just put it this way and we miss everything about Japan, it's not like we will have the opportunity soon to come back (Hopefully!). But it's a reality we are all facing, other than seeing all the foreigners (and friends too) enjoy themselves and make sure to share them on social media!

packaging design

Charming & Vibrant Packaging Design for Amare The Label

Alejandro Gavancho has shared this absolutely stunning packaging design for 'Amare The Label' which is swimwear brand. Designed by Alejandro who is a graphic designer (Diseñador Gráfico) based in Leeds, United Kingdom. I just like the work he has done, it's remarkable. Let's start with the colors, pure gradient galore happening here.

web design

Arlind Aliu - Modern Web Design

Rron Berisha shared a web design project that is definitely worth sharing here on abdz. The site was designed for Arlind Aliu is a Munich based creative developer. Arlind seeks to create projects that break the limits between technology and design by creating aesthetic, memorable, and unique digital experiences.


Portrait Illustrations by Robinson Cursor

I think I have mentioned this many times already but I love how some individuals are crazy talented at drawing portraits that will come close to an actual photograph. If we are speaking of celebrities, you can practically easily recognize them.


Iconic Movie Cars by Servin Seidaliev

Servin Seudaliev, a 2D designer and a CG artist that specializes in illustrations from Lviv, Ukraine. He made a series of iconic cars from Hollywood movies, they are cartoonish and well made. I just like how the top of the car is kind on the higher size of things which is really eye pleasant to look at. It's stylish!


#PortfolioDay is here. More than a hashtag.

We love initiatives that help designers, artists, and illustrators that come together in order to share their work and building a community. Let's be clear, we are in the middle of a global pandemic that never seems to end. And things tend to be calmer during wintertime, and also at the beginning of the year as well.

editorial design

Editorial Design for Lubomir Toaszewski Exhibit

ELIPSY ̉ shared an awesome editorial design project in addition to a full design work for the Lubomir Toaszewski Exhibit, at least that is my interpretation of it. Even if I am wrong I am a fan of the editorial pieces created and shared on this project.


'Glassmorphism UI', a new variant of 'Neumorphism'?

Alright, seeing more and more of this new UI trend called 'Glassmorphism' on Dribbble and social platforms. What is it? Well at the first glance, it looks like another variant to past year UI trend 'Neumorphism' that we enjoyed ourselves featuring on abdz.


Gudetama 3D

Diego Maricato shared an incredible image as part of the 3D course he was taking at the Unhide School.

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