Best Band Logos


There are some great bands out there... from rock to hip-hop, from ska to punk rock. Not all of them have cool logos, but some are memorable.

"Whether it's gracing overpriced T-shirts or iconic drumheads, being furtively carved into classroom desktops or intricately inked on the bodies of the most dedicated fans, a band's logo can be just as memorable as its biggest single."

25. Ramones

24. Nine Inch Nails

23. Public Enemy

22. Korn

21. Aerosmith

20. Black Flag

19. Phish

18. H.I.M.

17. The Beatles

16. Bauhaus

15. The Cramps

14. Metallica

13. Abba

12. Wu-Tang Clan

11. Queen

10. Van Halen

09. The Misfits

08. The Grateful Dead

07. Scissor Sisters

06. AC/DC

05. The Who

04. Kiss

03. Yes

02. The Rolling Stones

01. Prince

Love Symbol, incorporates the glyphs for Mars (male) and Venus (female) and made it his own name.

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