Creating a web 2.0 blog - part 2

Here we go again, continuing the creation of my brother's blog, Blackbelt. Fixing some design issues and creating the XHTML and CSS template.

Design Changes

My brother had asked for some minor changes on the design of the blog, mainly in the sidebar, where he hadn't liked the round corners tha I had done, although he said he really liked the feeds' box which was black.

Feeds' box, darker and with round corners
Feeds' box, darker and with round corners

The new sidebar was created using the same style of the feeds' box, but lighter.

Feeds' box, darker and with round corners
Using different style for visited links, however IE6 doens't do that.


Using the basic XHTML generated by the Apache Roller, the blog engine that my brother uses, I started creating the CSS.

After a couple of hours everything was pretty much done and working fine, however there were some problems to be fixed with .png images and the box model under Internet Explorer 6.

With everything fixed, the template is done, working fine in all the major browsers: IE 6 &7, Firefox, Safari and Opera. If you want to take a look you can download all files that I have used so far.

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