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A new print and digital magazine designed by Blok Design, LAT Magazine is the means by which we connect many viewpoints, perspectives, cultures, stigmas and non-stigmas in a conversation that extends to our everyday life they describe this project. LAT provides space to converse about issues that are relevant to us at this time -- about art, personal journeys and exploration, amnesty, equality, sex, self-love, and perseverance. 

The audience in this particular case was not about a specific target group but instead about a mindset. While creating a space for women was an important consideration, we don't see gender as the only guiding force behind this publication, but rather the mindset of vast openness of subject and content. In that way we invite and include all who share in that expansiveness. With a multitude of thought provoking entry points, LAT offers many opportunities for any reader to connect. LAT is about relevancy in society, reshaping of narratives, and occupying a place in our immediate present and eminent future. 


Blok Design task was to deliver a printed magazine, spanning collaborative editorial development to print production. Given the unexpected shift of the pandemic, they had to adapt to the circumstances and created a digital experience for LAT at the speed of light -- in a month and a half. "The key was being a part of the content development, living with it and shaping it". They were not only in charge of the design; they were active collaborators in the editorial development of the magazine with an amazing editorial chief Antonia Whyatt from 48North, making it an incredibly fun and holistic experience. 

There is no research in uncharted territories. Cannabis has been shaping and reshaping itself for the last 3 years with pre/legalization and has now become part of our everyday lives. Given our early involvement within this space, we as a studio have evolved and have been active participants of the paradigm shift. This is one of the opportunities that we have been most grateful for - the ability to explore.

LAT is also about discovering cannabis through many voices and experiences -- sometimes at the core of a subject or as an insinuation -- through word and image. The designers at Blok Design were very excited to collaborate with so many talented photographers. Each one brought their own unique perspective and understanding of the world and it is this flux of creative dialogues that amplified the multiplicitous voices of the magazine and  fed our spirits. 

For more information visit https://explorelatitude.com/

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