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Ninety Nine U magazine features the best creative career insights from 99U.com. As I said here so many times, my biggest source of inspiration is always in the editorial design area, especially books and magazines. I have an admiration for the minimalism and elegance achieved by designers when they put together simple layout that communicates the message very well. I have been trying to bring some of these editorial design concepts to the web on every new release of Abduzeedo, but it's quite hard, especially the typography with overlap of text and imagery.

Ninety Nine U magazine is such a good example of beautiful editorial design. It goes from simple to sometimes bold layouts, always focusing on highlighting the content. From interviews, articles, new sections, and lots of creative work. Published quarterly, packaged and delivered directly to your doorstep.

Ninety Nine U Magazine

Below you can see some examples of one of the most recent issues. The images are from their Behance page, the designers behind it are Mark Brooks and Sean Blanda.

Editorial design

In this issue:

  • Interviews: Non-Format, Rubén Sánchez, Martina Flor.
  • Missing Curriculum: Essays from Sean Blanda, Paul Jun, Christian Jarrett, and Justin Brady.
  • Featured Creatives: Studio MUT and Aidlin Darling Architecture.
  • Departures: Melbourne, Australia.
  • Workspace: Mother, New York City, USA.


  • Sean Blanda - Editor-in-Chief
  • Mark Brooks - Creative Direction, Art Direction and Design
  • Matt McCue - Senior Writer
  • Kiana St Louis - Assistant Editor and Community Manager

Photographers in this Issue

  • Joel Brooks
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Roy Rochlin
  • Connie Tsang
  • Adrià Cañameras


  • Hemlock Printers, Ltd
  • BC, Canada


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