Extraordinary Graffiti by Sofles DTS

I'm not the biggest fan of Graffiti art, most people too, probably because it's a inner culture with an art focused on the name and the typography, If you don't belong to it, you won't understand it most of the time. But some outstanding talents as Sofles can make the connection between this two worlds.

Sofles is a graffiti artist from Melbourne, is one of the members of the DTS crew. What brought me to his work it's his capability to have awesome skills both with typography than with character design. You can see more news and murals from him at his Official Website.

MrDheo x Sofles from MrDheo on Vimeo.

MrDheo x Sofles @ Porto 2012

Video: MrDheo, Sofles & Sabri
Music: Rusko / Die Antwoord
Special Guest: Smug


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